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Diamond Wine Racks: Why They’re More Than Just A Pretty Face

April 23rd, 2012

We’ve noticed that whenever we run features of wine cellar transformations on the blog, one of the more common comments are on our diamond wine racks. Most of them exclaim about how pretty or attractive the racks are and they’re quite spot on. Indeed, the first thing you would really notice about our diamond racks is their unique appearance. The diamond design is aesthetically appealing and adds a certain flair to almost any wine racking system.

But apart from the visually stimulating appearance of the racks, there’s more to them than meets the eye. We decided to talk about the functional side of our diamond beauties today, if only to show wine cellar enthusiasts that when they purchase the racks, it’s not just all about the looks. If you check out our Platinum Series racks, you’ll be able to find the complete compilation of our diamond racks and bins. You will also come to learn that the racks are categorized into those that are for individual bottle storage and those for bulk storage options.

Essentially, diamond racks and bins were really crafted for bulk storage purposes. However, since we’re called Wine Cellar “Innovations,” we’ve always tried to think outside the box in trying to provide the best wine cellar solutions to our loyal patrons. Thus, we also designed diamond racks meant specifically for individual bottle storage such as our Individual Diamond Bin Wine Rack and Diagonal Bin Wine Rack. Both are exceptionally attractive and highly economical to boot. Both can store dozens of wine bottles in standard and larger sizes and champagne bottles as well. The Diagonal Bin Wine Rack, for example, was specially constructed to fit in seemingly unusable spaces in a wine cellar. The gorgeous geometric design of the rack is actually just a huge cherry on top of it all!

Now as for the standard racks and bins for bulk storage purposes, one definitely would not find fault with the way they can store standard-sized bottles, magnums, and champagne. The semi-custom configurations enable you to work the racks together with your existing wine racking system while adding a wonderful bit of drama to the same. You’re certainly not hampered by ceiling or height requirements since the racks are carefully designed to fit any wine cellar dimensions. Check out these lovely gems and learn more about their individual features:

Our diamond wine racks can be utilized in any type of wine cellar, whether residential or commercial. Moreover, they come in a variety of beautiful wood choices that only add to their aesthetic charm. This also means that they are even more durable than what their sumptuous exterior projects. When all is said and done in your custom wine cellars, one thing’s for sure. Our diamond wine racks are definitely more than just pretty faces in there ^_^.