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Technical Tuesday Episode #79: World-Class Luxury With The Gold Series In Premium Redwood

April 17th, 2012

Opening doors to magical wine cellar experiences is one of the jobs we enjoy most here at WCI. That’s why we always look forward to every Tech Tuesday episode! It’s a chance for us to showcase yet another creative wine cellar transformation that we hope will keep the fires of inspiration burning among all of the wine cellar enthusiasts out there. So let’s see what lies beyond this gorgeous door today:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 212470
Wood: Premium Redwood, Gold Series
Maximum Capacity:  1160
Where: Cornelius, NC

We’ve said it before and we definitely need to say it again: luxurious-looking wine cellars need not be horribly expensive. When you know the kind of stuff to work with, coming up with something as stunning as this residential wine cellar is pretty easy and super fun to boot. So if you’re one of those dreamers with not-so-full pockets, don’t despair. The Gold Series wine racks can help you strike a comfortable balance between your budget and aesthetic considerations, just like our client here.

Owing to the bevy of wine racking choices afforded by the Gold Series, creating highly distinct looks for any type of wine cellar is entirely possible. We are blown away by the elegance of this vintage creation that is just so eye-candy from every angle. The individual wine racks combined with the diamond bins at the bottom provide a highly functional wine racking allowing for the storage of over one thousand bottles.

We give props to the choice of lighting fixtures of the client that went extremely well with the custom wine cellar LED lighting they had us install. The chandelier-inspired, wall-mounted lamps accentuated the wine racks very well along with the rustic tumbled stone walls and ceilings.

Premium Redwood seems to be the top favorite among the custom wine cellar wood choices for the past few Tech Tuesdays. Not without good reason, of course! Premium Redwood is well-known for its durability as well as being a reasonably priced wood choice for custom wine cellars. In addition, it boasts of a beautiful collection of grain patterns that show up exceptionally well against custom stains and finishes. That would explain the Dark Walnut stain option wisely chosen by the client!

Rows and rows of wine displays allow for the storage of larger-sized bottles, champagne bottles, and magnums. This is one wine cellar that has so much racking variety despite a limited budget. That only goes to show how luxurious cellars, once again, never have to burn a hole in your pockets. Look up our experienced and passionate design consultants today and start opening YOUR doors to a magical wine cellar transformation as well! Have a great week ahead, everyone. ♥