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Metal Wine Racks: Space Saving Wine Rack Stylish Wine Cellar Solutions

April 11th, 2012

Growing wine cellars are both a joy and a challenge to any wine lover. It’s an exhilarating feeling to watch your precious collection grow. But at the same time, there’s the usual predicament of how you can make everything fit. Residential wine cellars with limited spaces are bad enough, but commercial wine establishments really have their work cut out for them. So how do manage to house a growing collection without botching up your wine cellar’s beautiful layout? Read on and learn!

Conquer tight, limited spaces!

Space issues in your wine cellars are really nothing to moan and groan about, not when you have us helping you out. For the record, it’s time we re-introduced our Metal Wine Racks collection to all wine cellar enthusiasts out there. Only last year, we redesigned our campaign for our line of high-quality metal wine racks to include our VintageView Wine Racks series. This year, it’s time to shine the spotlight on these amazing space savers and provide the right wine cellar solutions to those cramped homes and establishments.

Starting off with our Vintage View Wine Racks, now you can easily squeeze in those additional bottles even with the most limited of floor spaces in your wine cellar. That’s because these racks can either be attached to your walls or mounted from floor to ceiling by attaching a special Floor to Ceiling Frame with them. Thus, there’s no need crowd everything and make a disorganized mess on the floors of your wine cellars or establishments. Some of the racks are even available in single, double, and triple deep storage options for optimum wine storage variations.

Now for those of you with really extensive collections, the Black Lattice Wine Racks series from our Metal Wine Racks collection are your wine cellar’s new best friends! Compact and totally functional, the racks can hold up to hundreds to wine bottles in a super stylish yet secured storage assembly. The racks are crafted from heavy gauge metal and encased in satin black, industrial quality, baked-on finish. This gives the racks a simple yet bold appearance that goes well with just about any existing wine cellar layout and décor. If ever there is a downside to these gorgeous racks, it’s the fact that it is currently designed to only hold Burgundy and Bordeauxbottles up to 3 1/4” in diameter.

For wine establishments will huge, overflowing stocks of wine bottles and other specialty drinks, our sumptuous collection of  Metal Commercial Wine Racks can cater to any space issue and storage need. There’s even a commercial wine rack version of our Vintage View line that comes in so many semi-custom designs to hold more bottles in safe, easy, and stylish wine rack storage.

Nurture those growing collections like a proud parent ready to give only the best of everything for his child. With our Metal Wine Racks collection, space saving wine rack problems will  will never come between you and your prized bottles ever again!

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