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Technical Tuesday Episode #78 – Picture-perfect Compact Wine Closet with the Silver Series in Premium Redwood

April 10th, 2012

Gorgeous things CAN come in small packages. A tour of today’s Tech Tuesday certainly proves this point. This super compact yet wonderfully spacious wonder of a wine cellar closet is one of our most special creations to date.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 220804
Wood: Premium Redwood, Silver Series
Maximum Capacity:  226
Where: Northville, MI

Even when it seems that there’s hardly any space in your home for a decent wine cellar, never disregard the possibilities of having one! Making space for your valuable collection when there seems to be none is a skill we’ve quite perfected here at WCI. Just get an eyeful of this simply beautiful wine cellar closet that fits snugly into the tight little corner of our client’s home.

This is where the Silver Series Custom Wine Racks showcase their ability to provide for a versatile wine racking system despite the limited space. This series was specially designed to accommodate spaces with the racks’ reduced depth. However, thanks to the flexible configurations, the racks can be combined to create so many wine racking styles utilizing a fair number of bottle storage options.


The client chose Premium Redwood in Dark Walnut Stain to emphasize the details on the wood’s stunning grain patterns. Redwood in general is known for being able to produce a wide variety of grain patterns that show up beautifully against darker stains. This is owing to the wood’s open-celled structure that contains little or no pitch resins at all.

Now as you can see from the final image below, the compact wine cellar project is able to hold bottles in both individual and bulk storage options. The focal point is the delicate etched mirror framed in the Standard Archway that gives the wine cellar closet a romantic feel. In addition, the strategic custom LED lighting enhances the quality crafted racks and displays. It’s just amazing how every element has been incorporated to turn out a truly fab transformation despite the obvious lack of space. It only goes to show that dream wine cellars can come in ANY size at all!





















Well, these are just the rough pictures for now but we’re planning to putting up an inspiring video walkthrough to show you guys just how even more gorgeous this project will look. Still, we also wanted to show everyone how the pretty little number looks like freshly installed. So are you also one of those who is literally cramped for space for a wine cellar project? Come one over and chat with our design specialists today and we’ll certainly work something out! When it comes to custom wine cellars, nothing is too big or too small with us here at WCI ^_^.

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