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Mahogany: A Tale Of Luxury

April 9th, 2012

“Some people think luxury is the opposite of poverty. It is not. It is the opposite of vulgarity.”

Coco Chanel wasn’t hailed as one of the best designers in the world for nothing. She knew what she was talking about when she pointed out that anything garish can never be considered luxurious. This doesn’t apply just to clothing in particular or fashion in general. Take the case of our favorite topic – our wine cellars. Luxurious wine cellars and overly done ones definitely don’t mean the same thing. A luxurious wine cellar speaks of exceptional taste, of unrivaled class, and of a beauty that is practically ageless. And if cloth is the magic item behind luxurious clothing, guess what it is for wine cellars? Wood choice, of course!

Classic to the core…

Among all the wood species that have been branded as perfect for custom wine cellars, Mahogany is the one that really rates above all the others when the word “luxury” is mentioned. By classification, it is a dense hardwood that is exceptionally durable. Mahogany is highly resilient against shrinking, warping, and checking. That’s why it is actually a favorite wood choice among furniture manufacturers. But when it comes to wine cellars, it takes on another, even more appealing form.


There are two sub-species to this wood that are particularly popular when it comes to custom wine cellars: Prime Mahogany and Amber Blaze. Both wood species sport a heavenly deep reddish brown color that spells opulence in every way. Amber Blaze has heavier density but both wood types are equally resistant to rotting, decay, and infestation. Both species also possess a glorious collection of tight grain patterns that show up beautifully with the right stains and finishes.

Thanks to the natural beauty of the wood, it can offer a wide range of choices to the kind of luxurious look you want to achieve for your wine cellars. For example, unstained Prime Mahogany projects a simple, understated elegance that reeks of traditional, old-money chic. Amber Blaze Mahogany which is darkly stained, on the other hand, gives off a strong and bold statement that speaks of “powerful luxury.” There are so many ways to play around with the appearance of your custom wine cellar and you can certainly be sure that each look still reeks of the L word!

The most amazing thing about this wood specie is that you can never be accused of being too ostentatious or opulently vulgar with it. Your wine cellars will always look effortlessly luxurious without bordering on the obscene so long as you remember to stick to the basic tenet that “less is really more.” Not that apart from putting in custom stains and finishes in your wine racks, there’s no need to do anything special because the wood itself is special enough. But even when you choose to go with an elaborate wine racking design, this wood choice can still pull it off. However, when you want to go for a more elaborate set-up it’s highly recommended to work your design plan out with one of our experienced professional wine cellar design consultants for the best of results.


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