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What’s In A Wine Cellar: Some Points To Ponder

April 2nd, 2012

What separates a “good” wine cellar from a “great” one? Is it all about the design? The wine racks? Or is all about the wine bottles themselves? We don’t know how you guys would answer this question but for our part, we say that a great wine cellar is all about the total package. We believe that while an excellent wine racking system can do wonders for your wine cellar, it’s not the only thing that defines it. Here are some points to ponder on what we think SHOULD be in a “great” wine cellar:

1. The right wood choice

While we do concur that wine racks do play a major role in turning out an amazing wine cellar, we’d like to go to it one better. It should be all about “quality” wine racks and this means choosing the right material for the same. Wood, of course, is the most popular material to go with when we’re building custom wine cellars. But whether or not you have made a good wood choice for your wine racks is a most essential matter. Standard wine cellars may sport “good” wine racks but custom wine cellars showcase wine racks crafted from top-grade wood choices. If you want to know how we do it here at WCI, check out our detailed wine cellar wood selections.

2. The right wine cellar lighting

What good would be all those elegant wine cellar racks and picture-perfect wine cellar furniture if you don’t know how to highlight them? More importantly, how can you show off your valuable collection by literally keeping everything in the dark? That being said, it’s perfectly obvious how the right wine cellar lighting can transform the layout of any wine cellar. A strategic lighting system can help illuminate the best features of your wine cellar and create a classy ambiance. LED Downlights, LED Display Lighting, and Fluorescent Slimlites can accent just the right angles in your wine cellar and shine the spotlight where it’s really needed.

3. The right wine refrigeration system

Remember that we said that a great wine cellar is all about the total package? That means it has all the elements needed to create the most ideal of wine storage conditions coupled with a unique and attractive appearance. In other words, it’s function and beauty combined both inside and outside the bottle. For this reason, we believe that establishing total environment control in your wine cellars is of utmost importance. This can only be achieved if you pick the right wine refrigeration system, taking into account the size, location, and other configurations of your wine cellar.

4. The right wine cellar accents

Again, we place emphasis on the term “total package.” This would also translate to paying attention to even the littlest details in your wine cellar like the ceiling, flooring, tasting tables, countertops, cabinets, and wine cellar art among others. While these may be said to “accent” your wine cellars, they actually do more than that. They make everything come together turning out a wine cellar with a wine racking system that transition smoothly from wall to floor to ceiling. In other words, putting together the right combination of wine cellar accessories and accents equals balance, harmony, and symmetry in your wine cellar. The end result of this is of course, nothing less than an amazing wine cellar transformation.

Now the question is: are you building “good” or “great” wine cellars? Because there’s no reason to settle for something “ordinary” when you can easily have something “exceptional.” It’s no longer about what’s in your wine cellars that matter but what SHOULD be in them. Chat with our design specialists and check out our online store today!