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Taking a Peek at Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletops and a Custom Cigar Humidor

March 1st, 2012

Anything vintage is just too elegant for words. ¬†And when it comes to custom wine cellars, vintage is the new chic. So let’s take a look at how one of our clients took advantage of a simple, little addition to his wine racking system: Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletop. We felt positively elated with these gorgeous shots he sent us of the finished product!

Using it to top off the custom-built cigar humidor, the entire set-up exudes elegance with a twist. Our cigar humidors are crafted to your specifications so you can be assured of a seamless, perfect fit like the beautiful humidor we are proudly showcasing here:

As far as decorative elements are concerned, tabletops and countertops are one of your best bets. Easy to install and highly unique, custom tabletops provide a wonderful addition to any wine racking system and the client here certainly made an excellent choice with the Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletop.

We’d like you guys to take note that aesthetic charm notwithstanding, this wine barrel tabletop is probably the most eco-friendly option you can make. It’s crafted entirely from reclaimed wood components from wine barrels which simply means that the materials used are actual wine barrels that have been aged over time. It also bears mentioning that each reclaimed wood component has been carefully inspected as it goes through our meticulous manufacturing process for quality, color, and structural integrity.

We hope you guys noticed those little writings on the wine barrel tabletop because they are actually the marks of a true custom-made and hand-finished product. Those marks are COOPERAGE and INFUSION marks. Cooperage would refer to the outside portion of the wine barrelhead, bearing those distinct markings that are used to identify the barrel’s original contents. Infusion refers to the pieces inside the barrel. The older the wine barrel is, the darker and richer the color becomes not because of any staining done or custom finish but the gorgeous burgundy color hails especially from gracefully aged wine.

There’s really something to be said about wine cellar racks and other furniture pieces that are crafted from All-Heart Redwood. Apart from the wine racks, the custom cigar humidor we have here boasts of our SFI-certified All-Heart Redwood. The harmony of colors and architectural symmetry of the racks, tabletop, and humidor make everything just picture-perfect!

It’s always a heartwarming moment when loyal patrons take the time to share their wine cellar experiences and give uplifting testimonials about our products. This is what we work hard every day for – client satisfaction and fulfillment of wine cellar dreams! Chat with our design specialists today and avail of our free design consultation services at just the click of that mouse button ^_^.

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  2. Kristi writes:

    Great question! We spent a great deal of time discussing this with cigar storage experts. The most important thing to note about cigars is keeping them below 70 degrees and in 68 – 74 percentage humidity range. A wine cellar meets those requirements as it keeps the cigars below the threshold where bugs will form. Read below to learn more about the hazards of too high a temperature and too low a humidity level.

  3. Denny Syms writes:

    This is a great concept.
    Do you feel there could be a problem with the temperature of the wine cellar and the temp of the humidor? Is this area temperature controlled? Do you plan on seperate temp controls for humidor and seperate temp for wine cellar?

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