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Creating The Perfect Wine Cellar Environment

February 6th, 2012

Kami no ShizukuI finished this jdorama (Japanese drama) called Kami no Shizuku or “God of Wine” in loose English translation. By the very title, you can tell that it’s all about wine. But watching the soulful drama consisting of 9 amazing episodes, I learned that there is indeed more to wine than just building a nice-looking wine cellar and keeping all those bottles in. If you’re a true connoisseur, you have to “nurture” your wines, just like a parent does his child.

Starting from the basics…

The protagonist in Kami no Shizuku is the child of a really famous wine critic. Before he turned 20 years old, he got into a fight with his dad and left their opulent home to pursue his own path. He didn’t want to have anything to do with wine. He couldn’t understand why his father seemed to treat wine more importantly than people. Then his dad died a year after his 20th birthday.

In a battle for the inheritance with another wine critic who was supposedly the “adopted” son of his father, the protagonist uncovered the truth why his father was so attached to wine. The truth was, he was living life and teaching life through wine as he wanted his son to see how much he loved the latter, comparing his beloved son to his precious wine collection. It was touching, very beautiful, and makes us think of how we should treat our own wine collection as well.

In uncovering the last of the wine varieties or the Kami no Shizuku, the protagonist came to realize that his dad wanted him to “start from scratch” or live his life like he was just “beginning” every day to appreciate each day he lives even more. “Just like every bottle of wine should be nurtured, everyone should start at the beginning. I built this wine cellar with my own hands. I built it starting from scratch, making sure every corner, every angle is designed to create a perfect wine storage room for every bottle I bring in. Just like parents start from the very beginning to make sure that every step towards their children’s future is a step towards total fulfillment.”

And building more than just a “wine cellar”

Custom Wine Racks

As far as wine and wine cellars are concerned, these words couldn’t be phrased any better. Creating the perfect wine cellar environment for your precious collection requires not just mere technical knowledge of the basics of wine storage but more importantly, you should care for your wines. Care in choosing the right wood for your wine racks, the right refrigeration system, the right wine cellar accents and accessories and so on and so forth doesn’t just mean choosing the most expensive or sophisticated products. It means taking enough time to learn and review all these aspects of wine cellar building so that the desired end result is achieved.

Free-2D-designFor example, here at WCI, we give you a complete wine cellar design consultation package which allows every client to talk with a highly experienced design specialist. Starting from the basics, we go over your desired wine cellar project, analyze and assess every angle thereof, and provide you with free 2D design to help you visualize your dream wine cellar. Moreover, we also integrate Architectural Design Services, allowing you the chance to integrate architectural elements into your project for a totally “completed” look. Last but not the least, we put in a review process which would ensure that all specifications will be addressed.

Kanzaki Shizuku, the protagonist, has this to say upon unearthing the God of Wine: “It’s really amazing isn’t it? Wine, that is. It can teach us all about life by uncorking our true feelings. I want to learn more about wine, because in doing so, I’m beginning to understand Dad more and more.” As connoisseurs, we should also remember that we also need to understand our wines and create the best environment to “nurture” them in ^_^.

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