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Wine Refrigeration Choices: Get Total Environment Control In Your Wine Cellars (Last Installment)

January 19th, 2012

What’s the deal with the humidity factor in your wine cellars? It’s a pretty big one, actually. You need to maintain certain humidity levels to aid the aging process of your wine. Or to put in a more specific manner, you need to maintain 55-75 degrees relative humidity levels in your wine cellar as these are necessary to establish a stable aging process for each bottle.

When the humidity levels fall below or shoot up the desired ranges, wine will be drawn out of the bottle and replaced with oxygen-rich air or this can cause the formation of molds and rot your bottle labels. Hence, total control over the storage conditions must be achieved.

For the last two installments of this blog, we’ve featured a versatile collection of wine refrigeration systems to help you guys establish total temperature control in your wine cellars. But to achieve total environment control, you’ll need to keep the humidity levels in check at all times as well and our decorative wine cellar humidification accessories may just be what you need to get the job done!

Tabletop Fountains

Check out these super unique humidification fountains that are scaled to fit in quite snugly in your wine cellar tabletops. These pretty picks can be used in conjunction with most of our wine refrigeration systems, namely WineZone, Breezaire, and Whisperkool, giving you the complete and ideal wine storage set up for your wine cellars. Most of these intricately-designed fountains are actually hand-crafted and you can really see how much attention lovingly given to every detail:

Arrondi Basin Tabletop Fountain
Bella Basin Tabletop Fountain
Bijou Bowl Tabletop Fountain
Slate Bridge Tabletop Fountain
Copper Bottle Tabletop Fountain
Classic Misting Bowl
Copper Falls Tabletop Fountain
Contemporary Misting Bowl
Tetra Tabletop Fountain

Wall Fountains

Wall fountains are an absolutely stylish way to add the functionality of humidity to your wine cellars. They are highly attractive and space-efficient to boot since by mounting them directly on your wine cellar walls, there’s no need to waste any floor space. Moreover, the melodious tinkling of water coming from the fountain can be very therapeutic, not to mention a soothing aesthetic addition to your wine cellar’s existing décor. Use distilled water to replace the basin once all the water has dissipated to ensure that dirt and grime won’t clog up the ducts and tubes.

Floor Fountains

For those with bigger wine cellars or commercial establishments, floor fountains are the perfect solution to maintaining the humidity levels inside. Floor fountains make for a beautiful, dramatic touch to your wine cellar’s interior while at the same time, maintaining ideal storage conditions therein.

Our Vinery Floor Fountain is one of our more popular models, with an elegant bronze heritage finish and polished river stones and interior spotlight added in for a more stunning appearance to the humidifier. The Natural Slate Waterfall Fountain is also another gorgeous option, particularly if you’re a part of the “Go Green” bandwagon. This gorgeous item gives a touch of au naturelle in your wine cellars while keeping your wine bottle corks from drying out and losing their sealing capacity.

The right wine refrigeration system + the right wine cellar humidification accessories + the heart of a true blue connoisseur equals the ideal wine cellar environment for the finest wines you can ever store. Get that total environment control over your wine cellar only here at Wine Cellar Innovations!


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