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Technical Tuesday Episode #67: The Gold Series With Premium Redwood In Sultry Dark Walnut Stain

January 10th, 2012

The Year of the Dragon announces itself with a deafening roar! A little bit of enthusiasm is good this year and who wouldn’t go “oooooh” with what we have here for this Tech Tuesday episode.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 213664
Wood: Premium Redwood, Gold Series
Maximum Capacity:  722 bottles
Where: Oakland, MD

We think that the sheer flexibility of the Gold Series wine racks has never been more effectively utilized as they are with this wine cellar transformation. Just look at how individual and bulk storage options have been cleverly combined to hold over 700 bottles in such a compact space. The beauty of the Gold Series is exactly this. It allows you to create custom, full-depth racking options while helping you stay within budget.

As you can definitely from these awesome shots, this wine cellar has effectively utilized every inch of available space. There’s more than enough room for standard-sized bottles and even magnums and larger-sized ones, thanks to the wine displays and vertical display cabinets.

The standard All-Heart Arch Single Deep archway we have here is beautifully highlighted by LED Downlights. Since the client chose to go with Premium Redwood in Dark Walnut Stain, the effect is quite sultry and certainly luxurious!

Here we can see how LED Display Lighting can shine the spotlight on prized bottles when they will be already up for display. Notice how the Individual Bottle Storage racks are available in single and double steep storage and how they can also store larger format bottles such as magnums and champagnes. This is one wine cellar that can pack in a great assortment of wines and spirits!

Last but not the least, let’s talk a bit on how appropriate the choice of wood stain worked with Premium Redwood. For a little FYI, Premium Redwood showcases a wide range of beautiful grain patterns but these become even more pronounced when you use dark stains rather than lighter ones. Going with Dark Walnut was an excellent move as the stain really brought out the wood’s gorgeous grain pattern. You can actually check out more of our stain and finish options using our Interactive Swatch Viewer and Stain & Finish Review.

And so we’re off to a wonderful start this 2012! That is,  as far as wine cellars are concerned and here at WCI, that’s EXACTLY what we care about. Continue to join us again for another year of wine cellar transformations that are made to inspire the best of wine cellar dreams.  See you all next Tuesday!

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