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Wine Cellar Roundup – Episode #76

January 6th, 2012 by

The first week of the year! Have you managed to write the correct year on any papers yet? Is your house a few bags lighter of trash? Or are all the boxes from Christmas piled up next to your garage like me? Oops. I better get to work on that! So what’s new this year? Besides the media barrage of politics? (Shhh, no politics here!)

I’m  happy to see Joe from SuburbanWino moving on to bigger and better things. I definitely agree that the worst thing is to wonder ‘what if’? Except now I have that ‘Ch-ch-changes!’ song in my head, so it might actually be a tie.

Data dump! I love looking at pretty charts and graphs. Take a look at the popular varieties sold over the holidays.

A different look at some resolutions… of what NOT to see in 2012. Go Vinography!

Along with that, 20 wine questions for 2012.

I can’t help posting another Jimmy Kimmel video. He did some amazing things with ‘Sorry Kids, I ate your Halloween Candy!’ and the first part of ‘Give Your  Kids a Terrible Present’ but this ‘Part II’ is hilarious. I love it! Make it a great weekend!

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