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Wine Cellar Roundup – Episode #76

January 6th, 2012

The first week of the year! Have you managed to write the correct year on any papers yet? Is your house a few bags lighter of trash? Or are all the boxes from Christmas piled up next to your garage like me? Oops. I better get to work on that! So what’s new this year? Besides the media barrage of politics? (Shhh, no politics here!)

Data dump! I love looking at pretty charts and graphs. Take a look at the popular varieties sold over the holidays.

A different look at some resolutions… of what NOT to see in 2012. Go Vinography!

Along with that, 20 wine questions for 2012.

I can’t help posting another Jimmy Kimmel video. He did some amazing things with ‘Sorry Kids, I ate your Halloween Candy!’ and the first part of ‘Give Your  Kids a Terrible Present’ but this ‘Part II’ is hilarious. I love it! Make it a great weekend!

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