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Wine Cellar Innovations: Why We Rock!

December 7th, 2011

The Best with WCIOk, so call it blowing your own horn, but it’s not like we don’t have anything to back up our claims. When it comes to helping connoisseurs realize their wine cellar goals, we are not too shy to admit that we provide top-class and highly professional services. Our design consultation services are as customized as our products itself and when we say “custom-made,” it translates to being unique such that when someone steps into your wine cellar, he can easily exclaim, “It’s so special!”

We put our hearts where our specialties lie…

When we manufacture wine cellar products, we take into account not only the needs of the wine cellar owner but of his precious collection as well. It would be pretty presumptuous to feel proud about our services if we didn’t consider all the angles in building a wine cellar and that should include thinking about both the wine cellar owner and what he puts inside his wine cellar. So here are a few, essential things you would want to learn about our products and why they can provide both function and aesthetics all in one go:

Eased Edge Front Posts1. We pride ourselves in incorporating beveled rails with eased edges in all our individual bottle racks in our Platinum and Gold series. This feature ensures that each bottle is cradled in comfy, easy, and super secure storage. The eased edge also provides the additional benefit of not having your bottle tags or labels tear off, whether you insert or remove a bottle from its individual cradle.

CNC Machined Spacer Bars2. We have determined that space is always one of the biggest issues wine cellar owners have to deal with in their quest for beautiful and architecturally balanced wine cellars. But we didn’t just acknowledge that little problem – we actually set about doing something about it! Our wine racks carry CNC Machined Spacer Bars. If this sounds a bit alien to you, allow us the pleasure of educating you guys on this brilliant piece that runs across the entire width of your rack, “dadoed” or notched at various centerlines, with the end result of providing the proper spacing for your racking system. You then get a seamless, perfect transition from the racks to the floors, walls, and ceilings of your wine cellar!

Inidividual Bottle Bins_Magnums3. While storing standard-sized bottles seem to go quite smoothly in most wine cellars, we have also come across disgruntled connoisseurs who have trouble finding the right storage options for 3 liter or magnum and larger-sized bottles. The thing is, it’d be a pretty wasteful investment to purchase wine racks that you can only utilize for larger-sized bottles exclusively because let’s face it, most wine cellars would be holding standard-sized ones most of the time. This is precisely why we developed Individual Bottle Bins as part of our versatile collection of wine racks. The bins can hold your large-sized bottles but at the same time, they can be utilized for standard-sized ones without having to worry about the security of each one.

And we make Mother Nature proud, too!

We build to satisfy our clients’ wishes as much as our own but we also don’t take the other important things for granted such as for example, how we treat Mother Nature while using her resources to manufacture our products. This being said, we’ve taken painstaking efforts to develop wine cellar products that are environment-friendly, help promote the ecology, and assure clients that their wine cellars are built in a manner that gives the least impact against natural resources such as of course, wood.

Examples of these would be our SFI-certified Redwood products present in almost all our wine cellar rack kits, wine cellar doors, cabinets, and other wine cellar furniture. Our wine cellar accessories such as our floorings, tabletops, and countertops are also crafted from eco-friendly materials such as our Cork Floors and Vintage Wine Barrel Flooring and Tabletops. Moreover, we use only water-based stains, lacquers, and finishes to adorn and complete the look of your wine cellar, taking into great consideration your health, that of your precious collection, and that of Mother Earth as well. With our products, “greening” your wine cellars doesn’t mean compromising on style and flair in any way at all!

If there’s one thing to be said about us here at WCI, it’s that we never claim what we can’t deliver. It’s a fact we’re proud of and we hope our loyal patrons are as well! Check out our products and services today and see how we can rock your wine cellar world!

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