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Technical Tuesday Episode #60 – Cost-Effective Luxury With WineMaker And Premium Redwood

November 8th, 2011

Sneak a peek into a most inspiring wine cellar transformation this Tech Tuesday! Beyond this stunning etched glass door lies a wine cellar that will really make you go wow. Allow us to show you guys how a cost-effective wine cellar rack kit can be second to none when it comes to design and style that’s absolutely unique, inside and out.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 213220
Wood: Premium Redwood, Gold/WineMaker Series
Maximum Capacity:  600 bottles
Where: Lone Tree, CO

Before we take the scenic tour of the entire wine cellar room, let’s spend a bit more time appreciating the way this superbly crafted wine cellar door has provided for the perfect entryway. We’ve never failed to emphasize the significance of a custom wine cellar door that brings both function and flair to any wine cellar. Opening The Doors To Wine Happiness gets the message across by enumerating the creative ways wine cellar doors can amplify the architectural symmetry of your wine cellar.

And now on to the sleek interior courtesy of the faultless combination of the flexible WineMaker Series and gorgeous Premium Redwood. It goes without saying that the wood choice is arguably the best one. Premium Redwood rates a full five stars when it comes to custom wine cellars because durability and resistance to cool, humid atmosphere aside, it’s also one our SFI-certified Redwood species. This is a 100% guarantee that this wine cellar was built in a most environmentally sound manner!

WineMaker offers all the same racking options as its more prominent counterpart, Vintner, but with the reduced racking depth, it’s the more budget-friendly choice. Nevertheless, there’s no need to sacrifice style and visual appeal as can be gleaned from the superbly manufactured racks. Stackable and space efficient, there’s practically no limit to the ceiling height configurations you can work with with these racks as you can easily see from these images.

See how endless the design possibilities are with the WineMaker Series wine rack kit? The combination of the waterfall wine racks with generic individual bottle storage ones  makes for a classically polished look that exudes elegance with a capital E. Also, take a closer look at the custom trimmings and moldings from the base platforms to the quarter-round shelves which help make everything come together in a totally seamless and organized fashion.

Now, who says you can’t turn out a luxurious wine cellar while keeping within budget? Not when you have wine cellar rack kits that can give you something that looks as fabulous as THIS! Start building your wine cellar dreams today just by talking with our professional and amiable design specialists and see how mere inspirations can be given life only here at Wine Cellar Innovations.

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