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Happy Halloween, Wine Lovers!

October 31st, 2011

HalloweenOctober is the unofficial SPOOK month and what better way to end it with a super, scary BANG than celebrating what else? Halloween! How are you going to celebrate yours, fellow connoisseurs? Some blood red-wine and margaritas for the voracious vampires? Or strong malt beers for the growling ghouls to wash down raw meat? *shivers*

But Halloween is not all that spooky, it’s actually loads of fun and a total scare fest. The most fun part is donning on those awesome costumes and doing the traditional “trick or treat.” You know what that means, right? Chocolates and candies galore! Trick or treating is the most enjoyable part of Halloween and where I come from, we’ve recently developed a new trend called “cosplaying” to spice up the celebration even more.

“Cosplaying” or “cosplay” is an abbreviation of costume play which basically takes its roots from Japanese anime. Japan is the cosplay capital of the world but in the recent years, the fad has spread to a lot of countries all over the globe. There are really prominent cosplay conventions in the United States, Australia, Canada, and most Southeast Asian countries. So this Halloween, don’t you think it’ll be just amazingly unique to dress up cosplay style and hold a really spooky taste fest in your wine cellars or home bars? Invite friends over, mix up some outlandishly cool drinks, and spread a little Halloween fear and fun!

Custom Wine CellarWhile you’re at it, you may also want to spruce up those wine cellars a bit or take some inspiration from our photo and video galleries. It’ll be a good time to sit back and think on what you can improve on the existing layout and design or for those who haven’t started on their wine cellar projects yet, you can take advantage of our free design consultation services and take the first, easy, exciting steps to building your dream wine cellars.

You can also start by checking out our beautiful collection of versatile wine cellar rack kits and pair these up with a bevy of select wood choices. You can actually see how the swatches would look with custom stains and finishes, thanks to our Interactive Swatch Viewer and Stain and Finish Review. Also, take a leaf out of some of our Popular Ideas and see how amazing wine cellar transformations can be achieved even when you think there’s hardly any space for one!

Since we’re talking about dressing up this Halloween, you might also want to upgrade your wine cellars with custom accessories and décor that won’t stretch your wallets to the breaking point. Our delicious tabletop and countertop options, custom cabinetry, wine cellar art, and LED lighting packages are just some of the effortless upgrades you can incorporate.

It’ll also be certainly worth your time off this Halloween to check out our latest additions to our wine cellar family and see how these fantastic products can make such a classic difference to any wine cellar. Now before you get started on carving those pumpkins, take a little side trip to our online store and blog site because when it comes to realizing wine cellar dreams, we bring only the best of TREATS and no tricks! Have a mad and spooky Halloween, everyone!




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