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Wine Cellar Roundup – Edition #53

September 23rd, 2011

How was your week? Hope it was fantastic. Do you have anything fun for me today? I have some favorites that I’ll share below!

From the NYT, are wine consumers being brainwashed into needing wine education? Interesting thoughts laid out here by DrVino.

We shared this on Twitter but here are some fun discoveries from Melba Allen heading to Italy.

From 1WineDude, we have a big shocker. Drinking red wine might NOT be the fountain of youth. I know. I just can’t keep it straight either. Good read!

If you love Cabernet Frans, here are some fantastic reviews from the Seattleite.

Some sad news of Joe Dressner’s passing but this wonderful tribute calls up a lot of good memories.

Do you need something to smile about today? This video pulled on my heart strings. Good job, Operation Smile.

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