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Wine Cellar Roundup – Episode #44: Cellaring Your Wine

July 22nd, 2011

The summer is flying by! Along with heat waves, cold fronts, and random haboobs, I’m still enjoying my mild summer where I’m located at. 🙂 On to the wine news!

How hard could it be to judge a wine competition? It sounds really hard to me!

Explore nature while properly storing your wine… It’s a wine rack for the two-wheeled oenophile!

“It’s true that wine doesn’t solve problems, but with wine… oh, wait… what problems?” via @alawine

Some interesting thoughts over on the Wine Spectator about cellaring your wine. What do you use your wine cellar for? Is it just for holding all those extra bottles of delicious wines that you will be drinking in the coming months? Or are you specifically aging some of your fine wines? It’s being said that ‘us kids’ under 40 don’t appreciate aging a fine wine… Is that true?

Have you ever been so upset to hear about the recent laws they are enacting regarding the shipping of wine? Or any other laws related to wine?

Is there anything red wine can’t do? Good question! Just a review if you found you were wondering. 🙂

Is your wine shipped in refrigerated barrels? Good things to think about!

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