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Dolling Up Your Wine Racks

July 21st, 2011

The fashion world never gets tired of coming up with so-called “trends” that just take over the shopping malls and online stores by storm. Everyone wants to get into the style bandwagon because let’s face it, we all want to look our best! “Dolling up” is now no longer limited to women but even the men want to be fashion chameleons and change their look around, hence the birth of term “metrosexuals.”

When it comes to wine racks, “trends” also come and go but unlike a pair of shoes or clothing, its impractical and not to mention expensive to completely redo everything in your wine cellar if you’re seeking a makeover. But just like accessories can give an instant fashion fix to otherwise erstwhile clothing, there are also ways to “doll up” your wine cellar in general and your wine racks in particular without having to send you into the poorhouse.

The beauty of custom stains…

Now you may be aware of how stain and finish options can accentuate the look of your wine racks but it’s time you learned their full potential. Picking the right wood stain and finish for your wine racking system can make you switch from one style to another at very minimal cost. For example, you can go from a soft, dewy look to your wine cellar to something bolder and more luxurious just by applying a different stain or incorporating a less contemporary finish. With that in mind, here are some uber gorgeous selections you really should consider for your wine cellar makeovers:

Light Danish Stain

Stain - Light Danish
This produces a soft yet glowing look for your wine racks that is dainty and totally fresh to look at. It works well with almost any grain pattern but is especially noticeable on lighter-colored woods. Choosing this stain with say, Rustic Pine as your wood choice, would certainly give off a youthful feeling to your wine cellar.

Classic Mahogany Stain

Stain - Classic Mahogany
If you want a more elegant and luxurious charm to your wine racks that’s not otherwise too imposing, this is the stain option to go for. It’s color amplifies the rich, reddish-brown tones of Mahogany which would explain why it would work best with Prime Mahogany or Amber Blaze.

Dark Walnut Stain

Stain -Dark Walnut
What’s great about this stain option is that it can mesh well with just about any wood type and can enhance almost any grain pattern. It showcases a very deep, golden brown hue that can give your wine cellar that commanding look. However, you should also be careful in using this stain because the richness of the shade has a tendency to overpower the other aspects of your wine cellar. Thus, it’s highly recommended to talk it over with a design consultant once doubt sets in.

Midnight Black Stain

Stain -Midnight Black
Now this stain option is not for the faint of heart. If in fashion, there are those that we call “mavens,” noted for their brave fashion choices, in wine cellar stain options, THIS is something that exudes drama and artistic appeal that should be considered with utmost care. Using this shade on your wine racks and furniture will definitely give off a very bold statement that can be described as “contemporary chic” or “classically modern.” But you must be sure you’re up to making a statement with this as it is a bit of a risky choice!

And glamour of custom finishes!

At Wine Cellar Innovations, we specialize in giving you “weathered finishes” to your wood which allows your wine racks and wine cellars to achieve a timeless appeal. Thus, even if you go for a totally modern, non-contemporary look to your wine cellar, it still retains that touch of class and elegance that can make it stand out as what we said in blog posts before, “the new home fashion icon.”

Dusty Weathered Finish

Dusty Weathered
The purpose of applying this finish is to let your wood achieve a timeworn look.  The process is not at all simple, illustrating just how much hard work is incorporated. The wood is run through a proprietary process that strips intergrain material down below the grain in the same fashion that outside exposure striates barn siding over 50-70 years. When you’re dealing with pine, redwood and oak as your wood choices, this work exceptionally well. Next, to finish it off, acustom topcoat is applied and the color plays on the grayish-brown hues to complete the weathered appearance to the wood.

Dark Weathered Finish

Dark Weathered
Again, the wood is run through a proprietary process resulting to the stripping of intergrain material down below the grain in the same fashion that outside exposure striates barn siding over 50-70 years. Pine, redwood, and oak are also the best choices to work with. It’s more or less a similar process where the application of the finish is concerned as Dusty Weathered Finish, however, this option will produce a darker, more solid color of topcoat. Hence, the effect is more dramatic and striking, making for a truly personalized look to your wine racks.

Distressed Finish

Distressed Finish
It takes quite a bit of work to achieve this kind of finish, owing to its unique properties. The trick is that wood is strategically gouged, dented and scratch to give it the character of an old used pieces of furniture. A dark coat is wiped on to fill in the gouges, dents and scratches, or alternatively, to highlight them. Next, a medium dark background coat is applied, finishing everything off with lacquer finish. The end result is something very classic, very “antique,” and reminiscent of “old-country.”

Whitewash Finish

White Wash
This is a more modern-type of finish that lends a whitish cast to the wood. It gives of a tidy, bright, and sparkling charm to wine racks and can work really well with almost any type of design in a wine cellar. Whitewash finish gives off a very “fresh and open” vibe, reminiscent of the sea and sand, especially in New England.

Lacquer Finish

Most of us are familiar with lacquer, especially when it comes to furniture. Lacquer is a highly popular finish option in wine racks as well because it’s a simple, quick-start solution to beautiful, polished wine racks. But achieving this is not actually that simple! Clear coat sealant needs to be applied multiple times with intricate hand-sanding treatments between finishes to produce a gleaming and graceful finish to the wood.

Who says looking good has to be expensive? And the same goes true for your wine cellars! So why not have a nice chat with our design specialists today and see the wonderful ways you can “change up” and “doll up” those wine racks and wine cellars at just a fraction of the price of a total makeover.

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