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Wine Cellar Roundup – Episode #39

June 17th, 2011

I just learned that my parents will be traveling to France in a month after enjoying the latest Woody Allen movie, ‘Midnight in Paris’. Can you say, jealous!? I want to stow away in their suitcase. I also want to drag my husband to see the movie! Or maybe a girlfriend…

10 funny wine brand names. These might be a tad bit inappropriate but amusing to see. My favorite is Elephant on a Tightrope! Have you tried any of them?

My first wine experience was in Rome, Italy. I can’t wait to go back and explore. If you have future plans to explore, check out these 10 spectacular places to drink wine in Italy.

I had to include this write-up about petrol aroma’s in Rieslings. I really adore Rieslings, probably because they are so sweet. If you, like my husband, has the thought that Riesling drinkers are not ‘true’ wine drinkers, that is fine. I still enjoy it though and learned something new with Dr Vino’s post. 🙂 (Read all the comments, too!)

7 food and wine paring tips to take you from a novice to a pro from LifeHacker was a good read. Common sense rules but a great refresher.

Coming back to food, from Forbes comes 10 essential foods every wine enthusiast must know. I had to keep reading after #1 (artisan bread) which I now crave on a weekly basis. Dipped in oil and vinegar… oh la la!

Have a fantastic Father’s Day weekend! I hope you have some relaxing plans with the Father in your life. If you were looking to help a Dad build out his wine cellar, be sure to check out 15% off sale on all individual wine rack kits!

Finally, with almost two million views on YouTube already, if you haven’t seen it yet you should really check it out. Trent, the baby, and Angie, the lioness! The video is embedded for your enjoyment (or horror!) below! That lion really likes that baby… or likes it for dinner, I suppose!

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