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Organizing Your Wine Collection: A Simple Step By Step Guide

June 30th, 2011

So you’ve got a great collection of wines and it’s growing in number fast. How hard can it be to organize it?

While you marvel at your wine collection, there is now one problem you’re facing: it has become quite a challenge to find a particular bottle to enjoy.  So how do you keep your collection sorted and organized? Here are useful, step by step guide to help you get sorted:

Start an inventory.

Okay, if you have a big collection, this requires you to schedule a particular time and day to just devote to your beloved wines. What you need to do is to place your entire collection on a table. Take one bottle at a time and list down its details. You can use a wine software or a Google spreadsheet for this, but if you love pen and paper, that’s fine too. (just make sure you don’t lose it)

List down:

the name of the wine

the vineyard it came from

its type

the vintage

Don’t forget to make two copies of your inventory – one for safekeeping in your desk or computer, and one to be placed in your wine cellar or to be fastened on top of the racks. This way, your inventory can be easily updated should you add or deduct bottles from your collection.

Tag your bottles.

Before placing them back on your racks, tag and label your bottles. This will obviously make it easier for you to search for a specific bottle because you will no longer have to pull out each bottle from the rack. You now have the tags for better visibility, so it should be way easier to search and locate! Just like your inventory, your tags must include details like name, vineyard, vintage, and the like.



Organize wines by vintage.

So after you’ve listed down all your wines and tagged them, bring your bottles back down to the basement or to your wine racks in your kitchen or living room and sort them by vintage. Organize them in such as way as to easily keep track of your bottles and know where it will be located on the rack.

Now you’re done!

Sorting and organizing your collection shouldn’t be too much work. But if you think that it is, why not make it fun by having a family member or a friend who loves wines just as much as you to help you out? When all’s done, you’d be pleased at how much easier it is search and locate bottles from your growing wine collection.

Custom Wine Displays: Showing Off Isn’t Bad At All!

June 29th, 2011

Get the Best with WCIOk, so the word “show-off” may not have the best impression in our vocabulary but when we’re talking wine cellars, it’s not as bad as you think. How so? Well first, showing off gorgeous wine cellars is what we love to do here at Wine Cellar Innovations and with all the best intentions at heart. We enjoy promoting beautiful wine cellar products, specifically custom wine racking systems that can turn a standard wine cellar into something pretty amazing. Second, “showing off” is another way for us to thank our loyal patrons for trusting the quality of wine cellar products we market. Last but not the least, we show off stunning wine cellar transformations to inspire all wine enthusiasts out there that they too, can achieve their wine cellar dreams.

Concave Curvy Wine Cube with Diamond InsertSo we’ve introduced to you our versatile line of wine racks, from our attractive Corner Wine Racks, to our sexy Curvy Cubes, and of course, our ever popular wine cellar kits. Let’s try to go to it one better and show you how to best display your precious collection while at the same time, achieving an organized and seamless look for your wine cellar. Let’s talk about Custom Wine Displays!

Each bottle is indeed precious!

Individual Bottle StorageKnowing how to display your wine bottles is nothing short of essential. Remember, you can’t just cram everything into cubes and crates even if you’re after better space efficiency in your wine cellar. Bulk storage can only do so much and it won’t definitely give any plus points for appearance when it boils down to it. That’s why Individual Bottle Storage is one of the most convenient, feasible, and secure means to showcasing your favorite spirits.

This type of storage is inarguably the most popular and preferred in both residential and commercial wine cellars. Most wine racks are crafted for individual bottle storage in single or double deep options and provisions for spacing for half-bottles, wine, champagne, magnums, and even larger-sized bottles. Our wine rack kits in particular all carry wine racks designed for individual bottle storage that can be combined in a number of ways to create so many design and display possibilities. To gain better insight on how Individual Bottle Storage options are provided here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we suggest checking them out.

Bulk is beautiful, too…

Bulk StorageOf course, when you own a commercial wine cellar or a residential one with a fairly extensive collection, you can’t do away with bulk storage. Bulk storage, however, doesn’t mean that you have to compromise style in your wine cellars. It’s a matter of selecting bulk storage racks that can display dozens of your wine bottles and wine cases. Take for example our Wood Wine Case Storage with Fixed Shelving which also comes in single deep and double deep options with the cases stored in separate cubicles.

Also chalk up another point for the Adjustable Wine Shelves which, true to their namesake, you can fiddle with in order to achieve the perfect fit for your wood cases, bins, cardboard boxes, and just about anything you store those wine bottles in by the bulk, of course. And since they’re “adjustable”, not only does this become a total space saver but think of all the design possibilities you have!

Also, try skimming through these other bulk storage display options which can be mixed and matched with other collections for a unique, customized look to your wine cellar that only custom wine displays can give:

Pull Out Wine Shelving for Wood Cases
Cardboard Case Storage | Fixed Shelves
Pull Out Wine Shelving for Cardboard Cases
Rectangular Open Wine Bins | Fixed Shelves
Pull Out Rectangular Wood Wine Bins

And more glamorous display options for you!

Hidden Door with Built In Solid Vertical Wine Display CabinetThey’re not custom wine displays for nothing! We have given you the basics but we still have more in store for your wine cellar needs and pleasures. Our corner and curved wine racks are the answers you need to achieve seamless transition in your wine racking systems while giving off a picture-perfect appearance to those stubborn nooks and crannies. Plus, our assortment of wine bottle displays and shelving make for multiple design choices that can really bring your wine cellar to a whole new level when it comes to elegance and no-nonsense chic. Here are just some of those choice gems:

Open Vertical Display Full Depth
Vertical Wine Display Hidden Door – See some fun hidden door examples!

For a bit of twist to bulk storage, explore the variations you can get from our Diamond Wine Storage Racks that are a rare mix of economy, space-efficiency, and undiluted style. Give a look to these interesting pieces.

Now the next time someone sees your wine cellar and calls you a “show-off,” hold those horses! That’s actually a compliment because remember, when it comes to wine cellars, “showing off” is not bad at all—in fact, it’s just all GOOD. Take time to sit down and chat with our design specialists today.

Technical Tuesday – Episode #42 – Old Fort Liquor And Wine

June 28th, 2011

Okay time to take a break from residential wine cellars. We’ve got more for you next month, don’t worry. If you loved last week’s Dark Walnut Redwood and Red Bricks themed wine room, stay tuned for the first week of July’s roundup of the best wine cellar installs!

So it’s the last week of June and boy does time fly really fast. We’re saying goodbye to June with a commercial wine store. This liquor and wine store’s wine racks are made from Premium Redwood, and combines racking from our custom Gold Series and standard commercial wine displays.

What: Commercial Wine Cellar
Project #: 206453
Wood: Premium Redwood, Gold Series
Maximum Capacity: 5742
Where: Murfreesboro, TN

Remember this red residential wine room we featured last time? Well, it’s got two things in common with this store: red walls and Redwood wine racks. When it comes to retail and hospitality industries, strategic displays and aesthetics are everything. This liquor and wine store shows us how it’s done with its dynamic retail wine display area. It also does a great job of showing off the bare beauty of Premium Redwood wine racks.

The store features Wine Cellar Innovations’ popular sturdy and freestanding island wine display. These wine display islands are usually placed in a high traffic area – the center of the store, to help increase sales.

We love how this store combines our standard wine display options (derived from the most popular custom options) with the best from the Gold Series. Lining the walls of this store are individual storage wine racks, curved wine racks, bulk storage bins and quarter round shelves from the Gold Series. The result? A nicely customized approach to a retail wine store at an affordable price.

Premium Redwood, which is an environmentally sound choice for any wine cellar has some really interesting colors, from white to pink to red and reddish brown. You can clearly see its various colors in the curved section of the racks below. And speaking of curves, they’re a softer alternative to sharp, square corners, don’t you think? We love the smooth, curved transition of the wine racks, giving the entire wall a nice custom look.

Just like in residential wine cellars, the wood you choose matters for commercial wine racks too, but the type of racks and their placement is always of utmost importance. Since the goal is to sell, wine rack placement has to be planned carefully to make sure customers are drawn in and convinced to pick up those lovely bottles of wine to take home. That’s why here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we have designed our retail wine racks to do just that. We not only customize wine rack displays – we help you make sure that your customers have a pleasant shopping experience!

We can’t wait to see these racks stocked up on liquor and wine. In the meantime, whether you’re remodeling your store or building a new one, contact us today for more information. Our design team can create a dynamic retail display that will enhance your wine sales!

Cool, Calm And Commercial

June 27th, 2011

Cool, calm exteriors, excellent wine label visibility, optimal visual range.

We’re talking about commercial wine racks built by our team of builders and designers. Yes, we not only bring joy to homeowner/wine lovers with our custom wine racks; we also provide stores, retail shops and restaurants a fabulous array of commercial wine rack choices.

Commercial Wine Store2We have designed and mass produced an entire line of wine displays for retail wine stores for years now, and even though you’ve been seeing plenty of home wine cellar installs lately in our Technical Tuesdays, we’re always ready and looking forward to jazz up some wine or liquor store with some awesome wine rack displays to wow customers.

We thought it would be important to remind our dear blog fans that our standard wine display options were derived from the most popular custom wine rack options, so the result is a very customized approach to outfitting a retail wine store or restaurant at an off-the-shelf price! All of our retail wine racks have been designed at a height of 83 5/8”, and you can mix and match these items without adversely affecting the fit and finish of your store.

Did we mention that you have fantastic options for your store’s wine display? We understand that the goal is to sell wine , so what better way to lure customers to the wine section than with an attractive display? And because blah and boring has no place in any wine selling business, we’ve come up with these commercial wine rack options to help any business make that sale!

Commercial Wine Store3We have some amazing wine merchandisers, wine display bins, wine display islands and curved wine display storage here at WCI, and these racks are built to last and designed to help you seal that sale.  Many of these retail wine racks have also been designed at a 45 11/16” width, allowing anyone to switch out or move around different wine displays without worrying about the fit and the layout in your store! These racks are flexible enough to grow with your stocks of wine and your business!

Whether placed at the center of your store or lined along nicely on one side of your place of business, carefully chosen, beautifully made commercial wine racks have the power to boost sales. With the wines organized and prominently displayed in cool, hip, durable wine racks, you can definitely count on customers raving about racks – and wanting to buy more wine!

Starting today, all of our Commercial Display Racks are 10% off! Take advantage of this spectacular 4th of July sale to outfit your retail wine store today.


A Gallery Of Wine Cellars

June 23rd, 2011

From the smallest nooks to the grandest collections, today’s wine storage comes in all shapes and sizes. ~Wine Spectator

We recently saw (again!) Wine Spectator’s old feature on some American wine collectors’ wine cellars and just like any other wine cellar, big or small, the gallery of wine cellars still takes our breath away. If you’ve been following our blog, you must know that wine cellars are our weakness – even when they’re not stocked yet! As you can see from our Technical Tuesday features, even without the wine bottles, we marvel at the wine racks, the accessories, the doors, the tasting tables, the floors, and yes even the wine cellar lighting!

Convex Curvy Wine Cube with Diamond InsertAn addiction? Maybe. But since wine cellars are now the new home fashion icon, it’s no wonder why we love designing them, building them and finding ways to improve wine storage options. Just recently, we rolled out our curvy wine cubes, and if you haven’t seen them yet, you must take a look at them. These sexy new wine racks are the newest addition to our wine rack collection!

Get inspired by our wine cellar photo gallery

Today we thought we’d remind you that if you’re looking for wine cellar design inspiration, you need not look further because we’ve got the wine cellar photo galleries to die for! If you’d like to marvel at wine cellars like us, why not take a tour of our photo gallery?

We have a stunning array of wine cellars of all sizes in our Residential Photo Gallery, a Commercial Photo Gallery and Restaurants and Bars Photo Gallery. We make it easy for you to look around by giving you options to filter your search according to wood type, finishing option, bottle capacity and cellar location! We also have 10 sample wine cellars to give you guidelines for selecting the racking style that is the best fit for your application.

Custom Wine RacksEach cellar in our photo gallery had been custom made in our factory in Ohio, and you too can have various elements of your wine cellar customized to make them extra special. You can make a statement by customizing your wine cellar ceiling, doors, archway murals/paintings, floor tiles and tabletops. These are just a few of the things you can have customized, and that does not even include custom wine racks! Also worth checking our are some popular wine cellar ideas where you can find some design favorites.

Whether you’re totally clueless as to the best design for your wine cellar or already have ideas but feel like you’re missing something, we hope our photo galleries give you inspiration. Once you’ve picked your design inspiration, we’ll be here ready to build it and make your dream wine cellar come true.

A Moment With Art

June 22nd, 2011

I consider art to be one of the highest forms of self-expression. Whether you perform, create, impart, or influence, the result that you bring out shows the inner you. Let’s talk about our wine cellars, for example. The kind of wine cellar we build (or want to create), the kind of theme or mood we’d want to set, actually reflects and tells a lot about our personalities.

One of the wine cellar accessories I find most accurate in capturing the overall theme or design of a wine cellar would be the kind of wine cellar art and décor that adorn it. For example, a wine cellar that leans towards soft, romantic murals and paintings or furniture in muted tones or pastels would probably reveal a feminine touch or the feminine side of the wine enthusiast. Solid, bold, and luxurious colors would lean towards a more assertive and austere personality whereas abstracts, bold splashes of color, and unconventional art forms would illustrate an adventurous, carefree spirit.

So today, we’d like to re-introduce you to WCI’s wine cellar art collection by taking a different tune on things. We’d like you to get to know a little better the talented hands behind each stunning work of art we are so proud of here at WCI:


Augustina spearheads the Classical Moments Painting Collection comprised of hand-painted art murals created on canvas. Her medium is acrylics or oil and her style is heavily influenced by Spanish and Mexican artists such as Pablo Picasso, Diego Rivera, and Francisco de Goya. Her years of experience has brought her to the peak of her art career and her amazing concept of color and contrast as well as playing with light and hues have resulted into several awe-inspiring collections.



Joanne redefines classic fine art with her Contemporary Moments Collection. With the palette knife or brush work as her primary mediums, Joanne brings to life scenic landscapes and vineyards that exude energy, color, and vintage beauty. She is responsible for the birth of a new and unique style of textured painting utilizing a succession of layered and overlapping gradations of transparency and varying thickness. Her palette-knife paintings and brushwork are truly spectacular and can bring so much life and vibrance to a wine cellar.


Etched glass and mirrors have rapidly become a style-setter in wine cellars, whether residential or commercial. This is not without good reason since the use of etched glass and mirrors can indeed emphasize the focal points of a wine cellar by playing up to its strengths such as one’s prized collection of wine bottles. In this area, Jeff is nothing short of a master. He graduated from the University of Cincinnati’s College of Design, Architecture, Art & Planning, and has over twenty years worth of experience in creating art glass pieces to back up his reputation. His designs take roost in many private and public locations, nationwide, including museums, hotels, malls, restaurants, and even hospitals.


Mosaic art also comes in a variety of forms and Jennifer does beautiful work with unique blend of antique fine china, stained glass, and porcelain tiles.  Find out how she makes her beautiful creations to blend with your wine cellar. Jennifer’s exquisite creations have reached the doorsteps of private homes, businesses, churches, and even schools.



Glass art is arguably one of the most popular and our stained glass murals can easily enliven a wine cellar, especially when proper lighting is installed. WCI’s Stained Glass Artist Cathy makes wine cellar dreams a reality with her collection of custom stained glass murals. Choose from her collection or request for a uniquely custom piece designed especially for you. Like any of our other custom pieces, Cathy can take a photograph, postcard, or any other image to use as inspiration. See some of our favorites of the Stained Glass Wine Cellar Art.





Last and certainly not the least, we have WCI’s resident Hand-Painted Tile Artist, Denise. She had spent 18 years perfecting her craft and the end result is the plethora of highly impressive, custom designs for the hand painted tile industry. She is one of WCI’s assets when it comes to the development of versatility as well as flexibility in our wine cellar art collection what with her splendid collection of custom hand painted tiles that can be used almost anywhere, from floors to walls of your wine cellar and even down to your tabletops and counters.


The great minds and hands behind every wine cellar art are indeed worthy of appreciation. So take a little time, have a “moment” with art and express who you are with only the best of wine cellar art at WCI. Contact us if you would like to have some of these very special works of art in your own wine cellar.

Technical Tuesday – Episode #41 Dark Walnut Premium Redwood & Red Bricks

June 21st, 2011

If we were to pick a theme for the month of June, we’d probably say it’s “wine cellar addiction” month, considering all the gorgeous wine cellar installs these past few weeks. If you’ve seen last week’s Tech Tuesday featuring a beautiful red wine room, you’ll know what I mean.

This week’s featured wine cellar makes us go “well, hello gorgeous!”

A quick look at the photos below, and this one is sure to wow wine and wine cellar lovers alike. As we’ve said last week, wine cellar demand is high, and hey, here’s more proof.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 211180-3
Wood: Premium Redwood, Gold & Silver Series
Maximum Capacity: 3,406
Where: Palm Beach, FL

Breathtakingly beautiful.

That’s what this wine cellar is, and once again, Redwood does a great job of showing why it is THE ultimate wood for wine cellars. The clients chose this amazing Premium Redwood for their huge wine cellar, and it looks absolutely grand stained in Dark Walnut. We say “huge” because this wine room has the capacity to hold over three thousand wine bottles!

Everything about this wine cellar is a dream — the racks, the flooring, the lights, the furniture! What makes this wine room even more special is it combines the strong elements of Wine Cellar Innovations’ Gold Series and budget friendly Silver Series. Yes, that’s possible. Love certain elements our different custom racking lines? All you have to do is ask us and we’ll design and build the wine cellar of your dreams using your favorite elements from our custom wine racks series.

We love how the entire look of this wine cellar — red bricks, plus dark walnut wine racks equals rustic sophistication! Adding drama to this entire wine room are those pretty wall sconces, which do a great job of providing just the right amount of light to this room.

A few days ago we talked about why we dig diamond bin wine racks, so we love how these solid diamond bins were turned into a focal point in this wine room.

Below you get a closer look of how neatly the racks were built into the brick-lined arches. How we’d love to see these racks filled with fines wines! Notice also the custom table top above those diamond bins and custom drawers! When you want functional work space, Wine Cellar Innovations delivers that and more, considering your needs, existing space and taste.

We’ve mentioned many times in our Technical Tuesdays that details are everything in building a wine cellar, and that includes your wine cellar flooring. Just look at how the floor tile design in this wine room adds to the overall beauty of this room.

With these gorgeous individual wine racks, quarter round shelves, exquisite chandelier and matching dark walnut furniture set, surely this wine room will hold not only precious wine bottles, but precious moments and memories as well.

Custom wine cellars are all the rage obviously, and this spacious wine room has just made our day. Surely you’re inspired to build one in your home too!  Worry not about space issues, because we’ve got you covered. Talk to us today about your wine cellar requirements. Big or small, we can build you a wine-worthy, wow-worthy wine cellar!

See Wine Cellar Innovations On the HomeTime Wine Show

June 20th, 2011

Let’s start this week with something to make us all feel good, why don’t we? Why don’t you guys head on over to our Media Video Gallery for a really heartwarming treat to start off the week on the right foot, so to speak. PBBs’ Hometime’s Dean and Miriam Thomas have some wonderful things to say about the Redwood wine cellar racks and it’s all thanks to our very own Pam Kopp!

It really opens your eyes to how easy it is to build a completely custom wine cellar in your home, with our wine rack kits.

Our Designer, Pam Kopp, helped Dean and Miriam put together a spanking all-American (as everything is made from the USA!) wine cellar made from All-heart Redwood. The choice of wood is not hard to figure out because as Miriam emphasizes, wine bottles have to be kept in the best of storage conditions at 55 – 58 degrees and 55 – 75% relative humidity.

All-heart Redwood is known for being a highly resilient type of wood particularly against rot, mildew, and decay and as Dean mentions in the video, it’s clearly the perfect choice for a wine cellar that’s a bit cramped for space in order for those wines to be able to properly breathe. The guys installed a vapor barrier to keep moisture from getting in and together with the right wood choice, the wine cellar is assured to keep those bottle corks from getting moist and moldy.

Now talking about space, Pam certainly deserved a high-five for what she did here. The wine cellar is only approximately 5 x 9 but it can has a bottle capacity of more or less 800 bottles individual bottle storage, magnum sizes, and bulk storage as well. As you go over the video, you’ll notice Dean pointing out to the various racking options provided by the wine cellar kit which is indeed, simply amazing. There’s so much space for individual bottle storage (Dean indicates -75-sized bottles), enough space to hold larger-sized bottles, and secure shelving for boxes and crates of your favorite spirits.

As far as assembly is concerned, the only issue the guys raised was that little bit of difficulty fitting in the racks and archway into the smallish wine cellar space. They had to lay-out and dri-fit everything first outside the wine cellar and re-assemble the parts inside. However, as Dean pointed out, the wine kits comprised of 20 – 22 boxes each carried instruction cards with illustrations for easy assembly. Of course, it’s highly recommended to have people help you out in putting together the racks and don’t forget the brad nailer! See how smooth the guys here assembled all those parts with that handy little tool? A nice tip from Miriam and Dean: use stainless fasteners to mount the wine racks to your walls because these don’t soak up moisture and collect rust.

So you’re going to see Ms. Pam Kopp in the latter part of the video give a little 411 on how she made the wine cellar all come together despite the space issues. She also makes it a point to highlight the focal point of this wine cellar which would be that gorgeous archway and sturdy Redwood countertop. While still in the process of putting finishing touches to the wine cellar, the guys did mention they’re putting up LED lighting which would definitely enhance the natural color of the All-heart Redwood racks.

Miriam and Dean chose WhisperKool for their wine refrigeration unit which Pam also commended given the size and location of the wine cellar. Per Pam, it’s always important to consider these factors along with the other materials for your wine cellar like glass doors and windows to ensure that your wine refrigeration unit would be able to keep those wine bottles chilled and comfy all year-round.

And there you have it! Quality, affordability, and style for your wine cellars have never been easier to come by with wine cellar kits for fantastic and fairly easy wine cellar transformations. Tune in for more video features and don’t forget to chat to our design consultants, only here at Wine Cellar Innovations!


Wine Cellar Roundup – Episode #39

June 17th, 2011

I just learned that my parents will be traveling to France in a month after enjoying the latest Woody Allen movie, ‘Midnight in Paris’. Can you say, jealous!? I want to stow away in their suitcase. I also want to drag my husband to see the movie! Or maybe a girlfriend…

10 funny wine brand names. These might be a tad bit inappropriate but amusing to see. My favorite is Elephant on a Tightrope! Have you tried any of them?

My first wine experience was in Rome, Italy. I can’t wait to go back and explore. If you have future plans to explore, check out these 10 spectacular places to drink wine in Italy.

I had to include this write-up about petrol aroma’s in Rieslings. I really adore Rieslings, probably because they are so sweet. If you, like my husband, has the thought that Riesling drinkers are not ‘true’ wine drinkers, that is fine. I still enjoy it though and learned something new with Dr Vino’s post. 🙂 (Read all the comments, too!)

7 food and wine paring tips to take you from a novice to a pro from LifeHacker was a good read. Common sense rules but a great refresher.

Coming back to food, from Forbes comes 10 essential foods every wine enthusiast must know. I had to keep reading after #1 (artisan bread) which I now crave on a weekly basis. Dipped in oil and vinegar… oh la la!

Have a fantastic Father’s Day weekend! I hope you have some relaxing plans with the Father in your life. If you were looking to help a Dad build out his wine cellar, be sure to check out 15% off sale on all individual wine rack kits!

Finally, with almost two million views on YouTube already, if you haven’t seen it yet you should really check it out. Trent, the baby, and Angie, the lioness! The video is embedded for your enjoyment (or horror!) below! That lion really likes that baby… or likes it for dinner, I suppose!

Why We Dig Diamond Wine Racks

June 16th, 2011

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, diamond wine racks are the wine enthusiast’s favorite gem.

Being a lover of wine and wine cellars, you must have been asked a couple of times what your favorite wine is or if you have a wine cellar. But has anyone asked you what your favorite wine rack is?

We’ll tell you ours: diamond wine racks.

Diamond Rack

To be honest, it’s hard for us to pick a favorite because we absolutely love all our wine racks here at Wine Cellar Innovations. We have big racks and small wine racks and, as you may know if you’ve been following our blog, each type of rack has features that match every style, taste and budget.

Back to our favorite.   With its stylish diagonal pattern, what’s not to love? We love diamond wine racks because they create a very dramatic storage display for your prized wines. Aside from providing ample storing capacity and proper horizontal storage conditions, they’re an extremely versatile and classy addition to your wine cellar, not to mention an efficient case storage solution.

Open Diamond Cube with Single DividerI mean, just look at this gorgeous open diamond cube with single divider features open slat sides, and a single divider inserted in the middle to create 2 different bin compartments, or this sexy metal lattice diamond wine rack. Surely you’ll agree that these racks are real head turners! But wait till you see your options for diamond wine racks from our top of the line Platinum Series!

Solid Diamond Cube Wine Rack with Face TrimPlatinum’s solid diamond bins, which can hold up to 9 magnums, 12 champagnes or 16 standard wine bottles per bin are a sure winner. With such aesthetically appealing design, you’ll never go wrong incorporating them in your wine cellar. And what about this diamond cube wine rack? You’ll really enjoy customizing your cellar with this one because each diamond cube wine rack column or row is custom designed to fit your wine cellar dimensions! If you want to go for more visual oomph, you’ll love these solid diamond bins with front face trim. It doesn’t matter what your individual room ceiling height is, or how big or small your space available is. These babies can be customized for you! You can check out all other diamond wine racks from the Platinum Series here.

Oh, did we mention that the Platinum Series wine racks are made from the amazing All-Heart Redwood? This amazing wood is hands down the best material you can use for your racks. So yes, you can expect nothing but the best looking diamond wine racks that you can show off along with your wine collection. We’ll let these wine cellar installs speak for themselves regarding the beauty of diamond wine racks, bins and cubes, okay?

Talk to one of our Design Specialists today about the perfect diamond wine rack for your space.


WCI Wine Racks: More Reasons To Love Them

June 15th, 2011

For the past few months, we’ve been talking to you guys a LOT about the amazing wine cellar items we carry here, particularly our wine cellar racks. Of course, we’re not showing off our products without good reason because if there’s one thing to be proud here at WCI, it’s the fact that we value client satisfaction above else. Now if you’re about to twitch those eyebrows, set aside those qualms for a while and let us show you a hundred and one more reasons (figuratively speaking, naturally!) why our wine racks can really “rock out” your wine cellars (insert high-five here, haha!).

Indisputable Quality. When it comes right down to is, “quality” would definitely be the first consideration any consumer would look for in a purchase, especially when the amount to be spent is also quite significant. Building dream wine cellars is certainly not the cheapest project you can have but with our custom wine racking systems, almost anything is possible. Try checking out these customizable selection of wine cellar racks, all homemade in the USA:

Our custom lines notwithstanding, we also carry an exceptional line of wine rack kits that can work with any type of wine cellar, residential or commercial.  The top-of-the line Vintner Series Collection is second to none when it comes to quality materials, from exceptional wood choices down to the moldings, stain options, and custom finishes. Nevertheless, the Designer and WineMaker Series are no slouches either, blending both excellent craftsmanship with cost-effective wine storage solutions.

Take the Virtual Tour

Design Versatility. While quality takes the upper rung in selecting wine cellar essentials, the need for style is also something should be countenanced. This is especially true if you are not just aiming for a wine cellar but for a “customized” wine cellar. When it comes to providing wine enthusiasts with abundant opportunities for exploring their artistic capabilities, WCI wine racks can give all the right answers. From the elegant and exquisite custom detailed look of the Vintner Series; the visually stimulating and space-efficient WineMaker Series; the luxurious yet affordable Designer Series; the solid and seamless appeal of the Traditional Redwood Series; and the raw, vintage charm of the Rustic Pine Wine Racks, WCI can cater to any style or theme preference of even perhaps the most eccentric connoisseur. Throw in our equally versatile line of small and metal wine racks and there’s practically no design concept you can’t bring to life!

Browse through our video gallery for more information, or contact us to speak with one of our Design Consultants.


Wine Storage Flexibility. WCI wine racks are synonymous with “functionality.” Indeed, each wine cellar wine rack kit has been crafted in loving detail to offer a broad range of racking options. Let’s again take a look at WCI’s line of custom wine racks. The Platinum Series which provides the widest variety of racking options all in full depth style, accommodating even up to magnum-sized bottles. Or the more reasonably priced Gold Series which strikes the balance between aesthetics and cost but can still offer your wine cellar full depth racking in a variety of wine storage options. And of course, there’s the ever reliable Silver Series which comes easy both on the eyes and the pocketbook with its extensive wine racking options at a reduced rack depth. You might want to check out our Technical Tuesday episodes for actual results satisfied clients have turned out with these uber practical yet highly personalized custom wine racking systems.


Cost-Effective Charm. And while the other reasons may leave great impressions on us in deciding a purchase or two, nothing beats the hypnotic power of a truly good bargain. Indeed, the affordability factor is irresistible which is why WCI wine racks have elevated themselves from mere “like” to “love” status. Our wine cellar kits and custom wine racking systems can give any wine enthusiast the opportunity to create and recreate a thousand and one design possibilities or perhaps even more, at unbelievably economical costs. Who says you have to go broke for the wine cellar of your dreams? Definitely not here at WCI!


Indeed, giving birth to a work of art is one of the most fulfilling moments in any artiste’s life, and this includes all of you passionate, wine loving patrons out there. That’s why at WCI, we work to give you more reasons to love our products by putting our hearts into every piece we turn out.  ♥


Technical Tuesday – Episode #40 – Red Wine Room With Hidden Door

June 14th, 2011

There seems to be no slowing down wine lovers these days.

We’re talking about their desire to invest in nothing but the best wine storage systems for their beloved wine collection. Notice how these past Tech Tuesdays we have been featuring a LOT of wine rooms from our top of the line Platinum Series? This only tells us one thing: wine cellar demand is high, and there’s simply no stopping wine enthusiasts from choosing the best for the longevity of their bottles.

So we kicked off June with another stunning wine cellar last week, and if you missed that, you can check it out here. Now let’s take a look at today’s fabulous wine room, shall we?

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 210307-2
Wood: All Heart Redwood, Platinum Series
Maximum Capacity: 1388
Where: Sterling, VA

Red Walls and Platinum Series

First of all, we must say that we love the red walls in this wine cellar.

Match that with custom wine racks from our Platinum Series, LED lights that create warmth in the room and a stone tile flooring — you get a visual delight. Clear All Heart Redwood takes center stage again in this wine room, and we are not surprised why the client chose this amazing wood. With its reddish brown tones and pink hues, strength and durability, All Heart Redwood really is the wood of choice if you want the best for your wine cellar.

Corner Wine Racks

Why, according to the Redwood Inspection Service standards, “…clear all heart is grade of exceptional value, without peer among softwoods for both interior and exterior uses.” It sure is exceptional, and this wine cellar does a great job of showing off the beauty of All Heart.  Featuring single/double deep wine racks, appealing diamond wine racks, standard archway, 15 degree display racks and bulk storage racks, All Heart is the wood to use when you mean serious wine storage business.

Oh and guess what, this wine room comes with its own little surprise –- a hidden door with built in vertical wine cabinet!

Secret Wine Cellar Door

From the front, this secret hidden wine cellar door looks like another vertical display wine cabinet. But since it matches the style, depth, wood species of the surrounding custom wine racks, anyone can be easily fooled into thinking that it’s just another wine display rack! It’s hard to tell, because the door hinges are not visible. Pretty neat, huh?

Quarter Round Wine Shelves

Did we mention that this wine cellar has the capacity to hold over a thousand bottles? Since accessorizing one’s wine cellar is also big these days, our client decided to add a nice feature to their cellar in the form of quarter corner shelves where photo frames, wine decanters and other wine accessories can be displayed. Notice the various shades of the wood in those quarter shelves!

Wine Cellar Doors

For such a nice, warm red wine room that can store a thousand bottles, we love how the client decided to go simple and elegant on their wine cellar door. The nice glass and wood door in this room spells simplicity and beauty. Below, the secret vault behind the hidden door is revealed. How cool is that? We love a wine cellar with surprises elements, and this one surely does not disappoint.

Red Wine Room


Like the look? View other examples of hidden wine cellar secret doors.

UPDATE! Now that the owners have filled their beautiful wine cellar with wine, we have some new photos that they decided to share. Take a look and tell us what you think!

Wine Barrel

So there. Another fabulous wine cellar for the month of June. Just like the other wine rooms we have featured here in Technical Tuesday, we hope this one inspires you to build your own! Contact us today or take a tour of our photo gallery for more inspiration!


Mad About Mahogany

June 13th, 2011

Quite a fair number of our blog posts revolve around wood choices for wine racks, wine rack kits, and other wine cellar furniture utilizing wood as the primary material. This is only fair because after all, when you are contemplating the fruition of the wine cellar of your dreams, one of your foremost considerations SHOULD be the kind of wood you’d be using to achieve the balance between quality and style in your wine cellar project.

As wine enthusiasts, you definitely have more than just a rough idea of the top wood picks for custom wine cellars. Redwood, of course, is one of the leading species which would explain some of the exquisite wine cellar transformations we feature in our Technical Tuesday episodes featuring our Traditional Redwood Wine Rack Kits. Rustic Pine is another clever wood choice because you can get a totally distinctive look for your wine cellar using this specie. Rustic Pine exudes a raw, vintage, and old-country charm that deviates from the usual seamless, classic appearance of custom wine cellars.

Shining the spotlight on Mahogany

Now Mahogany also ranks among the select wood choices for custom wine cellars and there’s more to this wood choice than meets the eye, literally and figuratively. Today, we’d like give the center stage to what could be considered as one of the most elegant picks when it comes to material for a custom wine cellar.

One of the most attractive characteristics of Mahogany is its consistent dark, reddish-brown color. The natural rich tint of Mahogany makes wine racks and other wine cellar furniture crafted from this wood emanates a truly luxurious appeal that definitely creates a bold statement. That’s what makes this wood species a highly popular choice in crafting wine cellar furniture such as cabinets and high-end interior finishing.

Now when it comes to durability, Mahogany certainly cannot be faulted since being a dense hardwood, it is highly resistant against shrinking, warping, and checking. The heavy wood holds up extremely well against rot, decay, and abrupt environmental changes which make it an ideal choice especially for wine cellars located in areas that are not too susceptible to maintaining the proper wine storage conditions.

Prime Mahogany vs. Amber Blaze

When it comes to custom wine cellars, there are two subspecies of this wood that stand out: Prime Mahogany and Amber Blaze. Each carries the distinct characteristics of Mahogany as a durable and resilient hardwood with compact grain patterns that stands out well against custom stains and finishes.

Prime Mahogany is considered to be the more flexible variety because it is grown abundantly in Southeast Asian forests. Thus, while it is classified as a high-end hardwood and synonymous with luxurious wine cellars, going along with it as your wood choice won’t put permanent holes in your pockets. In fact, Prime Mahogany is one of the more popular wood choices in our wine rack kits which can allow just about any wine lover to bring to life his dream wine cellar. Take a video tour through a recent Prime Mahogany glass enclosed wine cellar, it’s one of our favorites!

But if money is not an issue in your wine cellar project, you should think about an upgrade to Amber Blaze Mahogany. This wood type is certainly not for your average wine cellar given the exquisite quality of material you’d be working with. Amber Blaze is a really heavy and dense subspecie of Mahogany that has even richer and solid colors than Prime Mahogany. So, even when unstained, the wood’s distinctive grain patterns give it a truly outstanding look that screams of opulence and high-end chic. Take a quick video tour to see a recent Amber Blaze Mahogany wine cellar.

From residential to commercial wine cellars, any design specialist would tell you that making the right wood choice is just about the very foundation of your dream wine cellar. Find out more about wine cellar wood choices, wine rack kits, and just about anything you’d need to know to reach your wine cellar goals by talking with a design consultant today. Also, don’t forget to check us out every Technical Tuesday for amazing wine cellar transformations—only here at Wine Cellar Innovations!

Crazy For Corner Wine Racks

June 9th, 2011

Sexy corner storage for your wines? We’ve got you covered.

If you’re making the finishing touches to your home décor, you may want to consider nice corner wine racks for those I-don’t-know-what-to-do-with-these-corners part of your home.

We love how corner wine racks can add class and distinction to your home. This type of rack can not only help fill a void in that corner section  – it can liven up the area and add a touch of elegance because of its unique construction! Corner wine racks beautifully hug those corners of your home, allowing you allow you to take full advantage of your space. Why, they’re perfect for wine drinkers looking for functional racking that doesn’t take up a lot of space.

If you’re having a wine cellar built, sexy corner wine racks make transitioning corners a snap! The beauty of curved corner wine racks is, they can be used as a stand-alone corner unit, or used in conjunction with other wine cellar racks. Those odd corners can easily be remedied with eye-catching wine storage by adding a corner wine rack, and of course, some attractive wine bottles later on.

Corner Wine RackJust look at all your curved corner wine rack options here at Wine Cellar Innovations. This 90 degree true radiused curved corner custom wine rack, for example, allows your racking to flow around the wine cellar or wine room with no sharp corners. And what about this angled curved corner custom wine rack? Constructed utilizing four 22 1/2 degree angles and forming a 90 degree transition from wall to wall, it also makes those corners look divine! Simple square corners can get some much needed oomph from bringing two wine racks together to form a 90 degree squared corner. This 90 degree true radiused curved corner wine rack with multiple 15 degree display rows, featuring two wine display rows with a 15 degree angle, is also a sight to behold. Those rows with 15 degree angles keep the corks moist and lets you easily view the wine labels!

Quarter Round Corner ShelfTo go along with the curvy corner racks, we also have our quarter round shelves that fit well into any corner to show off your beautiful wine accessories.

Take a quick tour through a beautiful prime mahogany wine cellar with a few curves of her own.

Isn’t it great how you can have wine racks customized to fit perfectly in those corners? You can pick your own material for your wine racks too and mind you, we’ve got excellent wine cellar wood choices!

Possessing good looks and great storage space, these corner wine racks are indeed every wine lover’s delight.  Elegant in wood and built to last for years, corner wine racks are a perfect match for today’s beautiful wine rooms. Contact us to


Taking A Second Look At Metal Wine Racks

June 8th, 2011

We know it can be a bit of a challenge choosing the perfect rack, as there are so many choices. Functionality, not just aesthetics, plays a huge part, and one of the most important decisions you will be making when it comes to buying wine racks is deciding on the material to use.

Wood wine racks may be the more popular choice, but for some of you who want the hip, stylish and contemporary look, you’d most certainly prefer metal wine racks.

So today we take a second look at metal wine racks – they may just be what your space needs!

Wine Cellar Innovation’s Rockin’ Metal Wine Racks

Metal wine racks can be made of wrought iron, cast, chrome or stainless steel. They not only provide a robust support but they also offer longevity. Since metal working allows bending and twisting, beautiful metal racks with intricate and unique designs can be made. This is also the reason why they make great decorative pieces in both homes and businesses. For many people, this is perhaps its main selling point.

Metal wine racks are also perfect for tight, limited spaces. Check out our Vintage View wine racks, which were made for this purpose. You can mount these racks on your wall easily. They’re perfect for small collections, and you’ll love them because they don’t take up space and make great eye candy on your wall! Just take a look at this 4-foot Wall Mount Series and this Magnum Champagne Series.

We also have the Black Lattice metal wine racks, which are sleek, black racks ideal for slightly larger collections. Add sophistication to your wall with Diamond Metal Lattice wine racks, made from heavy guage metal with a satin black, industrial quality, baked on finish.  Or, if you have a special preference for Burgundy and Bordeaux bottles, go for the Black Metal Lattice rack, which is currently designed to hold only these types of bottles.

With metal wine racks, you not only have sturdy and stylish wine storage – you also give those bare walls some much needed “oomph”!

Even mixing in metal wine racks with wood wine racks gives your wine cellar a funky and contemporary look and feel. Take this tour of a new wine cellar in Hollywood Hills to see how they did it. Please contact us to speak with a design specialist to get a free design quote on your dream wine cellar.

Technical Tuesday – Episode #39 – Ornate Wrought Iron Wine Cellar Door

June 7th, 2011

Hey, it’s June already guys! And you know what that brings? White gowns and wedding bells and of course, lots and lots of toasts to love, happiness, and prosperity. Speaking of toasts, take a look at what we have to bring you this Tech Tuesday.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Wood: Prime Mahogany, Platinum
Project #: 207880
Where: Austin, TX

When you are aiming high in the wine cellar game, you can’t do any better than the combination of Prime Mahogany and Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks which, not by coincidence, is what this client wisely opted for in his quest for a truly luxurious wine cellar.

Doesn’t that exquisite Ornate Iron Door catch your eye at the very first instance? We blogged about the importance of choosing the right wine cellar doors since they really do make a significant impact in the overall appeal of a wine cellar.  This gorgeous number proves our point in more ways than one, with the solid Flat Black finish making a strong statement from the very moment you lay eyes on the wine cellar.

Now on the the wine racking system. When it comes to one of the most flexible wine storage variations in full-depth style, the Platinum Series is surely a front-runner. We have here a visual showcase of finely crafted racks from this series for individual bottle storage and individual bottle display. For the stain option, the client chose to go with Classic Mahogany and amped it up with Lacquer finish. The effect is nothing short of stunning!

Here’s a closer view of the Standard Archway framing that brilliant piece of wine cellar art. Notice how bold and beautiful the colors all come together from the doors down to the wine racks. This is also all thanks to the Fluorescent Slimlites that enhance the style and design of all the elements in this wine cellar.

Here’s a better view of the versatile wine storage options offered by the formidable Platinum Series. Everything comes together with the single deep and double deep wine bottle storage, solid diamond bin displays, and high reveal displays.

See how the right wine cellar lighting can further enhance the ambiance of your wine cellar? You can actually have you pick from WCI’s custom wine cellar lighting packages, from LED downlights, LED display lighting, and of course, Fluorescent Slimlites as cleverly used here.

Another closer and better view of the racking system, accommodating both individual and bulk wine bottle storage. Worthy of note is the client’s purchase of our WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split “09” Series – Outdoor Condenser for maintenance of the proper wine storage conditions. Check out our In The Zone with Winezone article to learn more about this quiet yet attractive wine cellar refrigeration system.

Before we wrap up this Tech Tuesday tour, allow us to give you another eyeful of that intricately beautiful Ornate Wrought Iron Door. Our wrought iron doors here at WCI are made from the finest, high-quality steel frames at prices your pockets won’t ever complain about. Do spend a bit of time going over our plethora of door styles at our online store.

The month of June is indeed, a month of celebration and commemoration of love, happiness, and all the good things in life. Here at WCI, we consider the fulfillment of wine cellar dreams as one of the best things life has to offer, especially to the devout wine connoisseur. Here’s a toast to even better things to come this month and of course, more Tech Tuesdays to check out.  Talk with a WCI design specialist today! *Cheers*

Wine Cellar Humidification Made Chic And Easy

June 6th, 2011

Question! What comes first into your mind when the word “humidification” is mentioned? You want to know what comes inside mine? Boring with a capital “B.” So you’re definitely going to ask, “Why boring?” Well, that’s because I used to associate humidification with accessories that are plain, squarish (think humidistats!), and just pretty much unadorned. That is, until I came to work for WCI, bias and modesty aside.

What you need to know FIRST!

“Humidification” when it comes to wine cellars is actually an indispensable element. The humidity factor is nothing short of essential when you want to keep your precious bottles of wine in the very best of conditions and when you want each bottle to achieve its most flavorful taste. The wine cellar humidification process is part and parcel of the aging process of any bottle of wine which stands to reason that any wine lover should be well-informed on the 411 of wine storage.

Nevertheless, this doesn’t mean that functionality is all there is to it when it comes to your wine cellar’s humidification. At WCI, we find ingenious ways to combine functionality with a unique sense of style that makes wine cellars attractive and truly customized. What’s more, we also provide customization options for our humidification accessories for the practical purpose of suiting our customers’ budget. Now it can’t get any better than that!

Slate Bridge Tabletop FountainTabletop Fountains. Who doesn’t adore fountains? Probably someone with little or zero aesthetic sense! Fountains, whether outdoors or indoors, add a natural elegance to any environ. Going now to our wine cellar humidification accessories, our tabletop fountains are first in line in our delectable collection. These stunning pieces can actually be used in conjunction with Winezone Split Refrigeration, Breezeaire, and Whiskerpool products, which we also carry in our store. These artistic pieces come in a number of gorgeous designs that can cater to any layout or scheme in your wine cellar:

Copper Bottle Tabletop Fountain
Classic Misting Bowl
Copper Falls Tabletop Fountain
Contemporary Misting Bowl

Wall Fountains. Our sumptuous collection of wall fountains is extremely ideal for smaller-sized wine cellars. These pieces are real space savers as you can efficiently mount them on your walls and create unique, highly decorative looks for your wine cellar in the process. Like all our humidification accessories, these come with 110-volt transformers compatible with any standard receptacle.

Natural Slate Waterfall Floor FountainFloor Fountains. If you’re looking for real conversation pieces that would easily grab the attention of your wine-loving guests, then our floor fountains are definitely the items for you. Easily attractive, these fountains are also designed to be as harmoniously muted as possible so that all that one can hear would be the melodious trickling and tinkling of water:

Natural Slate Waterfall Floor Fountain


Humidification Accessories. These add-ons to any type of wine cellar fountain can give you better control over the humidity of your wine cellar. For example, our Humidistat and Mister/Fogger work together to maximize wine cellar humidification performance, ensuring that storage conditions are always in tip-top shape. Furthermore, with the addition of these essential items to your fountains, you can accurately monitor your wine cellar conditions and keep everything in perfect humidity.

Stylish, affordable, and no-fuss functional, our decorative wine cellar humidification accessories are key additions to your wine cellar. So the next time someone brings up the “H” word into your wine cellar, the word that would most probably pop up would be “heavenly” and never “boring” or “blah” with a capital B. At least, not when you’re talking wine cellar humidification here with us at WCI!

Be sure to browse our links above, or contact us if you want to chat with an expert.

Real Wine Racks Have Curves

June 1st, 2011

A look at Wine Cellar Innovations’ brand new Curvy Wine Cubes

Curvy Wine Cubes

Just when you thought wine racks couldn’t get or look any better…our design team has rolled out a sexy new line of wine racks – Curvy Wine Cubes!  Forget about straight, boring lines for a moment and say hello to these 4 new members of our wine rack family:

Concave Curvy Wine Cube with Diamond Insert

Concave Curvy Wine Cube with Diamond Insert

Concave Curvy Wine Cube Wine Holder

Concave Curvy Wine Cube Wine Holder

Convex Curvy Wine Cube Wine Holder

Convex Curvy Wine Cube Wine Holder

Convex Curvy Wine Cube With Diamond Insert

Convex Curvy Wine Cube with Diamond Insert

Like all our other fantastic wine racks, these wine cubes are designed to be a great wine storage solution with a classy, modern feel. Meant to match the style and sophistication of your current furnishings, these fashionable racks not only showcase wine bottles beautifully — but they also offer flexibility as they can be stacked or mounted on top of each other. How’s that for maximizing wine storage?

Our Curvy Cube Wine Racks offer the same benefits as standard wine racks: excellent wine storage and protection and durability. You can show them off freestanding, or mount them on your wall. It’s this stackable, easy to display convenience that makes these wine racks’ design one of a kind. Contemporary and unique, these sexy wine racks are also available in Rustic Pine and Premium Redwood with multiple finish options!

Curvy Cubes

We know…exciting, right? And here’s more: if you’re a savvy, creative homemaker who always finds ways to brighten up your living space, these wine racks also come very useful even when hollow. How? You can use the hollow spaces to store books, decorative items and wine accessories! You’ll truly appreciate its unique size and ergonomic assembly, and we have a feeling that these curvy racks will be your new favorite because you can place them virtually anywhere in your home.

When style and functionality come together like so, you know it’s worth it. So, if you’re having wine rack dreams, forget about straight, boring lines for a moment and think sexy. Think curvy.

Learn more from our Design Specialists and get your own curvy wine cube today!