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Opening The Doors To Wine Happiness

May 30th, 2011

Imagine cold nights and a full moon while sipping a glass of your exquisite wine right in the comforts of your own home. Such bliss! Who would have thought bottled happiness is just right behind those wine cellar doors, your gateway to wine heaven?

Our wine senses – mostly taste, smell, and sight – delight in everything that is pleasant around it. We take in everything – the sounds, the aroma, the lights, the furniture, the racks, the wine, and the décor. And the one thing that serves to welcome you and creates anticipation as to what lies within, is the wine cellar door.

Yes, we surely prefer to ogle at a marvelous wine collection displayed in beautiful wine racks, but the wine cellar door is the most significant part of your wine storage area or cellar. It is an important part of your overall wine cellar design and building process. When your guests visit your cellar, the first thing they will see is your door. What they see before they actually go inside your wine room is also a reflection of who you are and your taste. Design is thus as important as function in choosing  a door.

Choosing your wine cellar door

There are various types of wine cellar doors to choose from. Depending on your purpose, taste and personality, you can be as creative you like. The two elements that you should consider when choosing a wine cellar door are: function and design.



Wine cellar doors are installed for a reason. Did you know that the right door incredibly important in maintaining the vapor barrier of the outside temperature and keeping the humidity and temperature control even for your wines inside the cellar?  Why, faulty doors can cause your wine cellar refrigeration system to work harder and allow unwanted warm air inside your wine storage cellar, defeating the rest of your cautious wine room setup and design!

The proper wine room door maintains a seal on the entryway when the door is shut, allowing the wine cellar cooling unit to mix temperature and humidity-controlled air through the whole wine room, without “fighting” with air leaking into the room from the other side of the door.


Taste is of course personal and varies from person to person. You must select the exact cellar door that will enhance the décor of your space and set the mood for your entire room design. Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we have the following designs for wine cellar doors:

Each  style has its own unique look and feel, and ultimately, it’s all up to you to pick the style that reflects a perfect union of function and design.

Learn more about your wine cellar door options from our Design Specialists today!