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Opening “Doors” To Wine Cellar Dreams

May 23rd, 2011

Wine cellars really have become the new home “fashion icon” and the trend isn’t stopping any time soon. Remember our fab little post last month on how a professionally-styled wine cellar can really turn heads in your home? Well, as the years progress, so do people’s interest in creating truly unique and magnificent wine cellars that would definitely leave a lasting impression. Of course, in order to achieve this, every aspect of your wine cellar should be considered and no detail should be considered insignificant. That being said, let’s talk about wine cellar doors and just how essential they in pulling together the overall look of your dream wine cellar.

Door styles galore!

Only at WCI can wine enthusiasts come across wine cellar products that are authentic, honest-to-goodness made in the USA products that reek of nothing but exceptional quality and style. That being said, our wine cellar doors are indeed finely-crafted pieces of furniture that can dress up or dress down your wine cellar, depending on your design scheme. Do keep in mind that your wine cellar door serves as the entryway to your wine cellar and whether it appears inviting or just downright ordinary can actually make a great impact on the wine cellar’s general appearance. So let’s help you guys out get to know our plethora of wine cellar door styles:

Standard Full Glass. Probably the simplest of all door designs, this one works best with wine cellars that are interior-heavy, so to speak. For those who prefer rich, solid, and luxurious wine cellar furniture such as wine racks, shelves, and tables in Amber Blaze Mahogany, a Standard Full Glass door in the same wood material is the perfect match.

Glass Panel Door

Straight Rail with Arched Glass. This door type is also quite simple but the arched glass gives it a bit of a twist. If you’re fond of using archways in your wine cellar, especially your wine cellar tasting stations, this is definitely a good choice to complement the rest of your wine cellar furniture.

Straight Rail with Arched Glass


Solid Raised Panel. A wood-dominated wine cellar will certainly stand out even more with this door style. Depending on your wood choice, your wine cellar can appear seamless and polished with a Solid Raised Panel door or it can look really heavy and ornate, especially if you go for our Carved Wood Door version of this door style. There are also a couple of other versions of these paneled wine cellar doors that would suit almost any wine cellar theme, from understated classic down to contemporary chic, or out-and-out vintage:

Half Glass Half Raised Panel Wood Door
Tri Panel

Tri Panel

Divided Light. Initially of French-inspired origins, the Divided Light design is easily elegant and can go with almost any wine cellar theme. Nevertheless, if you are planning on a smaller, residential wine cellar, you may want to stick to simpler door designs that would not overpower the entire wine cellar structure. WCI also provides excellent wine cellar ideas to help you get started and it’s also a must to drop by our Wine Cellar Learning Center.

Divided Light Door

Eyebrow Arched Top Glass Door. There are also two versions of this available: the Eyebrow Arch and the Full Arch. This door type is the epitome of graceful delicacy as the combination of wood and glass is ingeniously utilized to display one’s wine cellar to its best advantage. The arch design gives the impression of depth when the wine cellar is viewed from the clear cut glass.

Eyebrow Arched Top Glass Door

Ornate Wrought Iron Doors. When it comes to design choices, this door type is sure to be at the top of the list. There are just a million and one things that you can do to personalize a wrought iron door to your wine cellar but the common denominator is that this door type exudes a certain romantic and intricate charm. Think Victorian Era and royalty. Think delicate lace and elaborate embroidery. For those who enjoy a whimsical, attractive look to their wine cellar that is anything but understated, THIS is definitely the door type to consider. Our available versions include:

Wrought Iron Gates

Wrought Iron Grilles

Wrought Iron Grill Door
Forged Iron

Forged Iron Door

Can’t wait to purchase? Now before you start those fingers working on your wine cellar door orders, here’s something you’d love even more! All of our door styles can be customized to match your style preference, from the wood choice down to the stain and finish options. So do get in touch with our design consultants firsthand so that you’ll end up getting the wine cellar door that you really need and want for your wine cellar. Well, I hope we took you guys just another step closer to your dream wine cellars. See you all next blog!

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