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The Marvels Of Metal

May 19th, 2011

Well we’ve always been talking to you guys about our wine racks because modesty aside, WCI carries a truly excellent line of wine cellar wine racks to fit any wine cellar need. And when we talk of wine racks, it’s probably only natural that our customers would associate it with our top-notch quality wood products. But here at WCI, we always enjoy going that extra mile, taking it up a notch, and stretching it just one bit further so that something “great” can be “outstanding.” So while we have been giving you stylish and cost-effective wood wine racks for your wine cellar, we also carry an excellent line of metal commercial wine racks and residential metal wine racks, perfect for all your storage needs.

Simple, efficient, and smart!

If you own a residential wine cellar, you probably won’t appreciate the value of metal wine racks as much as when you run a commercial one but even when it’s a residential wine cellar, metal wine racks are as functional as any other. Indulge us as we show you why:

Metal Wine Basket Merchandiser. This useful little number can give you so much variety when it comes to storage options for your precious bottles. The best feature of this wine rack is that it allows for high visibility and quick retrieval of stored wines. If you take a closer look at the design, you can very well notice that it can accommodate both bulk and loose storage for your wine. In addition, it makes it way easier to select which wine bottle or bottles to retrieve which makes for a practically seamless organization.

Metal Wine Basket Merchandiser

Metal Half Height Wine Bin Merchandiser. With it’s reduced height, it can easily find its place in your wine cellar while at the same time, still give you a good number of storage options. Cases and boxes of wine can fit in the top portion of the rack quite comfortably while the baskets below can safely accommodate your individual, loose wine bottles.

Metal Half Height Wine Bin Merchandiser

Metal Bulk Wine Storage Bin. Now for those who house small to medium-sized wine cellars, whether residential or commercial, here’s something you can definitely appreciate. This wine rack has the amazing feature of being able to store large quantities of wine even in restricted spaces. An average of one case of wine per linear foot of wine shelf space can actually be accommodated by this wine rack and enclosed with “gates” which makes for really secure storage of those fragile wine bottles.

Metal Bulk Wine Storage Bin

Adjustable 5-Shelf Corner Metal Wine Rack. Of course, it goes without saying that the appearance of a wine cellar is just as essential (and hey, to some may be even more!) as the quality of the materials used to craft the same. A seamless and polished look is what most wine enthusiasts aim to achieve and corners and curves have to be managed cleverly. This variation of the metal commercial wine rack collection allows for such flexibility, especially with its adjustable wine shelves. Moreover, the open-rack structure prevents excessive dust accumulation and gives everyone a better eyeful of your wine bottles.

Adjustable 5 Shelf Corner Metal Wine Rack

Individual Bottle Cradle Wine Rack. This metal wine rack possesses more or less similar specs as the Corner Metal Wine Rack. Highly functional when it comes to bulk wine storage, this product is a must-buy particularly for large, commercial wine cellars.

Individual Bottle Metal Cradle Wine Rack

Custom Metal Wine Racks.
While WCI offers you a pretty solid collection of metal wine racks, remember what we said about always taking everything a notch higher? In this case, it’s our customized, totally personalized metal wine racks which you utilize for dry or cold storage and even more extensive wine storage alternatives. Here’s why we’re shining the spotlight on this cool product:

• The rack’s standard finish is aluminum, but custom options are also available for more style and function options.

• These custom commercial metal wine racks are actually crafted to meet food service applications because of their accessibility, safety, and space efficiency for the storage, use and protection of valuable wines.


• Furthermore, these metal wine racks were created in perfect detail including meeting sanitation requirements. The units are furnished without a shelf in the bottom position to allow the required clearance, and plastic feet are supplied to protect flooring from wear-through.

The great thing about customizing your wine racks is that you get so much flexibility, design-wise. For example, you can combine metal and wood wine racks for more versatile wine storage options and a chic, seamless look for your wine cellar. Of course, you will definitely have no worries on this end because WCI can provide you with only the best selections of residential and commercial wood wine racks, including highly affordable wood wine rack kits.

Wood is wondrous, but metal is just as marvelous—and that even rhymed! So check out all our residential and commercial wine rack collection because once again, we’re opening doors to more design possibilities for your wine cellar dreams.