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Technical Tuesday – Episode #36 – Dark Walnut All Heart Redwood

May 17th, 2011

Well hello again Tech Tuesday fans!

It’s mid May and we’re wondering what everyone else is up to because all of us here at WCI are excited about rolling out an exciting new product soon! Watch out for that.

Last week we had some really fun, interesting pieces:  a review of our Gold Custom Series, the second installment of Greening Your Wine Cellar, a fabulous Wine Cellar Roundup and of course, no week would be complete without our Technical Tuesday. What did you think about last week’s unique archway design?

Well today’s wine cellar features the epitome of perfection — our Platinum Series wine racks.  Notice how most of our recent Tech Tuesdays feature this series? It only tells us one thing – wine lovers want nothing but the best wine storage system for their beloved wines.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 210040-4
Wood: All-Heart Redwood, Dark Walnut Stain (Platinum Series)
Maximum Capacity: 910 bottles

 All-Heart Redwood with Dark Walnut Stain

We don’t know about you, but there’s just something elegant yet homey about dark wine racks.  Just take a look at these photos! Racks made from All-Heart Redwood never fail to amaze us with its beauty. Surely, our client made the best choice when they decided on going for Redwood, and picking a Dark Walnut stain.

As you can see, this wine room had a sloping ceiling so the racks were built to fit seamlessly with the slope, giving it a unique custom look. This is one of the things that’s great about having your wine cellar custom-made – you get to build your wine racks to fit your current available space and make it look pretty!

Dark Walnut Stained RackIf you have read all our previous posts about the Platinum Series, you know it’s the best custom cellar choice because not only does it use All-Heart Redwood, which is undoubtedly the best wood for any wine cellar, but the Platinum Series has a great selection of individual racks, open diamond bins and high reveal displays which are all showcased here.

Open Diamond Bins Dark Stained Racks

We love the tile flooring here, which looks absolutely great with the dark stained racks. And speaking of stains, our Dark Walnut stain is actually a deep golden brown stain that deepens almost all shades of wood. Here at WCI, we have various stain and finish options for your wine cellar that suit your taste.

Energy-efficient LED lights highlight some sections of this wine cellar. LED lights are among our many green wine cellar options. We love how these warm lights enhance the beauty of the racks, and show off the wood and its stain.

All Heart Redwood with Energy-efficient LED lightsWhen you’re working with the most expensive part of the Redwood tree, you can expect nothing less than perfection. These racks show off a beautiful dark depth of reddish brown color which gives the entire cellar a truly grand look.

Beautiful Dark Stained All-Heart Redwood

Depending on your taste, choosing the best wood for your custom wine cellar shouldn’t be so hard. We can always help you in the planning, design and implementation! To create an enviable look, it’s all about having that eye for detail, using the best materials and accessories, and of course, working with someone who truly understands your special needs.

Browse these beautiful cellars in our photo gallery today and talk to us about your dream wine cellar. We’ll help make it come true!




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