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Worth Its Weight In “Gold”

May 11th, 2011

You’ve been hearing us rave about our recent additions to our custom wine cellar designs but we have still so much more to bring you this month! Our Platinum Series was definitely a smash hit because wine storage options only got better with the custom wine racks coming from that collection. But of course, we also took into consideration the “affordability” factor which is why we’re giving props to another wonderful addition to our custom wine cellar family—our Gold Series Custom Wine Racks.

Balancing aesthetics with the pocketbook

If you guys haven’t had the time yet to check out our Gold Series Custom Wine Racks, then it’s about time you should, especially if you’re working on a moderate to tight budget for your custom wine cellar. Our Gold Series is aptly named because it’s certainly a winner when it comes to bringing to life excellent wine cellar transformations at very reasonable costs.

Like our Platinum Series, this collection also provides full depth racking and a broad range of wine storage options. Take for example our Individual Bottle Storage which comes in these generous options:

Split, Wine, Magnum & Champagne Individual Bottle Storage
Larger Format Bottles
Single Deep & Double Deep Storage
Earthquake Resistant Wine Racks

In addition to versatility, quality is never sacrificed as with all our products here at WCI. The wine racks from our Gold Series are crafted from only the choicest wood types such as Premium Redwood which, you should note, is less expensive that Clear All-Heart Redwood which we utilize for our Platinum Series. But fret not! Premium Redwood is in no way less in terms of quality and durability. In fact, Premium Redwood rounds up our top 5 wood choices for wine cellars because of incredible performance characteristics, including resistance to shrinking, warping, and checking.

Now let’s get back on track with the fantastic deal you can get out of our Gold Series. Where storage options are concerned, this is one collection that is second to none, especially when it comes to bulk storage:

And just getting better every step of the way!

Now if you think that’s all this collection has to offer, then think again. Or better yet, pop on over to our website so you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about because our Gold Series is not just about functionality. When it comes to giving your wine cellars a truly unique look at cost-effective rates, we could not ask for anything better than this series. For starters, our Corner Wine Racks and Custom Wine Displays can certainly give your wine cellar a seamless and totally polished look, but we also have some choice picks that can pack an extra visual punch such as our Circular Wine Display with Tabletop. No doubt, it’ll be the center of attention in your wine cellar in more ways than one!

Circular Wine Display with Tabletop

And speaking of tabletops, you’d be more than delighted to know that the Gold Series comes with matching tabletops and tasting tables for your wine cellar racks. Plus, these can be personalized to meet your style preference depending on the surface materials that you would be using including Corian, Cork, Vintage Wine Barrel, Hand-painted Tiles, Mosaic Glass, and an assortment of wood types. Now how’s that for variety!

Going to it one better still, the Gold Series also carries custom moldings and trim and decorative accents to turn your wine cellar into something really extraordinary. Here are some of our personal picks:

Quarter Round Display Shelf
Archway & Tabletop
Wine Glass Rack & Tabletop

So if you’re thinking just how much all of these would be worth to achieve your dream wine cellar, the answer is fairly obvious: the WCI Gold Series Custom Wine Racks is worth its weight in gold…and probably even more!

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