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Technical Tuesday – Episode #35 – Unique Archway Design

May 10th, 2011

When it comes to custom wine cellars, sensible planning and implementation can go a long way in ensuring that your precious wines age gracefully.  After all, you always look forward to savoring them in their best form.

Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we love being a part of the process of planning and implementation – and enjoy writing about residential wine cellar installs! (isn’t it obvious? ) We love it even more when it involves huge, classy wine rooms built from our top of the line Platinum Series, which shows off All-Heart Redwood wine racks. This is exactly what we have for you in today’s Tech Tuesday.

But before you proceed to admiring today’s featured wine cellar, make sure you have read last week’s commercial wine cellar install – Global Liquors. It featured All-Heart Redwood wine racks too, enclosed in glass! If you’ve enjoyed all our Redwood installs, well here’s another one to add to your favorites:

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 206636
Wood: All-Heart Redwood (Platinum Series)
Where: Deerfield Beach, FL
Maximum Capacity: 910 bottles

It most certainly makes perfect sense to invest sensibly in a good wine cellar and our client opted for nothing less than the best. All-Heart Redwood is an excellent choice for a wine room, and with little touches of artistry here and there, one can expect a wine cellar that can wow the senses.

This wine room’s strong elements include fabulous individual display racks, a standard archway illuminated by eco-friendly LED lighting, pretty diamond bins – all perfect for Small/Medium Champagne and/or Split Individual Bottles as well as Magnum and/or large Champagne bottles.

Notice the unique design above the archway? Two rectangular niches for displaying two wine bottles!  We love the multi-colored stone tile ceiling and the main lighting enclosed in a one-0f-a-kind circular case — aren’t they pretty? It’s just wonderful how design and functionality come together to create a great home for a precious wine collection.


Also worth noting is the lovely, smooth finish of All-Heart Redwood racks, and the pretty cigar humidor that’s incorporated in corner section of the racks below. In case you didn’t know, yes, we do sell cigar humidors here at WCI. Our humidor cabinets, which include display shelves and a clear glass door, are perfect for storing your prized  cigar collection. You can have them customized to fit your wine cellar!

As you can see, this wine cellar shows off the natural beauty of unstained All-Heart Redwood. One of the many admirable characteristics of All Heart is its varying grains, patterns and colors, which range from pink to red to dark brown with reddish overlay.

If you are a lover of fine wine, you’ve probably always wanted to have your own wine cellar with bottles of your favorites aging to perfection. Well, this wine cellar is just one of the many installations that prove that you can be as creative as you can in building a wine cellar. From awesome flooring to breathtaking wine racks to pretty ceilings and other accessories, your wine room may just turn out to be the envy of many wine enthusiasts!

We’re pretty sure our client is having a blast stocking his wine cellar, and enjoying every minute spent in this room. If you’re thinking of building your own, contact one of our Design Specialists today. Oh, and don’t forget to browse our residential wine cellar photo gallery for some inspiration — just in case you don’t have a design in mind yet.

See you next Tuesday!