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Technical Tuesday Episode #34 – Global Liquors

May 3rd, 2011

We always look forward to Technical Tuesdays and don’t you do, too? It’s always an exciting occasion for us to reveal the next grand wine cellar transformation which incidentally, gets us even more revved up to continuously improve our products and services. To open the warm, happy season of May, we bring you this beautiful creation from Global Liquors:

Commercial Wine Cellar

What: Commercial Wine Cellar
Project #: 207530
Wood: All-Heart Redwood
Maximum capacity:  3537
Where: MIAMI, FL

Again, we pay homage to the unrivaled elegance of the Platinum Series which is dramatically showcased in this picture. The client had already opted for a glass-enclosed design and if you can browse through this blog post of ours, we DID emphasize just how glass plays up the style factor of any type of wine cellar.

All-heart Redwood

Let’s have a closer look, shall we? Here you can clearly see why All-Heart Redwood really is the perfect match for the Platinum Series.  Since this series boasts of the most extensive wine storage options in full depth style, All-Heart Redwood with is natural characteristics for durability, resistance to rot, mildew, and insects, and its variety of grain patterns is certainly the best match for it. Don’t you just love how everything looks so neat and practically seamless even with the interspersing of the single and double deep individual bottle wine racks, vertical wine displays, and rectangular bin bottles?

And lest you guys fail to notice, Global Liquors made a fine purchase choice with the WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split which as you can see, fits very cozily above the vertical rack displays. We featured WineZone in one of our blogs as well to give customers a better insight on the outstanding features of this wine refrigeration system and why it’s actually the ideal pick for any wine cellar. For the record, WineZone provides sound blankets for compressors at additional cost for better noise control. Also, Coated Evaporator Coals are available for protection against constant exposure to corrosive environments (think Miami, beaches, and SALTWATER!).

WineZone Wallmount Ductless Split

Now let’s talk about the lighting features of this wine cellar. Conforming to perhaps one of the most foolproof lighting solutions for any custom wine cellar, Global Liquors had LED Display Lighting installed to highlight the creamy color of the wood racks, resulting in a warm, golden effect. A fine choice, indeed!

Led Display LightingIn addition to the standard wine racks, they also purchased some of our Commercial specific displays for the main part of their store. With our Wall Display, Island Accessory Merchandiser, Island Display, and Six Shelf Vertical Display (shown below) you can get extremely versatile with your racking.

Six Shelf Vertical DisplayHere’s something we really appreciate, function and design-wise: the black vinyl base for the base platforms of the wine racks. It makes for a resilient base, definitely durable, and strikes a nice contrast with the paler stained All-Heart Redwood.

Black Vinyl Base

So once again, we bring you a custom wine cellar in Miami, FL that will certainly inspire you to work on your wine cellar dreams and make those come true! Tech Tuesdays at WCI are always filled with visual treats to enliven the wine connoisseur in you so don’t forget to catch us next week for more eye-catching wine cellar features.

Commercial Wine Cellar