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Wine Cellar Roundup – The Friday Edition #32: If Chardonnay, Sea Salt, & Wine

April 29th, 2011

Is anyone planning a trip to England now? I’m tempted. What a beautiful morning. I didn’t get up early but I did watch the highlights! Will they ever end? I am so happy for the British though, they are so proud of their Royals. It does make me want to visit. On to the good stuff!

Do you enjoy Chardonnay? The Chicago Tribune did a great review of the grape.

I have to chuckle a bit as this wine writer just got his hands on the Verizon iPhone and is experience the wonder of the App Store. More specifically, the wine app category! Take a look at his thoughts on wine apps.

The branding and marketing of Moms Who Need Wine is pretty fantastic. Have you tried their wines yet?

Do you need your wine with a little civil disobedience? It’s what a Canadian celebrity will be trying on May 13th.

This Medical News Today story perked my interest because my Mother is a firm believer in sea salt (and wine!). Find out how much is good, or bad for you.

Wines are gaining (alcohol) weight and the San Francisco Chronicle put together a review and test of 14 popular wines.

I hope you have a beautiful May Day this Sunday. Cheers!

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