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The Right Wine Glass: Just How Important Is It?

April 27th, 2011

Wine GlassIf you’re new to the world of wines, you must have already realized that you need the right wine glass to accompany that bottle. So what does it matter that the appropriate glass is selected? Well, everything.

Every type of wine glass, be it full, round ones for red wine, slightly narrower ones for white wine, and flutes for champagne, is designed for a greater purpose. Fascinating, we know! And it’s not just because we love looking at wine glasses —  sexy glass, sturdy base, stem and all.

So what is that greater purpose? Well, using the right wine glass will enrich the flavor of the wine and keep it at the perfect temperature for drinking. When serving a red wine, for example, most wine experts will recommend a larger glass with a bowl shape at the bottom. This enables the drinker to swirl the wine in between sips to aerate it.

How about a little wine glass 101, shall we?

Full Bowl Shaped Wine GlassFull bowl shaped wine glasses

The full bowl shape of a glass allows the wine to cool quickly to room temperature after having been warmed by our hand. While these glasses are primarily designed for red wines, they can also be used for whites. However, why skimp on splurging on two different sets of glasses if you’re really falling in love with wine?

Narrow Wine GlassNarrow wine glasses

Now let’s talk whites. Unlike reds, white wines are meant to be served chilled. In order to reduce the heat escape from the wine while it is in the glass, the glasses for white wines are narrower. Because of smaller surface area, less heat is able to escape from the wine. Of course, as with any glass, white wine glasses should be held by the stem to prevent heat transfer between your hand and the wine.

Champagne FlutesChampagne flutes

Champagne glasses are also known as a champagne flutes, which are very narrow and tall glasses designed to help the wine retain its carbonation. The reason why the champagne flute is designed to be as narrow as possible is to limit the amount of escaping carbon dioxide gas.

We’ll tell you more about these wine glasses in another blog post. Just know that regardless of which glass you select for your favorite type of wine, it pays to understand what that wine glass can do to help you appreciate wine even more. After all, it is the wine you are savoring -– not the wine glass.

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