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Reaching For The Top: Custom Wine Cellar Ladders

April 13th, 2011

“Here comes April and April showers, beating a tune as you fall all around, drip, drop, drip, drop!”

Just remembering some of your childhood favorites can really put one in a good one. The lyrics are from Bambi, one of my very few Disney picks and hey, I just realized, another month has come and go! Time indeed flies fast and we’re definitely ready for bigger and better things this month.

Access your wines the fab way

I was over at a friend’s house during the weekend and she and her hubby had a portion of their huge dining area converted into a wine cellar to house their growing collection. My friend said she chose most of the furniture herself but the racks, ceilings, and floors were all the work of a design consultant. Funny thing was, although the wine cellar and furnishings were indeed gorgeous, what caught my fancy was this piece of furniture propped near one of the long counters. I exclaimed at how unique a design it was for a tasting table when my friend laughed and told me, “It’s actually a ladder!”

That gave me an idea for my next blog and what a great way to showcase WCI’s collection of custom wine ladders. Wine cellar ladders don’t get as much attention as other wine cellar furniture and accessories because they’re treated as purely functional items, but seeing THAT wine cellar last weekend made me appreciate their style factor as well.

The best part is, here at WCI, we carry wine cellar ladders that fit the bill both when it comes to efficiency and style. Accessing your wines can become a glamorous task, believe it or not, once you’ve stepped on our fantastic pieces crafted to match the look and feel of your wine cellar.

Rolling it down or stepping it up!

At WCI, we basically carry two major types of wine cellar ladders: custom rolling ladders and step stools. The make and material of your ladder can easily be customized to fit the design of your wine cellar, from the type of wood used down to the stain and finishing options. To give you a heads-up, here are some of the best features of our custom rolling ladders:

• They usually come standard in Red Oak with a clear finish
• But Wood selections such as Birch, Cherry, Maple, Mahogany, White Oak, Lyptus, Alder and Walnut are available for a slight upcharge.
• Moreover, ladders can be stained to match your racking, also for an upcharge.
• The ladders cannot be lacquered but they come with a clear finish, nevertheless, they can be custom-made to meet the specifications of the client.
• The maximum height available is 14 ft and bottom portion of the ladder is reinforced for additional safety and support.
• Other finishes are available for the Ladder Track, including metallic hardware finishes.

For smaller-sized wine cellars, especially those utilizing small wine racks and cabinets, step stools are the better way to go. Step stools are functional yet very stylish and with the right custom design, it adds a new kind of chic to your wine cellar. Plus, as demonstrated by my friend’s wine cellar, it’s an eye-catching conversation piece, definitely worthy of mention!

You can have your pick from our Dark Step Stool or Antique Walnut Step Stool here at WCI. The Dark Step Stool is crafted from fine quality birch wood, comes fully stained, and quite easy to assemble. The Antique Walnut Step Stool on the other hand, is made from beechwood with walnut stain to give it that really vintage charm. But like all our products, you can still have one personalized to match your style preference as well as that of your wine cellar by simply placing a design request to our talented design consultants.

Well, I hope I got you guys up and raring to go on your wine cellars this month. See you all next blog!