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The “Windows” To Your Connoisseur Soul

April 7th, 2011

Do you recall my last post on custom wine cellar doors and entryways? (I’ll wait here while you go take a look!) It felt really inspiring doing that write-up because I feel like doors, probably more than any part of a residential or commercial structure, carry an initial impact that would definitely draw a person’s attention. Talking of wine cellars for instance, choosing a good door is quite essential because it is actually one of those elements that can jazz up the look of your wine cellar, especially if it’s customized. But today, I’d like to point out another element that can serve to enhance the style and structure of your wine cellar: custom wine cellar windows.


Dress it up…

What is the key to choosing a great wine cellar window? I give you these three guiding principles when you’re out bargain-hunting for your window choice:

• Always go for quality, material-wise.
• But remember to strike a compromise between quality and your budget as well.
• Always take into account the overall design theme of your wine cellar, particularly your main wine cellar doors and entryways.

Wine cellar windows are crafted from a variety of materials, the most common of which would definitely be wood and glass with wrought iron, tiles, and mosaic coming in a distant second. It’s always highly recommended that in purchasing your wine cellar windows, you should take into account the kind of materials that would work best with the dominant design theme of your wine cellar. If you’re going for wood, WCI can help you single out select wood choices that combine durability and style flexibility.

Of course, it goes without saying that quality should not be the only factor in choosing your windows. As a connoisseur, you certainly take pride in the appearance of your wine cellar as much as the wine varieties you stock hence, it’s a must to emphasize on style and design as well. When it comes to wine cellar windows, coordination is always the key. Pick designs that mesh with your wine cellar entryway, particularly your wine cellar door, your wine racks, and just about the entire theme of your wine cellar. Lastly, remember to always work within your budget which is why talking with a design consultant is absolutely necessary.

With these gorgeous picks!

Now with that being said, where else can you get that unbeatable combination of quality, affordability, and luxury when it comes to customizing your wine cellars if not here at WCI? We walk our talk and our impressive resume of wine cellar products serve to back up our claims. When it comes to wine cellar windows, we’re no slouch as well what with our choicest picks that amplify the structural design and overall appearance of your wine cellar.

Still not enough choices? Before you start lifting an eyebrow, keep in mind that here at WCI, our mission is to provide you guys with custom wine cellars and that includes bringing you custom-made wine cellar furniture, accessories, and accents from wine cellar racks down to wine cellar doors, wine refrigeration systems and cabinets, wine cellar floors, and of course, wine cellar windows and more.

It’s all so easy! All you have to do is either contact us or fill out that design request form and see how our design consultants work to bring to life your sweetest wine cellar dreams.

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