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Tech Tuesday – Episode #30 – Gold Series Wine Racks

April 5th, 2011

Another new month, another fresh start!

We welcome April with a smile and great expectations, but did you fool anyone last April 1st? Or were you the one tricked? Anyway, in case you missed last week’s glass enclosed wine cellar, you should have a look because it was beautiful! I mean, Prime Mahogany wine racks and glass? Totally classy.

The past few weeks you’ve seen a lot of custom wine cellars from our Platinum Series. Weren’t they all just grand? We’re kicking off April with another residential wine cellar from our Gold Series this time.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 205788-2
Wood: Premium Redwood
Maximum capacity:  1077
Where: Memphis, TN

We’ve talked about the Gold Series wine racks many times before, but let me refresh your memory:   it’s Wine Cellar Innovation’s mid-range selection of custom wine racks that’s perfect for those who want to balance budget and aesthetics in their wine cellar.

As you can see here, this cellar’s got this custom line’s best storage systems – single and double deep wine racks with spacing for half bottles, standard wine, champagne, magnums, and larger sizes, which, by the way, nicely frame the standard archway with table top you see above. It’s also got wood case wine storage, 15 degree wine displays and gorgeous solid diamond bins.

The Gold Series boasts of full depth racking and a variety of wine storage options, and we just have to say that we absolutely love how the diamond bins are positioned above the bulk storage area!

This wine cellar also shows how fabulous Premium Redwood is, unstained. Notice the various shades of the wood in those pretty bins? Redwood comes in a variety of colors from white to pink to red and reddish brown and these color variations add character to the wine cellar!

Take a closer look at the various shades of the wood below…aren’t those stripes pretty? We have a video showing you the various colors of Redwood, so you might want to check that out.

Illuminating this wine room are your trusty LED lights. We think this cellar’s ceiling is worth mentioning too, as it adds a cozy, rustic feel to this entire room. We wrote about the importance of picking the right wine cellar ceiling a couple of months back, and recently, we also featured our custom ceiling designs! Whatever you do, never underestimate the purpose and function of wine cellar ceilings when it comes to your wine cellar.

Another interesting fact about Premium Redwood: It functions admirably in climatically controlled wine cellars, and because it contains natural wood preservatives, it will withstand the humid conditions within your wine storage room! Projecting age beautifully and well-loved by wine enthusiasts for its strength and durability, it’s really no wonder why Premium Redwood is the top choice for wine cellars.

Well that’s it for the first Tech Tuesday of the month…are you inspired to build your own wine cellar yet? We look forward to sharing more custom wine cellars with you in the following weeks! Whether it’s modern, contemporary designs or an old world charm and aesthetics, wine cellars will always, always be a pleasure to look at, walk in, and share precious life moments in.

Till next Tuesday!