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In The “Zone” With WineZone

March 31st, 2011

Winezone Refrigeration SystemIf I’m not mistaken, we made a nice post a couple of blogs ago on refrigeration options. We just feel that there’s a need to emphasize from time to time just how essential total environmental control is when it comes to helping your wines age at a most graceful pace. Indeed, there is much to be taken into account when it comes to maintaining the proper storage conditions in your wine cellar and a primary factor would always be selecting the right wine refrigeration system.

A class on its own

Several blogs ago, we made some sort of general run-down on the different types of wine storage systems offered here at WCI. WineZone, Whiskerpool, and Breezeaire were some of our featured units. However, this time around, we would like to let WineZone take the center stage simply because in terms of providing for the best storage conditions for your wine cellar, this beauty can be aptly described as “a class all of its own.” For starters, there are actually two frontliners in the WineZone series: the WineZone Ductless Split Refrigeration and the WineZone Split Air Handler.

WineZone Wall MountLet’s go first with WineZone Ductless Split Refrigeration. To quote, “our industrial quality WineZone Split Refrigeration systems are ideal for any wine cellar” which can only mean that regardless of whether you own a commercial or residential one, WineZone would still be able to meet your storage needs. Here are just some of its outstanding features:

• The unit’s featured wine cellar refrigeration evaporator is quiet and attractive.
• The unit is designed for a 55 degree temperature differential for wine storage.
• The unit is further designed to maintain 55 – 75% relative humidity in wine cellars.

Depending on the size and other specifications of your wine cellar, you can have your pick from any of these models:
WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split 6000a Series
WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split 8700a Series
WineZone Wall Mount Ductless Split 2400a Series

WineZone-AirHandlerNow let’s move on to the Winezone Split Air Handler. This unit is usually located outside your wine cellar and comes with a lot of options. These would include humidifiers, dehumidifiers and alarm modules which make for total environment control of your wine cellar, keeping your collection in excellent shape. The unit basically looks like a central air-conditioning system and what’s really great is that it’s as quiet as a mouse, keeping your wine cellar cool, cozy, and uber comfortable. Here are some of the models to choose from but make sure your wine cellar meets the required specifications:

WineZone Air Handler 4800a Series
WineZone Air Handler 6200 Series

No scraping the bottom of the barrel on this one!

When you purchase a WineZone refrigeration unit for your wine cellar, you can rest assured that what you’re paying for is both quality and efficiency. The units are designed AND can be adjusted through various options available to meet the storage conditions needed by your wine cellar. Take for example these split refrigeration options:

Both the indoor and outdoor wine cellar refrigeration condensers work with the wall mounted evaporator.
• Water-cooled condensers are available for the units.
• Noise levels are easily regulated with Sound Blankets for compressors can be purchased for an additional charge.
• Coated evaporator coils are recommended for those with exposure to corrosive environments such as saltwater.

As wine connoisseurs, we treat our collections with almost as much love and care as a mother dotes on her children, don’t we not? So what better way to do this than to ensure that each bottle is given the best of storage conditions with nothing less than the WineZone refrigeration system.