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Reaching Greater Heights With Decorative Wine Cellar Ceilings

March 30th, 2011

Did you ever stop and think of how significant it is to have well-crafted ceiling in your wine cellar? For purposes of structure and safety, it is highly essential and for the purpose of adding a classic touch and timeless appeal to your wine cellar, it is actually quite indispensable.

More that just a “pretty face”

Having a sturdy ceiling made from the finest quality materials gives you the assurance that your collection is stored in the best possible conditions and that the exposure to sudden temperature changes is controlled. The wine cellar ceiling together with the wine cellar cabinets, racks, shelves, and refrigeration units work together to bring out the best taste of wine and ensure that your precious bottles will age at just the right pace. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for something low-key.

Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we give you the finest blend of superbly crafted wine cellar ceilings in a variety of totally fab designs to boot. Our collection of decorative wine cellar ceilings are real conversation starters because these choice accents do not only make your wine cellar look exquisite, they also contribute to maintaining just the right storage conditions for your collection. Spare a moment or two to browse through these gorgeous ceiling styles:

Etched Light Box

Raised Panel Ceiling

Tongue and Groove Panel Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

Tongue and Groove Radius Ceiling

Ornate Light BoxA personal favorite of ours is the Etched Light Box which is perfectly suited to raised panel ceilings. The standard or customized etchings on the glass are illuminated by fluorescent slim lights giving off a dreamy effect. Just think of how dainty and romantic your wine cellar set-up with look like with woodland fairies or winged seraphs in flight! The tongue and groove design also ranks high among our popular picks. Made of Premium Redwood or Clear All Heart Redwood, this paneling maximizes storage conditions in your wine cellar while at the same time giving it a rich and luxurious appearance.

An investment that’s surely worth your while

We’ve said it in several blogs before, but we’ll never tire of saying it again. Take the time to browse through our broad collection of custom wine cellar accessories, particularly our Decorative Wine Ceilings . For every purchase you make, we can guarantee that it’s money well spent. Custom wine cellars are after all,  products of a connoisseur’s passion and diligence to pursue his dreams.

Come and see the difference when you have a highly experienced design consultant sit down and discuss with you the finer points of acquiring custom accents and accessories for your wine cellar. Our design consultants can help you select the style that would bring out the best features of your wine cellar, from etched light box and raised panel ceilings designed to create the impression of greater space and down to tongue and groove paneling and coffered ceilings that make use of the play of light upon glass and wood for a more vibrant and rustic touch.

The kind of ceiling that you would have installed in your wine cellar can greatly enhance the appearance of your storage space, making it appear bigger, cozier, and radiate a more striking look. Think about it from that angle. So hey, you can practically reach for the stars with our decorative wine ceilings!

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