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Tech Tuesday – Episode #29 – Prime Mahogany Platinum Wine Racks

March 29th, 2011

Well hello Tech Tuesday fans!  It may be the end of the month, but we’re definitely not slowing down anytime soon. If you’ve been diligently following Technical Tuesdays, you may have noticed that the last few wine cellars feature the very best of our Platinum Series. Didn’t the Evans wine cellar make you go “Wow!” last week? Why, it was such a treat, because we had the opportunity to show you not just the breathtakingly beautiful finished wine cellar – we also got to show you how it looked like all stocked up with precious bottles of wine!

So this is the last Tech Tuesday of March, and we’re saying goodbye to the month with another residential wine cellar – a glass enclosed one!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 208765
Wood: Prime Mahogany
Maximum capacity:  877
Where: Blue Ash, OH

Every sophisticated wine collector who seeks to show off his or her collection wants nothing but the elegance of glass. Glass enclosed wine cellars combine a strong visual display with proper wine storage conditions, and the DiSanto’s wine cellar shows just that. Just take a look at the beauty of Prime Mahogany wine racks housed in this glass wall. Clean, modern and classy, glass enclosures immediately draw the eye to the racks and the wine bottles behind the glass, inviting you to come in and look some more!

This custom wine cellar from the Platinum Series shows off the raw beauty of Prime Mahogany. While it’s attractive unstained, you should know that Prime Mahogany readily absorbs stain and finishes. For a high end hardwood, the price is a good choice for the value of the wood! No wonder it’s a favorite wood for wine cellars.

Providing excellent storage and stability to the wine bottles are a combination of some of the best custom pieces from the Platinum Series —  Single Deep and Double Deep Individual Bottle Storage, Solid Diamond Bins with X interlocks and Bulk Storage Racks.


Warm LED lighting provides fantastic illumination to  all high reveals, and a Whisperkool WK 4200 keeps things cool in this gorgeous glass enclosed wine room.

Did we mention how much the multi-colored stone tile flooring adds to this room’s subtly chic appeal? This wine room definitely makes the statement that  simplicity truly is beauty.

As we have mentioned in one of our blog posts about glass enclosed wine cellars, if you’re into classy and contemporary, enclosing your wine collection in glass is a great move. All in all, we love the DiSanto’s wine cellar’s understated elegance.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, wine lovers. Contact our design specialists today to plan and build your own custom wine cellar. And, never miss a single Tech Tuesday episode in April…more great things to come!