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Getting Twice The Storage With Double Deep Wine Racks

March 28th, 2011

Storing large amounts of wine yet saving space at the same time? We recommend using double deep wine racks. This type of wine rack system provides high density racking for the avid wine collector. It’s also perfect for showcasing wines in restaurants!

Why go double deep?

We love double deep wine racks for their reliable stacking system. These wine racks allow you to load two bottles in each row, from front to rear. Since it’s capable of holding twice the amount of storage than the usual, it’s perfect for storing large quantities of wine, and at the same time it helps you maximize space.

You can choose, say, a 5 column rack that can hold 180 bottles that features 3.5″ wide bottle slots, perfect for fitting a lot of wine in a small space, or a or 10 column wine rack that can hold 360 bottles. The latter is perfect for big wine collectors or restaurants. Wine stores can also showcase wines in elegant, double deep cascading waterfall wine racks or two-tier double deep island displays. There are also pretty freestanding double deep tasting tables as well as double deep wood case storage racks! Indeed, there are many options, and since they’re all beautiful in wood with any type of stain and finish, they add more aesthetic value to a room.

Custom double deep wine racks?

If you’re planning to build a custom wine cellar or just want to have a freestanding wine that’s made especially for you, then why not have them custom made?  Luxurious double-deep wood wine racks can be handcrafted and given that “designer” appeal that will last a lifetime.

You’ll never go wrong with this type of racking.  Because of its unique stacking style and capacity to maximize space, you truly get the best bang for your back with double deep wine racks.

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  1. Glenn Maley writes:

    I have a wine cabinet that need a refurbished rack. The interior dimensions are 33.5″w x 65″h x 23″d and can be fully utilized. What can you offer o maximize this space? I am thinking double deep would work.

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