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Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks: Quality At Its Finest

March 24th, 2011

We’ve been dealing with a lot of clients, certified wine enthusiasts who work towards the same goal: creating the best possible wine cellar for their prized collections. That’s why we know for a fact that creating the perfect wine storage condition always heads the top of their list—and ours as well. Indeed, keeping your wine bottles carefully cradled or stacked should be a foremost priority because wine is delicate, inside and out. In this aspect, having the right kind of wine racks is nothing short of essential.

Wine storage options all-around

We’d like to introduce (or re-introduce) you to this truly terrific wine rack collection that fits a perfect T to almost any custom wine cellar. Our Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks collection is really something to write home about which is why it deserves to be specially featured. Moreover, we have recently upgraded this gorgeous collection of finest quality wine racks, making it more versatile and flexible. So what makes the Platinum Series highly recommended? Here’s how we answer that:

• The Platinum Series collection is the one that reflects the widest variety of wine storage options in a full-depth style which translates to the maximum usage of area in one’s wine cellar.
• The versatility of the Platinum Series collection is not limited to wine storage options but also in terms of style and design preference which makes personalization of wine cellars almost effortless.
• The Platinum series collection come in single or double deep with spacing for half-bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes for all-around storage options.

Say hello to organized and tasteful wine cellars

The greatest edge of the Platinum Series is that it can cater to such a broad range of wine storage options while at the same time, accommodate the wine lover’s need for uniqueness when it comes to design and style. With these wine racks, you get an organized wine cellar that exudes an aesthetically pleasing vibe that certainly doesn’t spell “stuffy” or too predictable. Feast your visual appetite on these timeless pieces that you can mix and match for a truly distinct look:

Individual Bottle Storage
Bulk Storage
Corners & Curves
Diamond Wine Racks
Wine Displays

And for a more visual take illustrating the varied wine storage options of this collection, see how absolutely superb these transformations are, even from just the bare samples:

• Platinum Basic

• Platinum Moderate

• Platinum Elaborate

Making the right choice for your custom wine cellar definitely requires making the best choice and nothing says “best quality” better than the Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks collection. Here at WCI, we settle for nothing less than the “best.”

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