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Custom Refrigerated Wine Cabinets: Wonderfully Space-Efficient Wonders

March 21st, 2011

Got wine storage and space issues?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve got wine racks and wine cabinets in every style and size to fit your needs.

Custom Built Wine CabinetWine cabinets are especially useful if space is a problem in your home. Surely, you can’t cramp your kitchen counter with small wine racks for your growing wine collection. They may not be as grand as a room-size wine cellar, but don’t let the cabinets’ simple exterior fool you. These amazing units pack excellent wine storage conditions to protect your precious wines!

Wine Cellar Innovations’ brand new line of custom refrigerated cabinets, The Wine Sentinel, for example, are fully customizable built-in units that can match any space and décor.  They can be custom-made according to your preferred wood and stain options, and  we can design them to fit your ceiling height.  Why, you can even opt to have a gorgeous French door entry to go with it!

Other customizable options available for this custom line include:

  • Height & Width of Unit
  • Inside Racking Configuration
  • Moldings
  • Raised Panel Cabinetry Sides

Custom Built Wine CabinetSo instead of wondering how you can fit that wine cabinet you saw at the store in your allotted space, why not just have one built especially for YOUR space? What’s great about wine cabinets is, they not only make perfect wine storage systems; they double as beautiful accent furniture pieces too!

The beauty of this new line of Wine Sentinel wine cabinets is this: it’s designed to maximize wine storage bottle capacity, while minimizing the overall space of the cabinet and storage area. What’s more, refrigerated wine cabinets are whisper quiet and properly insulated.

Oh, and your cabinet’s windows can even be tinted as well to minimize light exposure to protect your wines!  Tinted cabinet windows give you a nice view of your collection and keep you smiling — because your wine bottles are in good hands.

Custom Built Wine Cabinet: The Wine SentinelOur goal is to make your refrigerated wine cabinet look truly built-in and space-efficient. These wine cabinets also make organizing your wine bottles a breeze, because you don’t have to cover much space, as in the case of an entire room transformed into a wine cellar!

Contact us today to speak with a Design Specialist about customizing a wine cabinet for your home.

2 responses to “Custom Refrigerated Wine Cabinets: Wonderfully Space-Efficient Wonders”

  1. Kristi writes:

    Hi Rico!

    That sounds like a great space! We will contact you tomorrow for more details.

  2. RICO PETRINI writes:

    WE HAVE A SPACE OF 47 X 95 which we would like to have a built in cab. could you tell me more about your cabinets. (built in warehouse and shipped and installed?) or built onsite. Can you give pricing for a cab that size for a dark stain. thanks R. Petrini

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