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More Than Your Money’s Worth: Rustic Pine Wine Racks

March 16th, 2011

What is one of the biggest concerns when building your dream wine cellar? A resounding answer would most probably be “THE BUDGET.” Ah, yes indeed! Financial considerations always loom overhead and whether our pockets are full to the brim or completely holed down to the bottom, we still cannot shrink away from working up a budget for our goals. Let’s face it, Bill Gates or the Sultan of Brunei didn’t amass all that fortune without balancing their checkbooks. Of course, it’s always stressed that you should not compromise quality for cost but this doesn’t mean you should go ahead and spend without getting your money’s worth. At Wine Cellar Innovations, we help you to realize the wine cellar of your dreams at the right cost.

Knowing more about Rustic Pine Wine Racks

Going now into custom wine cellars, any wine enthusiast would agree that purchasing the right kinds of wine racks for your cellar is instrumental in providing you with the best of storage options. But wine racks, especially custom ones, are not exactly the cheapest thing you can find in the market. So what you should be looking for is not the cheapest or the most expensive wine rack but one that balances both quality and cost to give you a product that would definitely be worth your precious dollars. This is what we seek to bring you with our Rustic Pine Wine Racks collection.

The Rustic Pine Wine Racks collection is best known for its durability which translates to excellent quality of the product and its affordability. Unlike other custom or designer wine racks, this collection will not burn a hole in your pocket and you get a fabulous-looking wine cellar after a truly rustic fashion. Here are some of the essential features of this collection:

• The Rustic Pine Wine Racks collection makes for easy assemblage with wine rack kits that are 72” high, 8 3/4” deep.
• The individual racks from this collection can be combined for more flexible storage options and unique design themes.
• This wine rack collection was designed to accommodate standard wine bottles.
• These wine racks are structurally designed to accommodate additional wine storage above racking making for even better wine storage options.

A sight for sore-eyes!

One of the things that we truly love about the Rustic Pine Wine Rack collection is that its affordability doesn’t deter the well-crafted racks from looking really elegant and attractive. Each rack is designed with a rustic unfinished look and feel to emphasize the pine’s all-natural charm. This rustic and edgy appearance of the racks become even more prominent when mixed and matched with other materials such as glass, stone, and tile. As distinguished from Redwood,  the pine allows for solid knots and small open knots. This makes for its “rustic” appeal and to the significantly lower cost because clear wood with no knots even in pine can be expensive. Moreover, that also makes for the collection’s versatility in terms of your wine cellar’s style or theme. Here are some of the standout pieces you should definitely check out:

• 5 Column Individual Wine Rack
• 6 Column Individual Half Height Wine Rack
• Solid Diamond Bin Wine Rack
• Curved Corner Wine Rack
26 Bottle Scallop Wine Rack
• Rustic Pine Wine Glass Rack

Still not enough options? No worries because we have so much more to offer you as you work towards building your custom wine cellars. Plus, our design consultants are always eager to work with you and help you achieve the kind of wine cellar your connoisseur’s heart desires. Trust us, spending for a custom wine cellar has never been this fulfilling!

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