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Why It’s Better With Designer

March 9th, 2011

Who doesn’t drool at anything designer? Don’t your ears perk up and your eyes glaze over designer clothes, yummy designer shoes, and of course, signature bags? Or if you’re a guy, doesn’t the thought of owning a high-end car customized with designer seat covers and other accessories make your head spin with excitement? Vain or not, there’s something about owning a “designer” piece that makes us tilt our nose a little bit more not because of irrational pride but simply because it makes us feel special. And hey, wine cellars and wine storage are no exception to this.

“Designer” wine racks can work wonders

Now if you think custom wine cellars sporting designer wine racks will run you into spending a tiny fortune, Wine Cellar Innovations has something to say about that. Our Designer Series wine racks are the perfect blend of quality and exquisite craftsmanship at prices that will not put a permanent dent in your wallet. The strict attention to detail of our craftsmen has resulted in the mass production of wine racks that are not only eye-catching but also serve to perform their functions to the fullest. Take some time to go over these beautiful pieces:

Wine Glass Rack
Table Top below Glass Rack
Curved Corner
Waterfall Individual Display
Open Diamond Cube
Individual Diamond Bin

These are some of the luxurious wine racks that form part of our Designer Series collection and are sure to turn an otherwise plain wine cellar into a work of art that emanates class and uniqueness in an affordable package. However, we also take into account customers with a more understated style preference. The simple look yet exceptional quality of these wine racks can still give an amazing transformation to your wine cellar:

1 Column Individual
2 Column Individual
3 Column Individual
4 Column Individual
5 Column Individual
Half-height Individual
Vertical Display Cabinet

Quality that is synonymous with luxury

Like any designer product, the first thing you should expect from our Designer Series is that the wine racks should stand out not only when it comes to appearance but also when it comes to the quality of wood and other materials they are crafted from. At Wine Cellar Innovations, we never disappoint when it comes to this category. Our Designer Series wine racks carry the following features:

• Designed to accommodate standard wine and champagne bottles
• Structurally designed to accommodate additonal wine storage above racking
• First line of wine rack kits with wine display rows, including the curved corners
• Each bottle is cradled on two rails that are cut with beveled ends and rounded edges which ensure the labels will not tear when the bottles are removed



Our wine racks are exclusively created to care for your precious wine collection and to display every bottle to its best advantage. It should also be worth noting that only at Wine Cellar Innovations can you find Curved Corner wine racks that can fit snugly into nooks and crannies in your wine cellar as well as Quarter Round shelves made from the most durable of wood choices. So why turn green looking at those stunning custom wine cellars on the pages of your magazine or on the web when having one of your own is perfectly do-able? With our Designer Series collection, any wine cellar can practically be a “limited edition!”

For another in-depth look, be sure to check out our recent review of our Designer Series Wine Racks along with our other collections in our Wine Rack Kit section.

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