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Tech Tuesday – Episode #26 – Small Wine Closet

March 8th, 2011

Since it’s March, it’s time to be literally marching off and starting our month on a positive note! Last week, we brought you a highly fulfilling Tech Tuesday episode so we don’t want to disappoint. This week, we have a delicious small wine closet that made our month by really pulling out at all the stops with their newly constructed wine cellar.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 205787
Wood: All Heart Redwood
Maximum capacity:  771
Where: Hunt Valley, MD


If this were a painting instead of just a photo, it would be aptly titled, “Welcome to Wonderland.” The wine cellar archway framing that enchanting piece of wine cellar art combined with the customized wine racks create a look that is definitely worth more than just a thousand words.  What you see here is still a blank canvass though, yet, it’s nothing short of exquisite. Picture how the wine cellar would look like when it would be filled with those luxurious champagne and wine bottles!

At Wine Cellar Innovations, we pride ourselves in the exceptional works of our artists who are able to deliver beautiful, custom-made paintings and on-site murals. This one here is the Vineyard Path mural from our Contempary Moments collection. You might also want to check out our newest art additions which were given the warm welcome just this Monday.


Here is a wider view of the wine cellar’s design, from top to bottom.  Notice how rich the golden hues of the mural are being reflected on the wine racks? That’s the beauty of All-Heart Redwood. It’s actually a perfect choice for custom wine cellars because as it ages, the wood’s natural color becomes more enhanced, taking on more vibrant shades from light pink to deep, reddish brown. Here, our client opted for LED lighting options to highlight the mural as well as the racks, shelves, and beams with the assistance of our in-house design consultants. The effect is simply stunning!

And here, one can see how style and functionality mesh to create superb, wine racks. The individual wine racks can comfortably fit wine bottles by the dozen. They are best for wine bottles that are 3″ to 3 1/2″  in diameter without destroying the bottle labels. Gensler chose to go with the Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks and were they ever right in their decision. The Platinum Series is the most flexible when it comes to storage options and can easily accommodate even the longer necked champagne bottles, magnums, and other larger bottle sizes.

Our client also purchased a WineZone Ductless Split Refrigeration unit to keep those wine bottles cool and comfy. Nothing can do this better than WineZone which is specifically designed to maintain 55 – 75% relative humidity in wine cellars.  WineZone is the perfect solution to keeping one’s wine cellar under the best of storage conditions and the units come in a number of really chic designs as well.


I just love this image! Notice how bright and colorful the archway and racks are? It’s the ingenious play of light upon the wood. Our client was right on the money when it picked LED Display Lighting options since LED lighting goes exceedingly well with archways and high reveal display racking such as the ones you see in the photo. We’re absolutely loving the glowing, sunbathed look of this wine cellar.

With All-Heart Redwood, you get durability plus flexibility in one affordable package.  Here you can see how coordinated the racks are despite the variances in design and structure. This particular custom wine cellar uses column individual racking with solid diamond cube racks to maximize both cellar space and bottle storage.


Here’s something worth mentioning: the All-Heart Redwood racks exhibit a high degree of resistance against rot, mildew, and insects. In choosing this wood type, you get more mileage, so to speak, out of your wine cellar than other select woods. They certainly made a wise investment with this one and we’d love to hear what their guests would have to say once they have the first look of this residential wine cellar. So there you have it—another masterpiece to get the conversation going on your wine tasting tables. Don’t forget to pop on over next Tech Tuesday where we always open doorways to infinite custom wine cellar possibilities.

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