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Wine Cellar Roundup – The Friday Edition #24: 7 Steps To Wine Geekdom And More

March 4th, 2011

If you have been unplugged this week and haven’t spoken to anyone or read any news, check out the new iPad2 details! Oh, iPad… How I love thee.

7 steps to wine Geekdom, brought to you by Snooth. I was surprised to hear there was only seven! 😉

I hear every day how many benefits drinking wine does my body. Here are the top five (for today at least!).

A new wine movie is coming out that asks the question of what if a sommelier lost his palate? Have there been any prominent wine movies out since Sideways?

Speaking of media, there is a wonderful new romance novel out by Julia James called A Lot Like Love which is fabulous. If you need a wonderful escape novel and want to read about a wine shop, Napa, and lots of wine talk, this is the book for you.

I enjoyed this chocolate and wine paring article from NorCalWine. I eat chocolate constantly without wine so it’s always nice to have some recommendations on what to drink with it.

How much is too much of Pinot Noir? Especially in California, Steve Heimiff remarks on how the grapes have grown. What do you think?

Take this quiz on California Rhone’s from Wine Spectator! I love taking a quiz. I can research the answers in Google and when I get my perfect score, I feel satisfied. Plus, knowledge! Win win!

I feel a little giddy with it being Friday already so I will leave you with this new video we produced on creating a wine cellar from start to finish. Let me know what your favorite part is!

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