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Reaching Greater Heights With Decorative Wine Cellar Ceilings

March 30th, 2011

Did you ever stop and think of how significant it is to have well-crafted ceiling in your wine cellar? For purposes of structure and safety, it is highly essential and for the purpose of adding a classic touch and timeless appeal to your wine cellar, it is actually quite indispensable.

More that just a “pretty face”

Having a sturdy ceiling made from the finest quality materials gives you the assurance that your collection is stored in the best possible conditions and that the exposure to sudden temperature changes is controlled. The wine cellar ceiling together with the wine cellar cabinets, racks, shelves, and refrigeration units work together to bring out the best taste of wine and ensure that your precious bottles will age at just the right pace. Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for something low-key.

Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we give you the finest blend of superbly crafted wine cellar ceilings in a variety of totally fab designs to boot. Our collection of decorative wine cellar ceilings are real conversation starters because these choice accents do not only make your wine cellar look exquisite, they also contribute to maintaining just the right storage conditions for your collection. Spare a moment or two to browse through these gorgeous ceiling styles:

Etched Light Box

Raised Panel Ceiling

Tongue and Groove Panel Ceiling

Coffered Ceiling

Tongue and Groove Radius Ceiling

Ornate Light BoxA personal favorite of ours is the Etched Light Box which is perfectly suited to raised panel ceilings. The standard or customized etchings on the glass are illuminated by fluorescent slim lights giving off a dreamy effect. Just think of how dainty and romantic your wine cellar set-up with look like with woodland fairies or winged seraphs in flight! The tongue and groove design also ranks high among our popular picks. Made of Premium Redwood or Clear All Heart Redwood, this paneling maximizes storage conditions in your wine cellar while at the same time giving it a rich and luxurious appearance.

An investment that’s surely worth your while

We’ve said it in several blogs before, but we’ll never tire of saying it again. Take the time to browse through our broad collection of custom wine cellar accessories, particularly our Decorative Wine Ceilings . For every purchase you make, we can guarantee that it’s money well spent. Custom wine cellars are after all,  products of a connoisseur’s passion and diligence to pursue his dreams.

Come and see the difference when you have a highly experienced design consultant sit down and discuss with you the finer points of acquiring custom accents and accessories for your wine cellar. Our design consultants can help you select the style that would bring out the best features of your wine cellar, from etched light box and raised panel ceilings designed to create the impression of greater space and down to tongue and groove paneling and coffered ceilings that make use of the play of light upon glass and wood for a more vibrant and rustic touch.

The kind of ceiling that you would have installed in your wine cellar can greatly enhance the appearance of your storage space, making it appear bigger, cozier, and radiate a more striking look. Think about it from that angle. So hey, you can practically reach for the stars with our decorative wine ceilings!

Tech Tuesday – Episode #29 – Prime Mahogany Platinum Wine Racks

March 29th, 2011

Well hello Tech Tuesday fans!  It may be the end of the month, but we’re definitely not slowing down anytime soon. If you’ve been diligently following Technical Tuesdays, you may have noticed that the last few wine cellars feature the very best of our Platinum Series. Didn’t the Evans wine cellar make you go “Wow!” last week? Why, it was such a treat, because we had the opportunity to show you not just the breathtakingly beautiful finished wine cellar – we also got to show you how it looked like all stocked up with precious bottles of wine!

So this is the last Tech Tuesday of March, and we’re saying goodbye to the month with another residential wine cellar – a glass enclosed one!

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 208765
Wood: Prime Mahogany
Maximum capacity:  877
Where: Blue Ash, OH

Every sophisticated wine collector who seeks to show off his or her collection wants nothing but the elegance of glass. Glass enclosed wine cellars combine a strong visual display with proper wine storage conditions, and the DiSanto’s wine cellar shows just that. Just take a look at the beauty of Prime Mahogany wine racks housed in this glass wall. Clean, modern and classy, glass enclosures immediately draw the eye to the racks and the wine bottles behind the glass, inviting you to come in and look some more!

This custom wine cellar from the Platinum Series shows off the raw beauty of Prime Mahogany. While it’s attractive unstained, you should know that Prime Mahogany readily absorbs stain and finishes. For a high end hardwood, the price is a good choice for the value of the wood! No wonder it’s a favorite wood for wine cellars.

Providing excellent storage and stability to the wine bottles are a combination of some of the best custom pieces from the Platinum Series —  Single Deep and Double Deep Individual Bottle Storage, Solid Diamond Bins with X interlocks and Bulk Storage Racks.


Warm LED lighting provides fantastic illumination to  all high reveals, and a Whisperkool WK 4200 keeps things cool in this gorgeous glass enclosed wine room.

Did we mention how much the multi-colored stone tile flooring adds to this room’s subtly chic appeal? This wine room definitely makes the statement that  simplicity truly is beauty.

As we have mentioned in one of our blog posts about glass enclosed wine cellars, if you’re into classy and contemporary, enclosing your wine collection in glass is a great move. All in all, we love the DiSanto’s wine cellar’s understated elegance.

We’d love to hear your thoughts, wine lovers. Contact our design specialists today to plan and build your own custom wine cellar. And, never miss a single Tech Tuesday episode in April…more great things to come!

Getting Twice The Storage With Double Deep Wine Racks

March 28th, 2011

Storing large amounts of wine yet saving space at the same time? We recommend using double deep wine racks. This type of wine rack system provides high density racking for the avid wine collector. It’s also perfect for showcasing wines in restaurants!

Why go double deep?

We love double deep wine racks for their reliable stacking system. These wine racks allow you to load two bottles in each row, from front to rear. Since it’s capable of holding twice the amount of storage than the usual, it’s perfect for storing large quantities of wine, and at the same time it helps you maximize space.

You can choose, say, a 5 column rack that can hold 180 bottles that features 3.5″ wide bottle slots, perfect for fitting a lot of wine in a small space, or a or 10 column wine rack that can hold 360 bottles. The latter is perfect for big wine collectors or restaurants. Wine stores can also showcase wines in elegant, double deep cascading waterfall wine racks or two-tier double deep island displays. There are also pretty freestanding double deep tasting tables as well as double deep wood case storage racks! Indeed, there are many options, and since they’re all beautiful in wood with any type of stain and finish, they add more aesthetic value to a room.

Custom double deep wine racks?

If you’re planning to build a custom wine cellar or just want to have a freestanding wine that’s made especially for you, then why not have them custom made?  Luxurious double-deep wood wine racks can be handcrafted and given that “designer” appeal that will last a lifetime.

You’ll never go wrong with this type of racking.  Because of its unique stacking style and capacity to maximize space, you truly get the best bang for your back with double deep wine racks.

Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks: Quality At Its Finest

March 24th, 2011

We’ve been dealing with a lot of clients, certified wine enthusiasts who work towards the same goal: creating the best possible wine cellar for their prized collections. That’s why we know for a fact that creating the perfect wine storage condition always heads the top of their list—and ours as well. Indeed, keeping your wine bottles carefully cradled or stacked should be a foremost priority because wine is delicate, inside and out. In this aspect, having the right kind of wine racks is nothing short of essential.

Wine storage options all-around

We’d like to introduce (or re-introduce) you to this truly terrific wine rack collection that fits a perfect T to almost any custom wine cellar. Our Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks collection is really something to write home about which is why it deserves to be specially featured. Moreover, we have recently upgraded this gorgeous collection of finest quality wine racks, making it more versatile and flexible. So what makes the Platinum Series highly recommended? Here’s how we answer that:

• The Platinum Series collection is the one that reflects the widest variety of wine storage options in a full-depth style which translates to the maximum usage of area in one’s wine cellar.
• The versatility of the Platinum Series collection is not limited to wine storage options but also in terms of style and design preference which makes personalization of wine cellars almost effortless.
• The Platinum series collection come in single or double deep with spacing for half-bottles, wine, champagne, magnums and larger sizes for all-around storage options.

Say hello to organized and tasteful wine cellars

The greatest edge of the Platinum Series is that it can cater to such a broad range of wine storage options while at the same time, accommodate the wine lover’s need for uniqueness when it comes to design and style. With these wine racks, you get an organized wine cellar that exudes an aesthetically pleasing vibe that certainly doesn’t spell “stuffy” or too predictable. Feast your visual appetite on these timeless pieces that you can mix and match for a truly distinct look:

Individual Bottle Storage
Bulk Storage
Corners & Curves
Diamond Wine Racks
Wine Displays

And for a more visual take illustrating the varied wine storage options of this collection, see how absolutely superb these transformations are, even from just the bare samples:

• Platinum Basic

• Platinum Moderate

• Platinum Elaborate

Making the right choice for your custom wine cellar definitely requires making the best choice and nothing says “best quality” better than the Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks collection. Here at WCI, we settle for nothing less than the “best.”

Follow Up Tech Tuesday Transformation: Evans Revealed

March 23rd, 2011

In yesterday’s Tech Tuesday episode, we brought you another fantastic wine cellar transformation with our client’s beautiful residential wine cellar. But if you can recall, that was just the raw version. We recently visited their cellar after they had loaded it up.  So let’s see the difference now that the wine cellar is all spruced up with their wine collection. Even better, we have a video walk through for you located below…

What you’re seeing here is a wine cellar worthy of a magazine feature, we kid you not! Making the most of Amber Blaze Mahogany as the primary wood choice and completing the look with Classic Mahongany stain finish was definitely a winning combo. Look at how the marble slab floorings set-off the deep, rich color of the wood. And the raised panel ceiling adds just the right touch, especially with the LED lighting. That lovely wine cellar art is displayed to its full potential, owing to all the elements coming into place. It really exudes a dreamy atmosphere, doesn’t it?

The newly installed Tech Tuesday episode didn’t show those adorable tasting tables as well. See how much more eye-catching this wine cellar is now that there’s a place for everything and everything’s in its place!

We mentioned in the previous blog post that this wine cellar is comprised of some of the best elements of our Platinum Series Collection and here you can see up close how the Quarter Round Displays mesh so well with the Solid Vertical Display Shelves and Solid Diamond Bins with interlock trim to provide roomy and versatile wine storage options. And does the color scheme catch your fancy? Our client did great in deciding to go with the green marble slabs for the floors with the help of our design specialist, Erik Kuehne, who also gave the vote to Amber Blaze Mahogany for the wood choice.  The green marble against the dark wood makes everything look so solid and elegant.

Glass on wood is always one of the best combinations, don’t you agree? Take this classic glass paneled doors, for example. With the wine cellar filled with those sparkling bottles, only glass upon wood could do the entire set-up justice.

Here’s a closer look at the green marble tabletop and matching flooring.  See how pronounced those bottles actually are at the corners? Your finest wine collection can easily be showcased with this ingenious racking system and further enhanced by the green marble.

Now could it be possible that these beautiful shots of the completed project still left you thirsting for more? Well, no need to fuss because we came prepared to satisfy you! Take a walk through the video that unveils more of Evans wine cellar transformation.

Tech Tuesday – Episode #28 – Green Marble and Mahogany Wood

March 22nd, 2011

Can you believe how fast time flies? One Tech Tuesday ago, we were just whistling a fine tune to the beautiful wine cellar featuring the gorgeous Amber Blaze Mahogany wood choice the client opted to go for.  To mark the near end of a really great month especially when it comes to custom wine cellars, we’re bringing you what we’d like to call a “knockout combo” with our celebrated Platinum Series collection and what else? Amber Blaze Mahogany, of course!

So why don’t we take you on the grand tour of this newly commissioned custom wine cellar? These shots they sent us made us sigh in satisfaction at how well the racking options fused together to create a truly inspiring look.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 203886
Wood: Amber Blaze Mahogany with a Classic Mahogany Stain
Maximum capacity:  1,200 bottles
Where: Atlanta, GA

Green Marble and Mahogany Wood

This is the full frontalview of this wine cellar which basically utilizes our Standard Archway design as some of the best pieces from the Platinum Series collection: Quarter Round Display Cabinet, Solid Diamond Bins with X interlocks, Single Deep and Double Deep Individual Bottle Storage, adjustable Shelf Cabinets, and LED lighting for all high reveals. To top it all off, feast your eyes on the breathtaking hand-painted mural that graces the archway and exterior entryway.

Green Marble and Mahogany Wood

Curves and corners are a particular specialty of our design consultants here at WCI as this photo proves just that. The radius curved corner bottle wine display works like a charm to maximize storage options and at the same time give the wine cellar a really smooth and sleek appearance. And isn’t that green marble countertop just the perfect fit? The stained finish of the wood somehow becomes more defined owing to the marble accent.

Green Marble and Mahogany Wood

Now let’s evaluate the multiple storage options you can get out of the Platinum Series.  Here, our ingenious design consultants combined individual bottle storage wine racking with Diamond Wine Racks meant for bulk storage. Notice that box-like shelf at the center? That’s the vertical display for champagne bottles. The effect of the entire set-up is a fully functional and highly efficient wine storage system with a truly elegant allure.

Green Marble and Mahogany Wood

Let’s take a closer look at the wine racks. The wood looks rich and luxurious, doesn’t it? Well, we might as well tell you right now that Amber Blaze Mahogany is by no means just photogenic! Even unstained, it boasts of a profoundly dark, reddish brown color which actually shrieks “opulence” every step of the way.

Green Marble and Mahogany Wood

The racks here were coated with Classic Mahogany stain, bringing out a deeper, more vivid hue. Because Amber Blaze lends itself to stains and finishes, notice how much more solid everything looks as compared to wine cellars built with some other wood choice. Here’s something to take note of as well: Amber Blaze is not exactly the cheapest wood option because apart from being one of the more popular choices for luxury wine cellars, it is quite dense and hard which translates to high-level durability. Milling and fabricating this wood is not exactly a no-brainer either which would also explain why it’s a more costly yet worthwhile investment.

Notice the paneling above that tastefully encompasses the WineZone unit to keep these wines at the perfect temperature.

Green Marble and Mahogany Wood

Making use of LED lighting for all high reveals is usually a popular design option and it certainly was the right one for this wine cellar. We just love how everything looks so polished and spanking new!

Green Marble and Mahogany Wood

Did the tour inspire you? We can’t imagine how it didn’t! Surely, we just got your creative juices flowing and you’re already pumped up to have your own custom wine cellar.  So why not give us a chance to showcase yours too? Talk with our design consultants and who knows? Maybe next Tech Tuesday, it’s YOUR wine cellar we’ll be drooling over!

As for this cellar, we have a big surprise for you tomorrow, so be sure to come back and see something special related to this amazing wine cellar!

Custom Refrigerated Wine Cabinets: Wonderfully Space-Efficient Wonders

March 21st, 2011

Got wine storage and space issues?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.  We’ve got wine racks and wine cabinets in every style and size to fit your needs.

Custom Built Wine CabinetWine cabinets are especially useful if space is a problem in your home. Surely, you can’t cramp your kitchen counter with small wine racks for your growing wine collection. They may not be as grand as a room-size wine cellar, but don’t let the cabinets’ simple exterior fool you. These amazing units pack excellent wine storage conditions to protect your precious wines!

Wine Cellar Innovations’ brand new line of custom refrigerated cabinets, The Wine Sentinel, for example, are fully customizable built-in units that can match any space and décor.  They can be custom-made according to your preferred wood and stain options, and  we can design them to fit your ceiling height.  Why, you can even opt to have a gorgeous French door entry to go with it!

Other customizable options available for this custom line include:

  • Height & Width of Unit
  • Inside Racking Configuration
  • Moldings
  • Raised Panel Cabinetry Sides

Custom Built Wine CabinetSo instead of wondering how you can fit that wine cabinet you saw at the store in your allotted space, why not just have one built especially for YOUR space? What’s great about wine cabinets is, they not only make perfect wine storage systems; they double as beautiful accent furniture pieces too!

The beauty of this new line of Wine Sentinel wine cabinets is this: it’s designed to maximize wine storage bottle capacity, while minimizing the overall space of the cabinet and storage area. What’s more, refrigerated wine cabinets are whisper quiet and properly insulated.

Oh, and your cabinet’s windows can even be tinted as well to minimize light exposure to protect your wines!  Tinted cabinet windows give you a nice view of your collection and keep you smiling — because your wine bottles are in good hands.

Custom Built Wine Cabinet: The Wine SentinelOur goal is to make your refrigerated wine cabinet look truly built-in and space-efficient. These wine cabinets also make organizing your wine bottles a breeze, because you don’t have to cover much space, as in the case of an entire room transformed into a wine cellar!

Contact us today to speak with a Design Specialist about customizing a wine cabinet for your home.

It’s 15% Off The Designer Series – Ending 3/20

March 17th, 2011

We’ve had some fabulous articles about our Designer Series Wine Rack Kits lately. With all this talk about Designer, we’ve had many of you asking us question about them as well. We’ve decided to give you that big incentive to grab these amazing racks for yourself and your wine collection.


Currently 15% off (using Promo Code: DESIGN15), our Designer Series is something you want to grab now! Trust us. 🙂

Why It’s Better With Designer

Wine Rack Kits to Die For: Designer Series

It’s everyday FREE SHIPPING with a 15% off discount (Promo code: DESIGN15) and is ending on 3/20!

What are you looking for in a wine rack? Tell us in the comments!

More Than Your Money’s Worth: Rustic Pine Wine Racks

March 16th, 2011

What is one of the biggest concerns when building your dream wine cellar? A resounding answer would most probably be “THE BUDGET.” Ah, yes indeed! Financial considerations always loom overhead and whether our pockets are full to the brim or completely holed down to the bottom, we still cannot shrink away from working up a budget for our goals. Let’s face it, Bill Gates or the Sultan of Brunei didn’t amass all that fortune without balancing their checkbooks. Of course, it’s always stressed that you should not compromise quality for cost but this doesn’t mean you should go ahead and spend without getting your money’s worth. At Wine Cellar Innovations, we help you to realize the wine cellar of your dreams at the right cost.

Knowing more about Rustic Pine Wine Racks

Going now into custom wine cellars, any wine enthusiast would agree that purchasing the right kinds of wine racks for your cellar is instrumental in providing you with the best of storage options. But wine racks, especially custom ones, are not exactly the cheapest thing you can find in the market. So what you should be looking for is not the cheapest or the most expensive wine rack but one that balances both quality and cost to give you a product that would definitely be worth your precious dollars. This is what we seek to bring you with our Rustic Pine Wine Racks collection.

The Rustic Pine Wine Racks collection is best known for its durability which translates to excellent quality of the product and its affordability. Unlike other custom or designer wine racks, this collection will not burn a hole in your pocket and you get a fabulous-looking wine cellar after a truly rustic fashion. Here are some of the essential features of this collection:

• The Rustic Pine Wine Racks collection makes for easy assemblage with wine rack kits that are 72” high, 8 3/4” deep.
• The individual racks from this collection can be combined for more flexible storage options and unique design themes.
• This wine rack collection was designed to accommodate standard wine bottles.
• These wine racks are structurally designed to accommodate additional wine storage above racking making for even better wine storage options.

A sight for sore-eyes!

One of the things that we truly love about the Rustic Pine Wine Rack collection is that its affordability doesn’t deter the well-crafted racks from looking really elegant and attractive. Each rack is designed with a rustic unfinished look and feel to emphasize the pine’s all-natural charm. This rustic and edgy appearance of the racks become even more prominent when mixed and matched with other materials such as glass, stone, and tile. As distinguished from Redwood,  the pine allows for solid knots and small open knots. This makes for its “rustic” appeal and to the significantly lower cost because clear wood with no knots even in pine can be expensive. Moreover, that also makes for the collection’s versatility in terms of your wine cellar’s style or theme. Here are some of the standout pieces you should definitely check out:

• 5 Column Individual Wine Rack
• 6 Column Individual Half Height Wine Rack
• Solid Diamond Bin Wine Rack
• Curved Corner Wine Rack
26 Bottle Scallop Wine Rack
• Rustic Pine Wine Glass Rack

Still not enough options? No worries because we have so much more to offer you as you work towards building your custom wine cellars. Plus, our design consultants are always eager to work with you and help you achieve the kind of wine cellar your connoisseur’s heart desires. Trust us, spending for a custom wine cellar has never been this fulfilling!

Tech Tuesday – Episode #27 – Amber Blaze Mahogany

March 15th, 2011

What happens when you see a beautiful wine cellar?

We’ll tell you what happens to us: we get weak in the knees. You know that feeling when you’re in-love? It’s kind of like that, only the object of your affection is a wine collection perfectly displayed in a pretty wine cellar.

It’s amazing how beauty and function come together in a well-built cellar. In last week’s Technical Tuesday for example, we featured a small wine closet that shows you that a small space is no obstacle, and that size doesn’t matter! It’s all in the details. Why, it was so pretty that one of our friends in Twitter even said she wanted it for herself!

Today we have another residential wine cellar featuring one of our favorite wood types – Amber Blaze Mahogany.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 195467-8
Wood: Prime Mahogany
Maximum capacity:  1717 bottles
Where: Pearl River, LA

Residential Wine Cellar Prime Mahogany

As you can see, the Reine’s cellar has most of the Platinum Series‘ best elements: single deep and double deep individual storage, high reveal display racks, solid diamond bins, LED lights, a standard archway, pretty quarter round shelves and a hanging glass rack, which, we hope you didn’t mistake for a small chandelier. Or did you?

And here’s something you don’t see often: cabinets with mesh panel doors! It’s got a great locker style look, and we love its mesh door panels  — decorative, and great for visibility and ventilation, while maintaining security.

Classic Mahogany Wine Cellar

So let’s proceed to taking in more this wine cellar’s luxurious appeal, which is attributable to Prime Mahogany. We’re just loving the rich, red overtones in this wine room!

Prime Mahogany is a type of wood that lends itself to stains and finishes, and here, the wine racks were stained in Classic Mahogany. Other stain options include light, dark walnut and midnight black. The same is true for the lacquer options. (We think you should see one of our Tech Tuesdays that featured the Prime stained in dark walnut – truly gorgeous!) You can also go bare and have the racks go unstained, but we love how the color of the wood varies with different stains and lacquers.

Platinum Series Mahogany Stained

The Platinum Series offers the widest variety of wine storage options in a full-depth style. As you can see here, the different types of wine racks were put together nicely to create a seamless look, utilizing every space very efficiently.

Traditional Wine Cellar Archway

Here, we see the traditional wine cellar archway, but if you ask us, there’s nothing “traditional” about it. It looks truly classy in that reddish brown color. And what about that smooth angled curved corner? These types of custom wine racks are constructed utilizing four 22 1/2 degree angles, forming a 90 degree transition from wall to wall, which allows the racking to flow around the wine cellar with no sharp corners.

Gorgeous Solid Diamond Bins

Ah, this one’s got to be one of our favorite photos in this set. The red racks are truly beautiful up close!  Notice the gorgeous solid diamond bins below. Strong and sturdy,  they allow you to display wines in bulk creatively.

Reine Residential Wine Cellar

The Reine cellar is proof that the possibilities are endless when you have a cellar custom-made. You too can have one built in your home! Why not submit a plan or idea to any of our wine cellar design consultants today?

See you next Tech Tuesday!

Small Conveniences Make For Big Differences

March 14th, 2011

Well, we have been talking about wine racks during several blogs and comparing and contrasting a number of collections. So let’s talk about something a bit different today but still having something to do with wine racks!

One of the more common problems with customers building custom wine cellars have is making all that furniture, particularly the racks and cabinets fit the corners, nooks, and crannies. What’s more, it can be a tad frustrating when you cannot maximize the area and floor space of the room for your entire collection and still have space left for those bottles that would be coming along. That being said, we feel like it’s high time we come to appreciate what “small” packages can offer us such as small wine racks for our wine cellars.

Real space savers!

Wine Cellar Innovations provides for these economical and highly efficient space savers that come in three unique designs:

Stackable 12 Bottle Wine Rack
Pine Cube Wine Rack
Redwood Lattice Wine Bottle Rack

Stackable 12-Bottle Wine RackTo better understand just how functional these wine racks can get despite their size, let’s try to sort out their specs one at a time. Let’s go first with the Stackable 12 Bottle Wine Rack because it’s one of the most versatile and as the name suggests, these racks can be stacked either side by side or one on top of the other. These beautifully crafted racks can accommodate up to 12 bottles per rack and can go up to ten feet in height when stacked. That makes for so many storage options!

Pine Cube Wine RackThe Pine Cube Wine Rack are also stackable and have in fact double the storage capacity of the 12 Bottle Wine Rack. Made from Pine, these racks are both durable and susceptible to retaining custom finishes such as stain options to match the theme and design of your wine cellar. This small wine racks are also easy to assemble which makes them one of the popular choices for custom wine cellars.

Redwood Lattice Wine Bottle RackLast but certainly not the least, there’s the Redwood Lattice Wine Bottle Rack that has a storage capacity of 115 bottles. While this series is the non-stackable kind, its biggest advantage is in terms of individual bottle storage and easy assembly.

Quality craftsmanship at quality cost!

Here’s something to convince you even more just how amazing a deal you can get out of purchasing small wine racks: our small wine rack collections are ingeniously crafted to provide flexible storage options as well as to ensure that each individual bottle is properly stacked without damaging even the wine or champagne labels. In addition, our design team makes it a point to continuously find ways on how to improve the functionality and efficiency of our wine racks so that every product the customer purchases will always be stamped with the seal of guaranteed satisfaction. You can view recent product modifications for some of our series such as our Designer Series which incidentally, also includes small wine racks in the collection, and see how we always strive hard to bring the best racks straight to your wine cellar.

Indeed, great things can come in small packages and this is exactly what you get with our amazing collection of small wine cellar racks. Only at Wine Cellar Innovations can you make “small” things bring on big possibilities in your wine cellar!

It’s Tax Season Which Means SAVINGS For You!

March 10th, 2011

ctaIt’s tax season which means you may be getting pretty sick and tired of all that moaning and groaning you keep hearing from friends and family on Facebook on how they are digging through their files to complete their taxes. Just that time of year where it reminds us that we are American’s and we are proud of it.

Who doesn’t appreciate a little savings though? So this week, we are giving you 10% off all of our Wine Rack Kits to celebrate tax season and help you save a little! If you have been thinking of buying that perfect wine rack for your home, now is the time. Check out our wine rack products and find the perfect product for you with the promo code of TAXFREE10 at checkout.

Why It’s Better With Designer

March 9th, 2011

Who doesn’t drool at anything designer? Don’t your ears perk up and your eyes glaze over designer clothes, yummy designer shoes, and of course, signature bags? Or if you’re a guy, doesn’t the thought of owning a high-end car customized with designer seat covers and other accessories make your head spin with excitement? Vain or not, there’s something about owning a “designer” piece that makes us tilt our nose a little bit more not because of irrational pride but simply because it makes us feel special. And hey, wine cellars and wine storage are no exception to this.

“Designer” wine racks can work wonders

Now if you think custom wine cellars sporting designer wine racks will run you into spending a tiny fortune, Wine Cellar Innovations has something to say about that. Our Designer Series wine racks are the perfect blend of quality and exquisite craftsmanship at prices that will not put a permanent dent in your wallet. The strict attention to detail of our craftsmen has resulted in the mass production of wine racks that are not only eye-catching but also serve to perform their functions to the fullest. Take some time to go over these beautiful pieces:

Wine Glass Rack
Table Top below Glass Rack
Curved Corner
Waterfall Individual Display
Open Diamond Cube
Individual Diamond Bin

These are some of the luxurious wine racks that form part of our Designer Series collection and are sure to turn an otherwise plain wine cellar into a work of art that emanates class and uniqueness in an affordable package. However, we also take into account customers with a more understated style preference. The simple look yet exceptional quality of these wine racks can still give an amazing transformation to your wine cellar:

1 Column Individual
2 Column Individual
3 Column Individual
4 Column Individual
5 Column Individual
Half-height Individual
Vertical Display Cabinet

Quality that is synonymous with luxury

Like any designer product, the first thing you should expect from our Designer Series is that the wine racks should stand out not only when it comes to appearance but also when it comes to the quality of wood and other materials they are crafted from. At Wine Cellar Innovations, we never disappoint when it comes to this category. Our Designer Series wine racks carry the following features:

• Designed to accommodate standard wine and champagne bottles
• Structurally designed to accommodate additonal wine storage above racking
• First line of wine rack kits with wine display rows, including the curved corners
• Each bottle is cradled on two rails that are cut with beveled ends and rounded edges which ensure the labels will not tear when the bottles are removed



Our wine racks are exclusively created to care for your precious wine collection and to display every bottle to its best advantage. It should also be worth noting that only at Wine Cellar Innovations can you find Curved Corner wine racks that can fit snugly into nooks and crannies in your wine cellar as well as Quarter Round shelves made from the most durable of wood choices. So why turn green looking at those stunning custom wine cellars on the pages of your magazine or on the web when having one of your own is perfectly do-able? With our Designer Series collection, any wine cellar can practically be a “limited edition!”

For another in-depth look, be sure to check out our recent review of our Designer Series Wine Racks along with our other collections in our Wine Rack Kit section.

Tech Tuesday – Episode #26 – Small Wine Closet

March 8th, 2011

Since it’s March, it’s time to be literally marching off and starting our month on a positive note! Last week, we brought you a highly fulfilling Tech Tuesday episode so we don’t want to disappoint. This week, we have a delicious small wine closet that made our month by really pulling out at all the stops with their newly constructed wine cellar.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 205787
Wood: All Heart Redwood
Maximum capacity:  771
Where: Hunt Valley, MD


If this were a painting instead of just a photo, it would be aptly titled, “Welcome to Wonderland.” The wine cellar archway framing that enchanting piece of wine cellar art combined with the customized wine racks create a look that is definitely worth more than just a thousand words.  What you see here is still a blank canvass though, yet, it’s nothing short of exquisite. Picture how the wine cellar would look like when it would be filled with those luxurious champagne and wine bottles!

At Wine Cellar Innovations, we pride ourselves in the exceptional works of our artists who are able to deliver beautiful, custom-made paintings and on-site murals. This one here is the Vineyard Path mural from our Contempary Moments collection. You might also want to check out our newest art additions which were given the warm welcome just this Monday.


Here is a wider view of the wine cellar’s design, from top to bottom.  Notice how rich the golden hues of the mural are being reflected on the wine racks? That’s the beauty of All-Heart Redwood. It’s actually a perfect choice for custom wine cellars because as it ages, the wood’s natural color becomes more enhanced, taking on more vibrant shades from light pink to deep, reddish brown. Here, our client opted for LED lighting options to highlight the mural as well as the racks, shelves, and beams with the assistance of our in-house design consultants. The effect is simply stunning!

And here, one can see how style and functionality mesh to create superb, wine racks. The individual wine racks can comfortably fit wine bottles by the dozen. They are best for wine bottles that are 3″ to 3 1/2″  in diameter without destroying the bottle labels. Gensler chose to go with the Platinum Series Custom Wine Racks and were they ever right in their decision. The Platinum Series is the most flexible when it comes to storage options and can easily accommodate even the longer necked champagne bottles, magnums, and other larger bottle sizes.

Our client also purchased a WineZone Ductless Split Refrigeration unit to keep those wine bottles cool and comfy. Nothing can do this better than WineZone which is specifically designed to maintain 55 – 75% relative humidity in wine cellars.  WineZone is the perfect solution to keeping one’s wine cellar under the best of storage conditions and the units come in a number of really chic designs as well.


I just love this image! Notice how bright and colorful the archway and racks are? It’s the ingenious play of light upon the wood. Our client was right on the money when it picked LED Display Lighting options since LED lighting goes exceedingly well with archways and high reveal display racking such as the ones you see in the photo. We’re absolutely loving the glowing, sunbathed look of this wine cellar.

With All-Heart Redwood, you get durability plus flexibility in one affordable package.  Here you can see how coordinated the racks are despite the variances in design and structure. This particular custom wine cellar uses column individual racking with solid diamond cube racks to maximize both cellar space and bottle storage.


Here’s something worth mentioning: the All-Heart Redwood racks exhibit a high degree of resistance against rot, mildew, and insects. In choosing this wood type, you get more mileage, so to speak, out of your wine cellar than other select woods. They certainly made a wise investment with this one and we’d love to hear what their guests would have to say once they have the first look of this residential wine cellar. So there you have it—another masterpiece to get the conversation going on your wine tasting tables. Don’t forget to pop on over next Tech Tuesday where we always open doorways to infinite custom wine cellar possibilities.

A Touch of Glass – Wine Cellar Doors and Windows

March 7th, 2011

Did you ever wonder why glass fixtures and accessories are always so popular in the market? When you think about it, stuff made from glass are not exactly the most durable and can be pretty expensive but still, a lot of us go for glass accessories and accents. This is pretty much the case when it comes to wine cellars. While wood may be the staple material for wine cellars, it is usually combined with glass to make for more attractive and unique designs.

Why choose glass enclosed wine cellars

Somehow, a glass enclosed wine cellar displays one’s wine collection in a more elegant and striking manner. Glass captures light easily, reflects and refracts light to create illusions of color and texture. Combined with the various bottles of wine on display, a glass enclosed wine cellar radiates beauty and class that can easily capture the attention of both wine lovers and novices. Hence, whether you own a residential wine cellar or you are planning to out up one for commercial wine store purposes, you should definitely look into incorporating the right kind and quality of glass material.

Glass ideas at WCI

If you are unsure as to how to work out a glass enclosed wine cellar display, there is nothing like seeking a professional with the experience and skill to help you out. Our design consultants at Wine Cellar Innovations will be able to assist you in coming up with a customized design for your wine cellar by introducing you to the more popular wine cellar ideas. This includes not only utilizing glass as one of the major elements in the style and pattern of the wine cellar’s design layout but also accentuating your racks, shelves, and cabinets, including wine cellar doors and wine cellar windows and custom personalized glass.

Consult with our design professionals

Now before you start worrying about the process, don’t fret because at Wine Cellar Innovations, we provide a step-by-step consultation process which will enable you to discuss your design ideas AND your preferred budget with our in-house design consultants. Hence, we are confident in saying that we are able to meet both the needs and wants of our clientele. Contact us today at Wine Cellar Innovations and let us help you turn the wine cellar of your dreams into a living reality.

WineMaker Racks are 15% Off Until 3/6/2011

March 3rd, 2011

Need space efficient wine racks?


We love our new WineMaker Series wine racks that are similar to our Vintner Series but are constructed in a shorter depth. This series is unique because of how stackable they are. Create a floor-to-ceiling custom look to your wine cellar by stacking multiple racks and using moldings to make it fit your space.

We recently introduced them with Premium Redwood wine racks and are now making them available in Pine wood. Confused at all the wood options? Don’t be, we have a handy wine cellar wood choices guide available for you.

Right now, our WineMaker Series is 15% off when you use promo code: WMK15 – These wine racks for sale ends on Sunday, March 6, 2011 so don’t wait!

Take a tour through the best features of this series now:

Otherwise, shop now or contact us if you need help!

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

March 2nd, 2011

What’s the first thing you look at in a wine cellar?

For most people it’s usually the wine racks of course, then the wine collection. Maybe you have at thing for fabulous wine cellar doors, and look at those first. Or maybe you’re more drawn to wine accessories, or that lovely artwork in the archway.

So what makes a wine cellar beautiful? Is it the design and functionality of the cellar? Is it the contents within?

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

Just like the other fine things in life, it’s all in the details.

And in this case, the details are in the beauty of wine cellar art in a custom wine cellar. The racks in this delightful residential wine cellar are gorgeous, but what we’d really like you to look at are the pieces of art from Wine Cellar Innovations that are found in this wine room: it has our mosaic flooring, a mosaic wall art piece, our porcelain tile flooring and our wine cellar door!

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

This mosaic wall art piece in the lovely archway below is called Touch Of Fine Wine — created entirely by hand with a unique blend of antique fine china, stained glass, and porcelain tiles.

If you’re thinking of wine cellar art for your archway too, WCI has plenty of options for you. We have a number of enticing collections for you to choose from such aside from mosaic art — paintings and murals, tumbled stone and stained glass.

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

This wine cellar’s tile flooring is also decorated with grape mosaic art that matches the archway art piece. Notice how it’s placed at the center of the floor as one of the main attractions of this wine cellar.

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

Aside from mosaic flooring, you can also go for painted tiles, cork flooring, and even one that uses vintage wine barrels! These exciting selections allows you to play around with colors and textures that suit your personal style.

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

And finally, take a look at this pretty etched glass door. Consistent with the grape design accents of the wall art and the flooring, this door adds a welcoming feel to a wine cellar that showcases how art pieces can liven up any wine room!

Wine Cellar Art: Little Details Make a Big Difference

Indeed, adding touches of art to your wine cellar can enhance the beauty of your wine cellar, and make it a more welcoming place. Explore our wine cellar art collection today for your wine cellar and take inspiration from the works of our talented and skilled artists.

Tech Tuesday – Episode #25 – Pennypacker

March 1st, 2011

Whoa, it’s already March 1st! Did you miss any Tech Tuesday episode? We hope not, because the previous wine cellar installs were awesome, and the best is yet to come.

Last week we featured Dylan’s wine cellar, a fantastic commercial wine cellar – so clean, polished and perfect! Today you’re in for a treat because this residential wine cellar features some of Wine Cellar Innovations’ best.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 207403-4
Wood: All Heart Redwood
Maximum capacity:   1998 bottles
Where: Berwyn, PA

With wine racks from our top of the line Platinum Series, the Pennypacker’s custom wine cellar is truly elegant and beautiful.  We just love how All Heart Redwood racks exude warmth and show off a classy ambiance, and we attribute this cozy, warm feel to LED warm white lights and that pretty chandelier.

Doesn’t it do a great job of highlighting this wine room’s archway? The warm lights also make us appreciate the variety of bottle storage options even more…

These racks may be bare, but picture those precious wine bottles all lined up and nicely displayed here…with a capacity to hold 1998 bottles, we can only  imagine the grandeur of this wine cellar when it’s all filled out!

There’s nothing quite like wine cellar art to liven up a room. Take your cue from this wine cellar’s archway — its stunning tumbled stone tile art makes a great focal point in this room…

…and this beautiful piece of art complements the room’s tile flooring too.

Beautiful wine cellars come with beautiful doors too, and in this case, etched glass makes a bold statement. We love the grapevine etching on this one, and yes, you too can have a gorgeous, personalized wine cellar door like this. From the outside looking in, this etched glass panel door makes us want to explore the wine room even more.

Another fabulous feature of this wine cellar is the cigar humidor. Yes, that’s what you see below with the shiny table top that comes with a pull-out wood case storage with concealed drawer. Makes a great home for an expensive cigar collection, wouldn’t you say?

From top to bottom and from all angles, this wine cellar is truly a beauty. From the variety of storage options, wood used, lighting and artwork to the floor, door  and the cigar humidor that surprisingly blends in wonderfully, this entire wine cellar is a work of art that we love looking at over and over again.

See more residential wine cellars that can make you go “wow!” in our photo gallery.  Happy Tuesday, everyone!