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Of Paintings And Pretty Things

February 28th, 2011

Wine cellar art just got sexier.

Recently we just welcomed a new member to our wine cellar art collection, and we must say that if you have not adorned your wine cellar with these beautiful paintings, it’s time you reconsidered.

We’re happy to introduce to you another artistic, hand painted creation — the Golden Grapes mural, created on canvas which is now a part of our Cabernet collection. It is a Gustav Klimt inspired piece that incorporates modeling paste (the Venetian plaster technique) and gold paint. This painting was featured at our IBS 2011 show and was done by Augustina, one of our artists.

Custom murals and paintings

So if you’re thinking of adding a masterpiece to your wine room, how would you like your wine cellar art presented?

Murals and paintings like this are often used in archways or glass rack openings, and  they can also be framed. If you prefer the artwork painted directly on your walls, the good news is, our artists can head to your home and paint away! Simply choose from our collection of original wine cellar art or if you prefer a customized piece, just provide us with your design ideas.

Custom artwork with Wine Cellar Innovations means helping you with conceptual ideas and turning them into reality. Show us personal photographs, postcards or pictures you like and we will create them according to your specifications.

So while we’re at it, here’s a brief overview of our wine cellar art collection:

Classic Moments Collection


If you’re into wine themed art murals created on canvas with acrylics or oils, then you just might find the perfect wine cellar art from this collection. We have six fabulous collections included here, and these themed collections are organized by price. Take a sneak peek at some of the famous ones — the Chianti collection, the Chardonnay collection and the Zinfandel collection.

Contemporary Moments Collection


Love textured, handpainted wine and vineyard themes? Maybe you’ll love Tuscan Wonder, Heavenly Vineyards or Wildflowers at Villa. This collection features either palette knife or brush work painting techniques. Pretty modern paintings like these would surely make a great attraction in your wine cellar!

If you have some designs in mind that aren’t found in our collections, why don’t you tell us what other themes you would like to see? In the meantime, have a look around.