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Keeping It Cool and Comfy

February 14th, 2011

The best tasting wines are definitely those that are have been in kept in the most ideal of storage conditions. The taste of wine is actually quite enigmatic because if a bottle of wine has not been kept cool and out of harmful light, the taste has been proven to change dramatically. Unlike most edible products that are constantly in a race against time, wine embraces it and become even more enticing to the palate as the years roll in. But of course, this presupposes that your wine collection is kept under the most suitable storage conditions.

Wine refrigeration solutions

In keeping the ideal wine temperature range in your wine cellar, the right refrigeration system plays a crucial role. Too much heat or too much cold will definitely lead to the deterioration of the quality of your wine and as a connoisseur, that is something that you should never allow to happen. Wine Cellar Innovations provides for a growing range of wine refrigeration systems that can work with any design if your wine cellar. Our versatile assortment of wine refrigeration units will give you total environmental control, assuring quality storage of your wine collection. Here are some of our popular products:

WineZone Duchess Split Refrigeration
WineZone Split Air Handler
Wine Cellar Humidification

Humidification at it’s Finest

Water fountain humidification is a functional and fun way of keeping your wines properly aging. Water fountains provide an excellent source of of humidification in your cellar while serving as a focal point of conversation and enjoyment to your fellow wine lovers.

Maintaining 55-75% relative humidity in your wine cellar is a key point to aging your wines and this Copper Bottle Tabletop Fountain is one of our favorites.

Providing both convenience and style

Now apart from our standard refrigeration units, you can also have your wine refrigeration system customized to work with the amount of storage space you have in your wine cellar. Uniquely enough, we offer not only the convenience of a temperature-controlled wine cellar that would keep your collection at its best but we can give you a refrigeration system that would mesh with the artistic tang of the same. This is exactly like having your cake and eating it too! Moreover, our remote ducting feature will make your wine cellar look and feel cozy, comfy, and simply elegant. So why not contact us today, learn more from our various wine cellar ideas, and avail of our custom wine cellar consultation process. At Wine Cellar Innovations, we devote our experience and skill to make things work for you.