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Converting Your Basement Into A Wine Cellar: The Basics

February 7th, 2011

Two questions: Do you have a basement? Do you love wine?

If you answered yes to both and you have been dreaming of building a wine cellar, why not turn your basement into a lovely wine cellar? Most basements are made into storage rooms for old items – clothes, appliances, furniture, toys, etc. If you have another place to store all that stuff, put your basement to good use by converting it to a wine cellar.

Why the basement, you may ask?

Well, a basement makes a perfect room to efficiently store and keep your vintage collection, not to mention boost the market value of your property.

So how do you turn your basement into a wine cellar?

As with any project, start with a plan. First of all, set your budget. The budget will determine how large your cellar will be, whether you only need a portion of the basement or transforming the entire area. The budget will also determine what type of wine racks you will use, and other storage features you will install. Would you like a tasting area, step stools, an ornate wine cellar door perhaps?

You will also need to consider your wine cooling and insulation system. This is very important because a certain level of temperature and humidity has to be maintained to ensure that the quality of the wine is maintained while it is stored. The insulation system is crucial in the preservation and aging process of your wines.

Remember, the proper cellar environment is the key. Early this month, we wrote about refrigerated wine cellars which can go anywhere in your house and passive wine cellars must be located in a subterranean basement. To create the latter in your home basement, that passive wine cellars post is definitely a must-read.

Finally, you also have to consider having durable and strong flooring system, as well as lighting fixtures. You want to establish an excellent preservation environment for your wines, so make sure you take note of these basic things when building your basement wine cellar.

Consult the experts

Planning your basement conversion into wine storage requires making a design plan. You can always consult wine cellar design specialists who can assist you in determining the kind and amount of racking to accommodate your wines, help you choose the best cooling system, wine accessories, etc.

Building a wine cellar in your basement may sound like a lot of work, but the rewards are great.  It’s definitely a project worth taking on!