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The Door to Great Wine Tasting Experiences

February 2nd, 2011

We build wine cellars not just for storage purposes but also to entice wine lovers and novices alike to come and explore a new world of flavors and tastes. There are quite a number of features to carefully consider when envisioning and finally crafting your wine cellar. From the wine cellar racks down to the tables, cabinets, doors, artwork and moldings, each detail should be given attention if you are intent on achieving a wine cellar that can boast of both functionality and a unique sense of style that would set the mood for one heavenly wine tasting experience.

Customizing Wine Cellar Doors

Custom Eyebrow Arch Wine Cellar DoorLet us take the case of choosing for just the right wine cellar door. Wine cellar doors are one of the more imposing features of your wine cellar because an attractively crafted door can easily draw attention and can add to the elegance to the overall structure.

There are actually so many variations to choose from, depending on the theme you have chosen for your wine cellar, the dominant type of wood for your racks and cabinets, and the space you have designated in your home or establishment. Most wine cellar door designs are rectangular glass and a step up would be full arch, soft arch, or eyebrow arch and the latter is quite popular with wine cellars combining a modern yet “vintagey” vibe. At Wine Cellar Innovations, we open the door to many design options when it comes to custom wine cellar doors and entryways.

Choosing A Door Style

There are those who prefer to have their doors constructed in simple and classic patterns such as standard full glass, arched glass, tri panel, or top panel glass. However, there are also customers who would opt for more intricate designs that would stand out and make the entrance to their wine cellars exude a romantic yet stylish appeal such as doors in wrought iron, wrought iron gate, and wrought iron grilles with elaborate embellishments. You can see more of these wine cellar door choices from our varied collection of wine cellar door styles.

Custom Wood Wine Cellar DoorCustom Wine Cellar Door - Wrought Iron

Add Custom Etchings

Now if you really want to go the extra mile in customizing your wine cellar door and make it more visually stimulating, customized glass etchings or painted glass patterns are the only way to go. Our etched glass wine cellar doors are definitely a section worth exploring especially if you’re looking for that added touch that would turn your wine cellar doors into impressionable works of art. Customized etched or painted glass doors exudes a certain delicate and dreamy aura that is sure to bring out the flavor in every bottle of wine you taste.  Scour through our extensive wine rack products at Wine Cellar Innovations and open those wine cellar doors to more inspiring possibilities.