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Of Paintings And Pretty Things

February 28th, 2011

Wine cellar art just got sexier.

Recently we just welcomed a new member to our wine cellar art collection, and we must say that if you have not adorned your wine cellar with these beautiful paintings, it’s time you reconsidered.

We’re happy to introduce to you another artistic, hand painted creation — the Golden Grapes mural, created on canvas which is now a part of our Cabernet collection. It is a Gustav Klimt inspired piece that incorporates modeling paste (the Venetian plaster technique) and gold paint. This painting was featured at our IBS 2011 show and was done by Augustina, one of our artists.

Custom murals and paintings

So if you’re thinking of adding a masterpiece to your wine room, how would you like your wine cellar art presented?

Murals and paintings like this are often used in archways or glass rack openings, and  they can also be framed. If you prefer the artwork painted directly on your walls, the good news is, our artists can head to your home and paint away! Simply choose from our collection of original wine cellar art or if you prefer a customized piece, just provide us with your design ideas.

Custom artwork with Wine Cellar Innovations means helping you with conceptual ideas and turning them into reality. Show us personal photographs, postcards or pictures you like and we will create them according to your specifications.

So while we’re at it, here’s a brief overview of our wine cellar art collection:

Classic Moments Collection


If you’re into wine themed art murals created on canvas with acrylics or oils, then you just might find the perfect wine cellar art from this collection. We have six fabulous collections included here, and these themed collections are organized by price. Take a sneak peek at some of the famous ones — the Chianti collection, the Chardonnay collection and the Zinfandel collection.

Contemporary Moments Collection


Love textured, handpainted wine and vineyard themes? Maybe you’ll love Tuscan Wonder, Heavenly Vineyards or Wildflowers at Villa. This collection features either palette knife or brush work painting techniques. Pretty modern paintings like these would surely make a great attraction in your wine cellar!

If you have some designs in mind that aren’t found in our collections, why don’t you tell us what other themes you would like to see? In the meantime, have a look around.

Wine Rack Kits To Die For: The WineMaker Series

February 23rd, 2011

If you can’t get enough of wines, well, we can’t get enough of wine racks.

That’s why we never stop finding ways to create, modify and upgrade our wine rack collections for you.

Take for example the very modular Vintner Series. We re-manufactured them to make them more cost effective, hence, the birth of the WineMaker Series! It has all the qualities of the Vintner.  Space-efficient and visually appealing, you get to enjoy plenty of wine racking styles and wine display options, and we just made it even more affordable.

The Vintner becomes the WineMaker

Just like the Vintner, the WineMaker series boasts of these qualities:

  • Versatile wine racking
  • Versatile height – can accommodate just about any ceiling height
  • Custom, organized look at affordable prices
  • Many racking styles and display options

The WineMaker Series wine racks is currently available in Premium Redwood and Pine, with many stain options to choose from just like the Vintner.

Here is a quick video walk through about our WineMaker Series:

So what’s the difference?

The only difference is, to make this wine rack line more cost effective, they were built with reduced depth compared to the Vintner. Don’t worry though. Reduced depth allows the slender necks of your wine bottles to stick out nicely. For an additional cost savings, the beveling the ends of individual bottle rails was not implemented, but the rails still have the same round-over to ensure the labels due not tear as you slide your wine bottles in-and-out.

If there’s one thing unique to the WineMaker, it’s the availability of 15 degree wine bottle display rows.  Also, since the display row extends past the front of the rack, the WineMaker allows for greater visibility of wine labels.

There are also many molding options and base platforms to choose from to finish your WineMaker Series wine wine racks. Why, we have six unique crown molding options that vary in profile and height! Because it’s stackable (Stacking them is so easy! Your racks can soar up to the ceiling!), you can create a seamless floor-to-ceiling look when you go for the WineMaker racks and their attractive molding options.

If you want to see what we’re talking about, check out the single column individual storage racks, diamond bin racks (Purchase two or more to stack on top of each other to maximize the height of your wine storage!) and the 3-column rectangular bins.

Looking for other options? Last year we talked about our on Traditional Wine Racks, Designer Series collection, and before that, our Vintner Series collection. Be sure to view our handy wine rack kit comparison chart as well.

The WineMaker Series is indeed great choice whether you’re just starting to collect wines, or making more room for your huge collection. A lovely space-saver and truly budget-friendly without sacrificing style and functionality, it’s definitely a worthy investment.

Tech Tuesday – Episode #24 – Dylan’s Wine Cellar

February 22nd, 2011

We just can’t get enough of custom-made wine cellar racks and other accessories, especially if they look as fantastic as this:

What: Commercial Wine Cellar
Project #: 207235-3
Wood: Premium Redwood
Maximum capacity:  6,535 bottles
Where: Peekskill, NY

Even from just the bare wine racks alone, you can already see how clean, polished, and organized the area looks at soon-to-launch Dylan’s Wine Cellar. So, you can just imagine how attractive the finished product would look when these handsomely  crafted racks would be filled with those sparkling wine bottles.

Dylan’s has purchased combinations of our Premium 6 Column Merchandiser, Premium 4 Column Merchandiser with Classic Mahogany Stain with Brown Vinyl Base, Premium Bin Display, Half-Height, 3 Columns, and Premium Redwood 2 Column Bin Display.  Look at how well these racks  and cabinets work with the room’s simple layout. The strong, rich hues of Premium Redwood with Mahogany Stain make for understated elegance that spells “class” with a capital C.

Isn’t it amazing just how much retail wine rack storage space you can get without having to clutter your area with unnecessary furniture? Dylan’s Wine Cellar’s primary thrust is to make wine shopping a more convenient experience for their customers and patrons and what better way to achieve this than to have all their wine products neatly stacked, arranged, and organized with our superbly  functional display racks and shelves.

For good measure, Dylan’s also had the foresight to get one our Premium Island Displays and Premium Quarter Round Shelf Fixture with Mahogany Stain. The island’s rounded edge adds a soft touch to the otherwise vibrant auburn color. The contrast of the nude walls and interior of the wine cellar with the Mahogany stain make the display island really stand out.

Don’t you just love how the countertop’s wooden finish looks so smooth and highly polished? The play of rich reddish-brown against the lighter, cooler wood tones create just the right atmosphere for shopping around and selecting your favorite wine choices. What’s more, you can’t go wrong with Premium Redwood because this type of wood is extremely durable and long-lasting. It’s open-celled structure allows makes it very susceptible in retaining all types of finishes which would explain why the Mahogany stain gives off such a vivid tint.

Premium Redwood had always been an excellent choice for wine cellars which is why it’s the wood type that works well with custom-made wine cellars.  Since Dylan’s aims to create a warm, vintage aura for its wine store, their wood and stain choices couldn’t be any better.  Just waiting for the completed look of their wine cellar excites us down to our tippy toes!

Dylan’s Wine Cellar is located in Peekskill, New York and will be opening to serve wine connoisseurs in the area soon. With the right wine cellar racks and accessories such as these and their extensive collection of everyday wines and spirits, their store will surely be worth checking out.

Custom wine cellars truly takes one’s wine tasting experience to a whole new level so just continue to come on over every Tech Tuesday as we tell more tales of awesome wine cellar transformations.

Of Tops and Bottoms: Picture-perfect Wine Cellar Tabletops

February 21st, 2011

There’s only so much artsy work you can do with the racks, shelves, and cabinets of your wine cellar. That’s because these items are crafted with their functionality as the foremost priority and their appearance as the secondary consideration. So what does a true-blue wine connoisseur have to work with in order to create a spectacular looking wine cellar? Think wine cellar accessories and accents of course! From the doors, windows, floors, and ceilings of your wine cellar, there is so much that you can do to give it a truly glamorous look but one of the best accessories to work with would be your wine cellar tables.

Stunning designs that spell “wow”

Wine tables need not be purely functional wine storage units. On the contrary, your wine tasting tables and counters need to be both practical and attractive. After all, it is the place where you take your select bottles of wine and gather together to have a hearty glass or two together with the good company of family and friends. One of the best ways to give a more dramatic look to your tables and counters in particular and to your wine cellar in general is by having the tabletops and countertops customized. Wine Cellar Innovations can definitely help you achieve the effect you desire, whether you go for the classy and vintage appeal or for a more modern and artistic vibe. To get you started, browse over our custom tabletop collection:

Corian Tabletops
Vintage Wine Barrel Tabletops
Cork Tabletops
Mosaic Tabletops
Tumbled Stone Tabletops
Hand Painted Tile Tabletops


Custom-made to fit!

The absolute best thing about our tabletop collections is that you can actually create the look you want and need for your wine cellar. While we provide for standard items, our collection can be crafted to suit your style preferences. Take for example our Mosaic and Tumbled Stone series. They can be personalized to reflect the kind of look and feel you would want for your wine cellar such as having one of our paintings printed on the natural stone tiles to give off a romantic countryside charm. If you want a more contemporary façade but still has that elegant touch, Hand Painted tabletops are the most versatile pieces to work with. Still unsure of what you really want for your wine cellar? Simply talk it out with our design consultants and go through our easy custom wine cellar consultation process. At Wine Cellar Innovations we give you quality, functionality, and beauty all in one reasonably priced package so get in touch with us today.

“Racking” It Up!

February 17th, 2011

It’s easy to just say, “I want my wine cellar to be unique” but going about and accomplishing the task is a whole different ballgame. Whether we like it or not, we mostly end up just copying a look from a popular design advertised on television, or plastered in magazines and books. This is an acceptable option especially if you do not have much exposure to wine cellar design and structure but then again, you may end up with just a standard-looking wine cellar that would not exactly capture the style you have envisioned.

Create the look you want

With the right kind of wine storage facilities and accessories, there would be no need for you to just stare and try to emulate that gorgeous looking wine cellar you saw on television or on some magazine. The right racking style combined with custom accents can give your wine cellar a truly stunning appearance that can rival even the most expensively crafted wine cellars and you would not need to shell out as much.

This is what we can offer you at Wine Cellar Innovations with our capacity to design, create, and bring to life custom wine cellars that would not cause you to rob the bank in the process. In the creation of custom wine cellars for our clients, we give you a versatile collection of custom wine racks in several series that are sure to meet your design expectations! Take the time to scour through our 7 sample wine cellars:

Designer Series
Vintner Series
Silver Series
Gold Series
Platinum Basic
Platinum Moderate
Platinum Elaborate

Professional assistance is always on-hand!

If you’re still a bit unsure on how to go about fashioning your wine cellar, simply check out our custom wine cellar consultation process or contact us at your most convenient time. We house some of Cincinnati’s highly skilled design consultants who would be more than happy to help you out. Also, try checking out some of the popular wine cellar ideas on our website which come complete with clear image captures of our custom wine racks, cabinets, accessories, and other products. At Wine Cellar Innovations, we give you both quality and the best value for your budget so come on over and “rack up” that wine cellar you’ve been wanting.

More Than Just A Bright Idea

February 16th, 2011

Wine Cellar Lighting SystemIt can always be a bit of a problem and a whole lot of challenge to make your wine cellar stand out. While you can choose a really glamorous design and have it reproduced, there are still times when you would get disappointed with the end result. This is a tale told too often especially by those who put too much stock on just picking random, great-looking designs from magazines, books, or online sites. Do not forget that pictures are edited to enhance their best profiles but then, who says you can’t do it with the actual thing? Read on and find out!

Illuminating ideas…

IC Can LightsEven if your wine cellar is crafted from the best quality materials, it won’t exactly guarantee you an attractive overall appeal. What actually separates a standard wine cellar from one with a truly unique look is how the designer plays on the mix of wine cellar accessories and accents and to really bring out their allure, nothing works best than having the right lighting facilities. Tasteful lighting of your wine cellar will serve to highlight your succulent collection, making everything simply eye-candy even to the most novice of patrons. Hence, splurging a little on the right lighting fixtures is certainly money well-spent. Wine Cellar Innovations has much to offer you on this note, what with our wine cellar lighting flourishes:

IC Can Spotlight Lighting
LED Display Lighting
Fluorescent Slimlites

To “enlighten” the discriminating connoisseur!

Now you no longer need to just imagine a custom wine cellar that looks great only in print. Our lighting fixtures and accessories can even be customized to mesh with the style and theme of your wine cellar. For example, glass enclosed wine cellars capture light a lot better and would be more suitable for a lighting set-up that would set off the vibrant mood of the collection. One the other hand, tasting rooms and home bars should have more subdued lighting that radiate a comfy and pleasant aura. Of course, it pays to seek professional and experienced advice on the matter as well which is why we also provide a step-by-step wine consultation process for your convenience. So “turn up the lights” on your wine cellar today and visit our website or contact us.

Tech Tuesday – Episode #23 Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

February 15th, 2011

If you plan to have an extensive wine collection, you will most likely consider investing in a custom wine cellar to ensure large storage space, suitable storage conditions and of course, unique decor.

This is exactly what the Matthews did, and as always, we were just happy to install another large wine room.

What: Residential Wine Cellar
Project #: 207256-0
Wood: Clear All Heart Redwood, Vintner Series
Maximum capacity: 2136 bottles
Where: Cincinnati, OH

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

Here’s what’s great about helping wine enthusiasts design and build their wine cellar: we get to do the planning and designing together, as well as the selection of the right equipment and accessories. From the wine racks, to the cellar cooling system to the wine cellar door, we work together every step of the way.  It’s a team effort, yes, and we get to work not only with homeowners, but retail store and restaurant owners as well.

Speaking of restaurants, how did you like last week’s commercial wine cellar? Eddie Merlot’s new Louiseville branch has a gorgeous wine room that’s sure to keep guests coming and ordering more wine!

Anyway, let’s take a tour of the Matthews’ wine cellar:

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

Don’t wonder why these racks looks so good – they’re Clear All Heart Redwood, and you know what that means: natural beauty and excellent performance. We’ve talked about the amazing Redwood many times here in WCI, and again, we’re telling you why it’s the top choice for the best wine cellars: just like your wine, ages beautifully. Natural, unstained Clear All Heart Redwood takes on increasing darker depth of beautiful color as it oxidizes.

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

Clear All Heart Redwood is special because it comes exclusively from the center of the log, and it is also the most resistant to moisture, mildew and rot of all North American woods.

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

Notice the various reddish brown tones of these racks. The combination of individual storage and the open diamond cube wine racks neatly shows off the range of shades and variety of grain patterns that Clear All Heart Redwood can produce. Why, the colors can range from pink to red to dark brown with reddish overlay!

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

There are no pretty curves in this wine room, but wine racks are brought together nicely to form 90-degree squared corners. Notice the moldings in the middle, the mark of our stackable Vintner series!

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

As you can see, this wine cellar has some good corner sections, and the open wood racks are really pretty!

Oh, and this room is being cooled by none other than the amazing self-contained wine refrigeration system Whisperkool.

Clear All Heart Redwood Wine Racks

Big wine lovers definitely deserve a pretty big wine room, and the Matthews got just that. We hope you enjoyed the little tour. If you’d like to see more wine cellar installations, check out our residential photo gallery.

See you next Tech Tuesday!

Keeping It Cool and Comfy

February 14th, 2011

The best tasting wines are definitely those that are have been in kept in the most ideal of storage conditions. The taste of wine is actually quite enigmatic because if a bottle of wine has not been kept cool and out of harmful light, the taste has been proven to change dramatically. Unlike most edible products that are constantly in a race against time, wine embraces it and become even more enticing to the palate as the years roll in. But of course, this presupposes that your wine collection is kept under the most suitable storage conditions.

Wine refrigeration solutions

In keeping the ideal wine temperature range in your wine cellar, the right refrigeration system plays a crucial role. Too much heat or too much cold will definitely lead to the deterioration of the quality of your wine and as a connoisseur, that is something that you should never allow to happen. Wine Cellar Innovations provides for a growing range of wine refrigeration systems that can work with any design if your wine cellar. Our versatile assortment of wine refrigeration units will give you total environmental control, assuring quality storage of your wine collection. Here are some of our popular products:

WineZone Duchess Split Refrigeration
WineZone Split Air Handler
Wine Cellar Humidification

Humidification at it’s Finest

Water fountain humidification is a functional and fun way of keeping your wines properly aging. Water fountains provide an excellent source of of humidification in your cellar while serving as a focal point of conversation and enjoyment to your fellow wine lovers.

Maintaining 55-75% relative humidity in your wine cellar is a key point to aging your wines and this Copper Bottle Tabletop Fountain is one of our favorites.

Providing both convenience and style

Now apart from our standard refrigeration units, you can also have your wine refrigeration system customized to work with the amount of storage space you have in your wine cellar. Uniquely enough, we offer not only the convenience of a temperature-controlled wine cellar that would keep your collection at its best but we can give you a refrigeration system that would mesh with the artistic tang of the same. This is exactly like having your cake and eating it too! Moreover, our remote ducting feature will make your wine cellar look and feel cozy, comfy, and simply elegant. So why not contact us today, learn more from our various wine cellar ideas, and avail of our custom wine cellar consultation process. At Wine Cellar Innovations, we devote our experience and skill to make things work for you.

Finishing Touches for Custom Finishes

February 10th, 2011

You can have a wine cellar built at any time so long as you have the budget for it. There are so many designs to choose from especially if you pore over magazines, books, and other similar materials. Also, styles constantly evolve and wine cellars have become more sophisticated over time not only in terms of the facilities used but also when it comes to overall design and structure. The wine cellar has actually become one of the main attractions of certain households particularly if you have a wine lover and collector living with you.

Customize all the way!

Since there are so many styles and themes to choose from, building your wine cellar from scratch can actually be very challenging. Whether we like it or not, what happens most of the time is that we just pick a popular or glamorous-looking design right out of a magazine page, a book, or through pictures on the net and have our wine cellar patterned after the same. While nothing is really wrong with doing this, it however does not reflect the ideas and imagination of the wine lover. Your wine cellar is your very own so it’s always a better option to customize it and let it show your true sense of style and art. This is something that we can accomplish for you at Wine Cellar Innovations with our custom wine cellar designs, accessories, and accents.

And when it doubt…accessorize

From wine racks to wine cabinets, shelves, doors, floors, and other wine cellar accessories such as tasting tables, ceilings, lighting, and even wine cellar art, you would be able to come up with something that is uniquely “you” at Wine Cellar Innovations. Not only essential wine cellar products are available for customization but also our wine accessories and accents. Customized tables, refrigeration units, ladders, and wine cellar art are the best way to turn your wine cellar from “stereotype” into a “masterpiece.” Just as the right accessories can always glam up a tired look like in the case of an old dress or a drab living room, custom accessories and original pieces of art can definitely give your wine cellar that added “punch” that would spell nothing less than “unique.”

Get in touch with us at Wine Cellar Innovations and with our easy custom wine cellar consultation process, your one-of-a-kind wind cellar is well on its way!

Getting the Knack of Wine Displays

February 9th, 2011

Wine Rack Display BinDisplaying your sumptuous collection of wines is not just about stacking those bottles rack after rack, shelf after shelf and keeping them under proper storage conditions. While it is indeed a necessity to always ensure the functionality of your wine cellar, it doesn’t mean that this is all that you should prioritize. This is especially significant when we’re talking about commercial wine cellars such as wine retailers and restaurants. You need to put up those bottles in such a way that customers would take more than just a second look at the merchandise.

Making the right wine display selection

Basically, displaying your wine collection is nothing more than just plain advertising and like advertising, you need to know how to put your products’ best assets to their full advantage. In the case of sparkling bottles of wine, they need to be displayed in such a way as to entice customers to sample the product and not just stare at it. Hence, it is recommended that in designing your wine display racks, shelves, cabinets, and counters, the same must showcase the variety and versatility of your collection and at Wine Cellar Innovations we can help you achieve just that.

Here’s what we offer

When it comes to the design and creation of quality and stunning wine display racks, there is nothing like availing of our commercial design services or scouring through our standard wine displays and wine accessories in order to find just the right combination of functionality and elegance. Apart from our popular collection of standard wine rack displays, we also provide for custom wine displays that allow the customer to freely come up with his preferred style and theme for his collection.

Moreover, our team of skilled and experienced design consultants can help you come up with innovative design concepts for commercial storage purposes such as racks and shelves that can be used in varying combinations to produce a fresh new look each and every time. With our extensive experience in designing for wine retailers and other commercial establishments, we feel confident that we would be able to meet your wine storage needs at the same time produce a look that is totally unique. Learn more about us and the broad range of products, accessories and services we provide for wine collectors and lovers everywhere.

Tech Tuesday – Episode #22 – Eddie Merlot’s

February 8th, 2011

Let’s talk about a gorgeous wine bar. Or rather, feel free to walk through it in our video here:

This is exactly what Eddie Merlot’s new Louisville restaurant boasts of, aside from its stunningly elegant interior design and yummy steaks. We have to confess, we have been dying to share this wine room install with you because Eddie Merlot’s is only one of America’s great steak houses!

If you visit their website, you’ll discover one of the secrets to what makes this upscale restaurant a hit: their chef maintains “unparalleled standard of tenderness and flavor” when it comes to their steaks and seafood,  by “personally selecting each piece for the optimum proportion of marbling and texture, before hand-cutting and seasoning the thick, tender and juicy steaks to your specifications…”.

Well, the same care, meticulousness and high standard was applied when it came to building their beautiful wine room. Just take a look at these photos!

Of course, being a fine, upscale restaurant, only Wine Cellar Innovations’ finest – the Platinum Series was chosen for this wine cellar installation.

What: Commercial Wine Cellar
Project #: 199909-3
Wood: All Heart Redwood
Maximum capacity: 1836 bottles
Where: Louisville, KY

Don’t these smooth, lovely All Heart Redwood wine racks simply take your breath away? The warm LED lights do a great job of creating an inviting atmosphere. It’s almost saying…”must have wine!”.


The 15 degree angle of these custom display racks are designed to keep the cork moist and lets one easily view the wine labels. Because it provides full visibility of the wines with no obstructions, it’s simply perfect for a restaurant setting.

This wine room features beautiful diamond cubes, high reveal displays for champagne bottles, fixed shelf and quarter round shelf cabinets. Regulating temperature in this grand home of wines is a Wine Zone wall mount ductless split wine cellar refrigeration system.

Wine racks made from clear, All Heart Redwood are truly beautiful, don’t you agree? The floor-to-ceiling elegance of this wine room just makes us swoon. Why, every angle and curve of this room is simply a sight to behold!

Notice the various shades of the wood below…the beauty of All Heart Redwood is, it’s just going to get better with age!

Finally, we must say that nothing beats the elegance of glass enclosures and glass doors. In such a beautiful restaurant with an amazing array of wines, (we heard that this wine bar provides more than 70 wines and a very extensive reserve wine collection by the bottle) glass is the perfect choice to show off the collection.

Eddie Merlot’s opened just last January in the Hertz Starks Building on the corner of Fourth Street and Muhammad Ali Boulevard. Guests can have fun, relax and enjoy listening to up-tempo music, while dressed in business or casual attire, also live music on weekends in the lounge.

It is, indeed, fine dining at its best.

More gorgeous wine rooms to come every Tech Tuesday. Watch out for that!

Converting Your Basement Into A Wine Cellar: The Basics

February 7th, 2011

Two questions: Do you have a basement? Do you love wine?

If you answered yes to both and you have been dreaming of building a wine cellar, why not turn your basement into a lovely wine cellar? Most basements are made into storage rooms for old items – clothes, appliances, furniture, toys, etc. If you have another place to store all that stuff, put your basement to good use by converting it to a wine cellar.

Why the basement, you may ask?

Well, a basement makes a perfect room to efficiently store and keep your vintage collection, not to mention boost the market value of your property.

So how do you turn your basement into a wine cellar?

As with any project, start with a plan. First of all, set your budget. The budget will determine how large your cellar will be, whether you only need a portion of the basement or transforming the entire area. The budget will also determine what type of wine racks you will use, and other storage features you will install. Would you like a tasting area, step stools, an ornate wine cellar door perhaps?

You will also need to consider your wine cooling and insulation system. This is very important because a certain level of temperature and humidity has to be maintained to ensure that the quality of the wine is maintained while it is stored. The insulation system is crucial in the preservation and aging process of your wines.

Remember, the proper cellar environment is the key. Early this month, we wrote about refrigerated wine cellars which can go anywhere in your house and passive wine cellars must be located in a subterranean basement. To create the latter in your home basement, that passive wine cellars post is definitely a must-read.

Finally, you also have to consider having durable and strong flooring system, as well as lighting fixtures. You want to establish an excellent preservation environment for your wines, so make sure you take note of these basic things when building your basement wine cellar.

Consult the experts

Planning your basement conversion into wine storage requires making a design plan. You can always consult wine cellar design specialists who can assist you in determining the kind and amount of racking to accommodate your wines, help you choose the best cooling system, wine accessories, etc.

Building a wine cellar in your basement may sound like a lot of work, but the rewards are great.  It’s definitely a project worth taking on!

Making the Right Wood Choices

February 3rd, 2011

Just how essential is it to make the right wood choice for your wine cellar? Let’s say that it is just about as important as making sure that your wine cellar is not only functional but also eye-catching. Basically, selecting wood for your wine cellar is a lot like dressing up. You definitely would want to look your best but at the same time, you also want to be comfortable to last the entire day. The same is actually true for your wine cellar. You would naturally want it to look attractive but at the same time, it should be resilient enough to last for a substantial period of time and the kind of wood materials you would be utilizing is the key to achieving all these.

Knowing different wood types

Of course, it helps to be well acquainted with the different types of quality wood choices because there are so many out there and not all of them may be suitable to the pattern or design of your wine cellar. You would also have to consider the durability of the type of wood you’ll be selecting because we can be easily lured into choosing wood types that are seemingly attractive but could not withstand the ordinary wear and tear of everyday usage. After all, a wine cellar is primarily a storage space for your collection hence, the materials used have to be of excellent quality.

Wood choices we offer

Here at Wine Cellar Innovations, we make choosing the most appropriate wood type for your wine cellar a noteworthy experience. This is because have provided an efficient system for accomplishing this seemingly challenging task by setting out five of the top-grade wood choices for our customers to choose from. In other words, these wood materials are already pre-ordered and on-hand and all that the customer has to do is select the type that best suits their preferred style and taste.  You get your pick from five of the best types of wood for wine cellar construction: Clear All-Heart Redwood, Premium Redwood, Prime Mahogany, and Rustic Pine.

The Add-ons

As a testament to our versatile products and services, Wine Cellar Innovations also offers customers the chance to customize even their choice of wood for their wine cellars. Our sophisticated facilities which involve a fully integrated milling system enable us to manipulate almost any wood type that is available in the market. Thus, customers are given more leeway when it comes to picking out wood materials that will mesh with their preferred style and pattern in the design of their respective wine cellars. What’s more, you can contact us and discuss your concerns on your wine cellar project with our skilled design consultants so start punching those numbers today.

The Door to Great Wine Tasting Experiences

February 2nd, 2011

We build wine cellars not just for storage purposes but also to entice wine lovers and novices alike to come and explore a new world of flavors and tastes. There are quite a number of features to carefully consider when envisioning and finally crafting your wine cellar. From the wine cellar racks down to the tables, cabinets, doors, artwork and moldings, each detail should be given attention if you are intent on achieving a wine cellar that can boast of both functionality and a unique sense of style that would set the mood for one heavenly wine tasting experience.

Customizing Wine Cellar Doors

Custom Eyebrow Arch Wine Cellar DoorLet us take the case of choosing for just the right wine cellar door. Wine cellar doors are one of the more imposing features of your wine cellar because an attractively crafted door can easily draw attention and can add to the elegance to the overall structure.

There are actually so many variations to choose from, depending on the theme you have chosen for your wine cellar, the dominant type of wood for your racks and cabinets, and the space you have designated in your home or establishment. Most wine cellar door designs are rectangular glass and a step up would be full arch, soft arch, or eyebrow arch and the latter is quite popular with wine cellars combining a modern yet “vintagey” vibe. At Wine Cellar Innovations, we open the door to many design options when it comes to custom wine cellar doors and entryways.

Choosing A Door Style

There are those who prefer to have their doors constructed in simple and classic patterns such as standard full glass, arched glass, tri panel, or top panel glass. However, there are also customers who would opt for more intricate designs that would stand out and make the entrance to their wine cellars exude a romantic yet stylish appeal such as doors in wrought iron, wrought iron gate, and wrought iron grilles with elaborate embellishments. You can see more of these wine cellar door choices from our varied collection of wine cellar door styles.

Custom Wood Wine Cellar DoorCustom Wine Cellar Door - Wrought Iron

Add Custom Etchings

Now if you really want to go the extra mile in customizing your wine cellar door and make it more visually stimulating, customized glass etchings or painted glass patterns are the only way to go. Our etched glass wine cellar doors are definitely a section worth exploring especially if you’re looking for that added touch that would turn your wine cellar doors into impressionable works of art. Customized etched or painted glass doors exudes a certain delicate and dreamy aura that is sure to bring out the flavor in every bottle of wine you taste.  Scour through our extensive wine rack products at Wine Cellar Innovations and open those wine cellar doors to more inspiring possibilities.

Tech Tuesday – Episode #21 – The Huggins Wine Cellar

February 1st, 2011

Well hello February!

Time flies indeed, and we’re pretty busy putting together some amazing Technical Tuesdays for you.  We hope you didn’t miss last week’s feature, Cut Rate Liquor.

Now what better way to start the month of love with a huge, gorgeous residential wine cellar?

What: Residential Wine Cellar Project #: 202277-5
Wood: Premium Redwood, Dark Walnut
Maximum capacity:  2392 bottles
Where: Morgantown, WV

For their wine racks, it’s no surprise that Bob and June Huggins chose the Gold Series. These custom wine racks are the top choice of those who are all about beauty on a budget. Providing both full depth racking and great wine storage options, these racks look absolutely fabulous in Premium Redwood stained in Dark Walnut. Why, wooden wine racks never looked this beautiful!

Surely, with a wine cellar that can accommodate over two thousand bottles, the owners will definitely stock up on various sized bottles.  So we’re loving the single and double deep individual wine bottle storage that comes with spacing for half bottles, standard wine, champagne, magnums, and larger sizes.

Of course, no wine room would be complete without a beautiful archway and table top. The archway makes a great backdrop for a favorite art piece, and in this case, it’s no surprise why it’s a figurine of a man dribbling a ball – owner Bob Huggins is a player and head coach! With the archway always comes the table top — the perfect working space. Whether it’s to entertain guests, make notes or simply marvel at all the wines, archways and table tops are always an invaluable addition to any wine cellar.


This lovely wine cellar comes with the must-haves: rectangular and diamond bin bottles, LED lights and bulk storage. For those hard to reach bottles up top, a stylish rolling ladder completes this wine room’s appeal.

The Huggins have a beautiful home, and to us, this wine cellar is its main attraction. But then again, as Geoff Coyle writes in his WVIllustrated article, “But this is a home to Bob and June, not a museum, and the living quarters are equally impressive. There’s nothing too extravagant, nothing that screams for attention, just a beautiful place to live.”

And, this wine cellar is indeed another beautiful home for a wine lover’s precious wines.