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Taking a Journey Through A Wine Cellar from 2D to 3D Color

December 2nd, 2010

Are you on a journey to become a wine cellar owner?

The process can be a fun and rewarding experience.  One major step in the process is the design phase and at Wine Cellar Innovations we are ready and willing to help you with your wine cellar design.

There are several design options available including 2D B&W, 3D B&W, 3D color and virtual walkthroughs. The Mitchell’s, like many others, had a vision of what they wanted their wine cellar to look like but wanted to clearly see that vision in front of them. Wine Cellar Innovations was able to bring their vision to life with a 3D Color render utilizing the latest software.

But first, Wine Cellar Innovations had to create the 2D B&W designs to see how everything would look and fit within the given space. The Mitchell’s dream utilized many of the key features found in a modern wine cellar starting with a beautiful glass entry door with grapevine etching and a matching sidelight.

The entire cellar utilizes high reveal displays for the individual bottle racking with LED lighting illuminating the display bottles. Diamond bins are strategically placed opposite each other on the long walls.

The back wall is truly unique with pull-out wood case shelves containing hidden drawer slides placed on either side of a peninsula table. Centered is a French door style humidor which features angled display shelves and a pull-out drawer with dividers for Mr. Murphy’s cigar humidor cabinet collection.

Above the tabletop sits an archway with LED lighting to illuminate one of the many mural options offered by Wine Cellar Innovations.

Once those images are approved, we can turn them into 3D color versions that replicate the job entirely.

All of the racked walls are seamlessly joined by true radius curved corners and each end of the racking is finished with quarter round shelf cabinets, a perfect rack to display various items such as decanters, wine glasses or anything else that fancies you.

Even the beautiful wine cellar door can be recreated to complete your final vision of your wine cellar. Creating your wine cellar is an exciting and rewarding experience. Let Wine Cellar Innovations help you bring your vision to life.

Contact one of our Design Specialists to start your wine cellar design now.

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