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Three Beautiful Wine Cellar Humidification Selections

November 29th, 2010
Artisan Copper Humidification
Did you know that proper humidification in your wine cellar is key to aging terrific wines?  Water fountain humidification can be both functional and fun!

Brushed Steel FloorWater fountains provide the perfect way to keep humidification in your cellar while serving as a focal point of conversation by the aesthetic value they add to the space.

Mechanical humidification is only available in Ducted Split Systems so all cellars with Standard Refrigeration Systems need a source for adding humidification to the cellar so that 55-75% relative humidity can be maintained year round.

Bacchus Wine Cellar Humidification

We have a wide variety of styles to choose from… such as our artisan Copper Bottle tabletop fountain and our contemporary Natural Brushed Steel floor fountain to our whimsical Bacchus wall fountain.
Be sure to check out our entire collection of Wine Cellar Humidification options to find the style that is right for you.
Most of the fountains are offered as a system which includes a Humidistat.
A humidistat provides an easy way from you to control and accurately monitor the humidity level of your wine collection.
The fountain cord hooks into the humidistat cord allowing the humidistat to automatically turn off and on your wine cellar fountain so that you can maintain the desired humidity range for you wine collection. In this picture below, you can see it peeking behind the fountain, next to the wine racks.
Artisan Humidification Close Up View

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