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Wine Racks Within Stone Arches

November 22nd, 2010

Recently we had a client asking about examples of wine racks set within stone arches.  Many custom wine cellars can actually be built within stone arches just like in these photos. If this is the first time you’re seeing a wine cellar built like this, we’re sure you will love them. Why, wine racks plus stone arches equals old world charm!

Most wine cellars today are designed for raw spaces which are conveniently located next to the family, dining and living room, and while these are great areas where your bottles can be showcased, we think building the wine racks in a curved hallway with stone arches make a pretty stunning sight as well. Check out these solid diamond bins right under the stone arch, and the individual wine rack storage:

Not only are the racks pretty, but the stones themselves are a sight to behold. Multi-colored stones such as the ones featured here give the wine cellar added artistry. They make a great backdrop to the wine racks, not to mention provide a nice atmosphere to the home of your wines!

Just like wine cellars built into living spaces, you have all the freedom to choose the types of wine racks you want to put together. You can choose a combination of individual wine racks, solid diamond bins, open vertical display racks, and more. With LED lighting and a few other wine accessories thrown in, wine racks within stone arches will give you that intimate, old world and romantic feel every time you take out a precious bottle of wine.